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  1. Re: What certifications do you have?
  2. Mapping exams to itdegree.com BCI or BS/CISprogram
  3. The New Global Job Shift
  4. Technical sales
  5. All the outsourcing..screw it! I'm gettin OUT
  6. Which College/University is better
  7. mathmatics certificates
  8. i want to start DE school *ASAP*(now) at univ that also offers academic classes help
  9. DETC vs mGAAP
  10. More scary news - Will your job move to India?
  11. Computor Learning Center, NJ -
  12. what is a acceptable G.P.A to get into a really good graduate school ?
  13. Pls Advise - Admission to USQ
  14. ICCP Exams Study Materials
  15. Tech Jobs Go Global
  16. More students using computer to connect to classwork
  17. Pls advise
  18. Need help finding my way
  19. Burn out ! Accerlated program taking a toll on me
  20. Teaching jobs In Information Technology
  21. With all the outsourcing, should I even get into IT??
  22. Web Based Course Development and Instructional Design
  23. Acceptance to PhD program with Masters from distance learning program
  24. IT management degree information
  25. University Of Fairfax M.S. in Information Security For Real?
  26. Northcentral University Computer Science students
  27. A bit off topic...has anyone taken the CCNA exam?
  28. Do you feel online graduation forfilled your dream of graduation ?
  29. CS <specifically GAMING> BS/MS Programs?
  30. Help with finding accelerated Bachelor's like AIU' BIT
  31. FSU, UMASS Lowell, other brick-and-mortars?
  32. Seeking MS IT or related program (Touro?)
  33. Help With Career Path
  34. Georga,florida,texas residents
  35. RA institutions
  36. A Few Questions About ITT Tech
  37. Ph.Ds in IT - Good or Bad for a Career?
  38. Is master of Information Technology worth it?
  39. Stuck between the BIG names schools and the small name schools!
  40. Ph.D. degree in IT Mgmt?
  41. Excelsior BSCIS
  42. Bellevue? Washington State? or ???
  43. Stevens Institute of Technology
  44. ICCP Software Engineering exam
  45. Excelsior awards credit for all 11 CompTIA certs
  46. Upper Level Computer Science Correspondence Courses & CCEs
  47. Excelsior Discussion Forum
  48. IT Degree Rankings?
  49. Online or Correspondence ADA Programming Course
  50. Masters at Troy State or Bachelors at UMAS?
  51. Itt
  52. Forget IT, Australian students told
  53. Southeastern Institute of Computer Technology
  54. Not really a DL question but I need help.
  55. Choice Schools for MSCS
  56. What about www.uat.edu
  57. Charles Sturt Masters for Cisco Certified CCNP
  58. Seeking feedback on UMUC
  59. New BA/BS on the block
  60. Excelsior/COSC Credit Update
  61. Accelerated MS program?
  62. Certification Boot Camp
  63. USC Computer Security
  64. ICCP Systems Programming exam
  65. ICCP Systems development
  66. BS in CS - Distance learning Help
  67. Colorado Tech Online
  68. Computing's Lost Allure
  69. Orion
  70. PhD in Info Technology? Any PhD's out there?
  71. Your advice please
  72. Grantham University Being Investigated?
  73. Continue on previous message
  74. Excelsior BSMIS
  75. Degree from UK university
  76. Open University (UK) and USA
  77. Information on BS in MIS?
  78. Career Guide for Engineers and Computer Scientists
  79. itdegree.com and independent study Vs more traditional courses
  80. Charles Sturt rakes it in...
  81. Calidris, Jeff Walker & others please
  82. Portfolio Excelsior CIS core
  83. Drexel Master's in IS online
  84. Urgent but legit degree?
  85. CNUAS versus Latin American B.Sc. degrees
  86. Initial thoughts on AIU.
  87. Which to pick?
  88. Future Plans
  89. Master in IT
  90. Free Brainbench exams?
  91. Info about GRE: Computer Science for credit (Excelsior)
  92. Rio Salado
  93. Off topic - Proliant 5000 server
  94. need advice
  95. Uiversity of Phoenix BSIT Opinions
  96. TESC Guided Study courses
  97. TESC BACS or Excelsior CIS
  98. Excelsior CIS core
  99. BSCS with least general studies
  100. ICCP Core exam suggestions
  101. ICCP BIS Management Textbooks DANTES DSST for Sale on Ebay
  102. MSCS Opinions
  103. Prejudice against DETC--What gives??
  104. CS enrollment drops
  105. Degree Conferral
  106. Charter Oak State College Unfairness
  107. Fort Hays
  108. Corel Drow sertifing test
  109. What's the deal? DETC
  110. Courses at Excelsior for BS\CIS degree
  111. Recommended for acceptance at U of Illinois MCS program
  112. Cleveland Institute of Electronics (cont'd)
  113. Knowledge Systems Inistitute
  114. BSCS by testing out?
  115. question for wife
  116. aas to bs
  117. Teknikon SA - DTECH
  118. Excelsior BS\CIS Questions
  119. Microsoft Certifications
  120. ICCP - Data Communications Exam
  121. Three Questions
  122. MSCS entry without BSCS
  123. CHEAPEST RA Computer Programs
  124. Cleveland Institute of ELECTRONICS, Cleveland, Ohio
  125. Cleveland Institute of Technology
  126. How to get an MCSE transcript sent to a school?
  127. Integrated Masters Degree to satisfy residency requirements?
  128. Pursuing CS degrees
  129. The National Computing Centre (NCC)- UK
  130. Algonquin College
  131. ACCIS - Current Day
  132. What happened to the online CS degree at Regis University?
  133. Cheap MS in IT or Computer Science
  134. Considering IT degree, advice wanted
  135. Oxford's Diploma Programs
  136. Entry into MEE with BSAST/TESC
  137. KnowledgeNet - IEEE Computer Society
  138. BS/CIS at Excelsior
  139. Bewildered....
  140. Question for Lawrie Miller
  141. Half way to a Master's degree with MCSE
  142. City and guilds of London Institute
  143. Computer Credits via ACM, DigitalThink, and U of P
  144. Excelsior's BS/CIS program
  145. Will buy your ICCP exam books in NY
  146. Looking for a good XML course
  147. Help selecting masters degree program
  148. 30 Credits in a week!
  149. Less Expensive Acrredited University for E-Learning
  150. IT degree through DL - Any comments or advice?
  151. Would like advice on CS degree
  152. Need advice on CIS degree
  153. Get Your IT Degree & Get Ahead: Copy for Sale!!!
  154. Portfolio assesment
  155. ACCIS Bachlors accepted where (RA) ?
  156. GRE: Help to Score !
  157. University of Liverpool
  158. Any students from NorthCentral
  159. Master's program comparisons
  160. Changes in programs
  161. computer degrees MSCS MSIS MSCIT????
  162. Accis?
  163. ICCP Communications Exam
  164. Most Economical Path....
  165. Microsoft and COSC
  166. Newbie, advice on BSIS/Admissions (David Williams, help?)
  167. Information about Universities and Acceptance
  168. University of Liverpool and KIT campus ????
  169. Bscs
  170. Excelsior's new program
  171. what certs are worth while
  172. 100% online MBA and MS in IT/computers
  173. Leave Strayer for American Intercontinental University?
  174. A request for direction
  175. Kaplan College
  176. St. Petersburg college
  177. TESC credit for ICCP Core exam
  178. Eval. of CS Ph.D. Degress
  179. Jones International or Capella
  180. MSIT Distance Learning
  181. starting a school
  182. DETC.org
  183. Inexpensive IT degree
  184. MS in CS vs. MS in IT or IS?
  185. Nova Southeastern MS CIS
  186. Importance of Class Content
  187. IT suggestion
  188. Help decide whether BS or BSCIS
  189. Touro University offers upper level credits for Microsoft Certifications
  190. Will professional membership be recognised?
  191. Baker College
  192. College BS Degree
  193. Regis University
  194. ComputerWorld
  195. MCSE or A+ or Network+ ????
  196. Baker college and it's accreditation
  197. IS a Bachelor's IT degree close for me?
  198. Looking for an online college for an Information Systems degree
  199. Will my college dream come true?
  200. Lets talk about.... YOU...
  201. Credit for RHCE certificate
  202. Need advice...
  203. TESC and Microsoft Certs/Classes
  204. Credit for Cisco Certs?
  205. Kensington University
  206. FSU 2+2 BS Degree Program
  207. Grades for Masters Degree Program
  208. Need help for 16 yr. old son
  209. SQL Server DL
  210. Control Systems degrees by DL
  211. Baker College IT programs
  212. MS of IT at Capella
  213. CS vs CIS curricula
  214. Help selecting a program
  215. Goverment Training
  216. Professional organization
  217. Excelsior BS/CIS -> Grad School
  218. Technology portfolio questions ...
  219. Beware of Discrete Math I from Southwest Texas State University
  220. Life Credits toward IT Degrees
  221. I started a class from the School Harcourt Learning Direct for PC Repair
  222. Cheapest BSc - where?
  223. Touro University's IT and BSCS Degrees
  224. GRE CS subject exam = undergraduate credit
  225. Upper division computer classes via distance
  226. Advice needed on how to get bachelor degree (IT/Computers) via distance
  227. ICCP C++ Exam
  228. Cisco Course
  229. Oregon Master of Software Engineering
  230. ACCIS
  231. degree.info
  232. Kaplan College new program
  233. Capitol College
  234. ICCP Exams
  235. Ball State University
  236. Suggestions
  237. Best CIS Distance Education Approach?
  238. BS in MIS via DL?
  239. Degree directory
  240. Park University
  241. University of Wexford in Zurich, Switzerland?
  242. How to get started?
  243. OS course
  244. which is best in your opinion??
  245. Non-degree professional status wants advice
  246. TESC and their BSAST and how the title is viewed.
  247. Franklin Alliance Program
  248. BSCS or BS IT Can both get me the job I want?
  249. Kaplan College
  250. RA BS Computer Science programs