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  1. Alexandria Theological Seminary query
  2. empresarial university in China
  3. DC school principal with Columbia State University Ph.D.
  4. Admission to Masters program
  5. Richard F. Gaylord, B.A., PhD, GRI, CRS, CRB, CIPS
  6. Robertstown University evaporates?
  7. Dixie and "Liberian Embassy" sites
  8. Ask Sadie
  9. Peerless Phil to compete with Cambridge State
  10. Any update from Empresarial University in Costa Rica?
  11. International City University of American
  12. His Excellency S.V. Mubako
  13. Master's Divinity School: 3000 Current Students
  14. International City University of American
  15. Dennis Ruhl Defines "Degree Mill"
  16. Western States University for professional studies
  17. What is Qualified Independent School Program (QIS) ?
  18. Central Pacific Restart?
  19. Fwd: Is the ESC-LILLE Graduate School of Management in France Accredited?
  20. DETC Master's good for UNISA PhD entry?
  21. heriots university
  22. custom degrees and its conjoined twins
  23. American Bible College Association StandardS
  24. con woman/actress has TC&U degrees
  25. Foreign diploma mills in China
  26. Victoria University Europe will not divulge degree granting authority
  27. Claremont International University claims RA equivalency
  28. Who is the acreditor of the acreditor?
  29. SA Theological Seminary- ZA
  30. Career Consultants, Saint Regis, Georgia
  31. Liberian expatriate journalism
  32. Saint Regis PhD as GSBA speaker
  33. Honolulu University Of Ash
  34. Top 10 Spam
  35. pboe and n-d-l-a-c accreditation bodies
  36. Hawaii List Update
  37. Kennedy-Western receives RA Candidacy Status
  38. Diploma Mills
  39. "why a degree of a Pakistani Seminary is being awarded in Blackwood New Jersey?"
  40. Diandra university
  41. Wisconsin International University in China
  42. prague international university and its american scam artists
  43. State Approval vs. Regional Accreditation
  44. New SCUPS Website
  45. master and master degree
  46. Rushmore University
  47. Some résumés too good to be true
  48. An Open Letter About John Bear
  49. Complete the equivalency of a M.A or Ph.D
  50. Trinity Is Not A Legal University On Spain
  51. phoenix international university VS irish international univerisyt
  52. f00df0rth0ught.biz : a "WhoisGuard Protected" mill site
  53. Donate to SRU's Legal Defense
  54. news re. domain containing Liberian embassy site
  55. California Pacific University's New Ph.D. in Management
  56. Laura Callahan resigns from Homeland Security Department
  57. High School Acceditation
  58. "Accredited Degree in Days"
  59. Calcoast Master of Education Feedback
  60. University of Santa Monica
  61. UMI Publishes Dissertations from UMI
  62. Pacific Western University & becoming a commissioned officer
  63. Kennedy Western University
  64. ACICS commissioner has Saint Regis PhD
  65. Shades of John Gray
  66. International Theological University information please?
  67. Florida Metropolitan University at collegehints
  68. The American Capital University School of Law, New Distance Learning Law School?
  69. New institution of higher education=PARAMOUNT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY
  70. What is NAHE
  71. About Barrington University
  72. Atlanta Journal-Constitution Saint Regis article
  73. New Zealander with fake degree
  74. Gwinnett revokes Saint Regis degree holders' teaching certifications
  75. Abdulah K. Dunbar vouches for Saint Regis
  76. atlantic international university
  77. for all you Air Force folks
  78. Calamus and Mensa, again
  79. Muskegon Bible Institute
  80. Australian Universities - DETC
  81. ABA v. Calbar v. unaccredited v. D/L
  82. Century University off DETC List
  83. about liberian or indonesian degrees
  84. Distance Learning International, Inc.
  85. Bs In Aeronautical Engineering
  86. All Fairfax University degrees are externally examined
  87. London Sanford University
  88. British Accred. Council & AOU
  89. Employee w/Mellen BA - Opinions?
  90. Another Thread about Non-accredited Degree Utility
  91. 2 new mill Websites
  92. Excelsior mentions "Stafford University" (Romanian mill)?
  93. Accs?
  94. Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology
  95. The Degree Counselors
  96. New Zealand - CV checking in the post-Davy era
  97. IUFS DSc in 3-5 month
  98. Fairfax University has left South Dakota
  99. Half of job seekers submitted false data in 2003, survey finds
  100. WAUC's new Website
  101. What ARE non-accredited DL universities, really?
  102. Century University and DETC
  103. The List
  104. New discussion forum features Saint Regis faculty
  105. Pleses list your fake school known on my list
  106. rebooting the International College of Homeland Security
  107. Schwarzenegger's DMV appointee has Palmers Green diplomas
  108. SRU misquotes Lewis Carroll
  109. Robertstown
  110. Filmmaker pursues Hamilton doctorate
  111. Articles regarding a former student suing school over accreditation
  112. St. Christopher's College of Medicine, the pride of Senegal
  113. Another dumb question
  114. CollegeHints Promotes Another Less-Than-Wonderful School.
  115. Question about Oregon List
  116. Oregon starts labelling "diploma mills"
  117. Ccu
  118. Western International University
  119. Jeffrey Brunton and Maxine Asher in the news
  120. More on the accredited schools list
  121. Washington Technology finalist for journalism award for exposing mill degrees
  122. Alabama "Diploma Mills"
  123. Southern Pacific University
  124. American University of Hawaii??
  125. Baker College
  126. Auburn's accreditation woes...
  127. Americus University - lawsuit
  128. Lacrosse University Doctorate in Fourteen Month
  129. Schools under suspension or investigation
  130. Kennedy-Western University
  131. Fake degrees in Tennessee
  132. More Ezell and Bear seminars
  133. Ratchford diploma
  134. Berne University, St Kitts
  135. Bs. Computer Science - Distance Learning
  136. Refresher on Columbus University
  137. No job, need degree, where to go?
  138. delete
  139. More press for Susan Collins
  140. RE: Which is best unaccredited institution?
  141. chose a ra accredited university
  142. The American Behavioral Institute
  143. Ashbourne, Ashborne, Ashborn,...
  144. Found this
  145. Kingsfield PhD professor at RA university
  146. Harrington degree-holder lecturing at RA university
  147. Ashford University, continued
  148. Saint Regis University
  149. North Dak. law and degrees from unaccredited schools.
  150. Saint Regis Reality TV
  151. Eastern Blue Ridge University
  152. Concordia C & U Inc.
  153. Brevard Christian University
  154. "online degrees" 1 of spam top 10
  155. Russian Coastline University
  156. Not Accepted in Michigan
  157. This might be useful for John Bear and the rest
  158. State approval agency
  159. 37 'illegal' institutes to pack up
  160. Re: Fairfax University degree accepted
  161. Re: Office of degree authorization in Louisiana
  162. Are CA state approved degrees prohibited in any states besides OR?
  163. Kennedy Western - legit?
  164. Rushmore University
  165. Faith Defender University
  166. New Business Idea for determining non-legitimate degrees
  167. "degree mill with a legitimate pedigree"
  168. St. Regis University "moves" to Delaware!
  169. I own an unaccredited school
  170. RE: Fairfax University
  171. unintentional siminerry levity, part 231b
  172. Northern American University
  173. National Accredited Agencies Comparision?
  174. Glencullen PhD professor at RA university, continued
  175. California Pacific University
  176. Interesting obsevation re. a well known professional accrediting body
  177. What schools in Central America are Acreditted by DETC??
  178. International Graduate Center
  179. discredited accreditation
  180. berne university
  181. Legal authority to confer degrees - which model?
  182. Question for our UK Friends
  183. How to Tell if its a Degree Mill
  184. Degree scams in Britain
  185. Why A Psy.D. From California Coast Will Work For Me
  186. Question for Dr. Rich Douglas
  187. Dr. Liebrecht's oldest son-Markus
  188. Kennedy western? or not.
  189. degreeadvisors.com
  190. Accs?
  191. American Capital University
  192. Metaphysics Degree
  193. Aiumt
  194. Teaching at an non-RA University
  195. International University of the Health Sciences (IUHS) board
  196. Kennedy Western University and Others
  197. 2003-2004 WASC Site Visits
  198. Concordia C&U go bye-bye?
  199. How long is "start-up"? (Rich Douglas?)
  200. Hawaii Litigation Results Summary (unofficial)
  201. State of Hawaii Sues Nation University
  202. Glencullen PhD professor at RA university
  203. Which university in UK should I choose for DBA or even maybe the DPM?
  204. The Art of The Scam ?
  205. SRU alumna at RA grad school
  206. Is there no hope for 'Prodigal Son'?
  207. % of new threads - degreeinfo trivia
  208. Solving the problem of fake degrees: Korea compared to U.S.
  209. Article on mills in Sun Herald (MS)
  210. Ansted University song
  211. SAS Law School
  212. World Chapel
  213. Laura Callahan's replacement
  214. New Degree Mill by KwikDG
  215. Century University
  216. Another Las Vegas Mercury article
  217. "your a moron"
  218. What's your opinion
  219. Crescent City Christian and Larry Cockrum
  220. International University for Graduate Studies
  221. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee may request a broader study of diploma mills
  222. Online DMA, DSM, DRM
  223. Trinity C & U
  224. U.K. degrees under suspicion in Israel
  225. Indonesian Vice President bought honorary doctorate from AWU
  226. Latest diploma mill propaganda story...
  227. Liberty University and UA degrees
  228. Accreditation
  229. SRU gets high rating... continued
  230. University College of Advanced Studies
  231. Ra . Detc
  232. Saint Regis customer posts diploma image to web
  233. Official Transcript Archive Center is UPS Store #2092
  234. UA to RA in Theology
  235. Knightsbridge University
  236. "A crook doesn't believe he's made it as a crook until he's been on 60 Minutes"
  237. jerry2day degree service...
  238. Copella University and High School
  239. Northcentral University concerns
  240. Candidacy Status
  241. A reverse time bomb (whistleblower loses job)
  242. DL article in Economic Times (India)
  243. RA - black sheep
  244. Degree-Granting Authority
  245. Stop me if you've heard this one before ...
  246. United State Distance Learning Association
  247. Degree in Theology via DL
  248. Columbia Southern University
  249. AWU and Maxine Asher in the news
  250. Christthomas Consortium, "the recognozed official body of accreditation in the U.K."