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  1. Certified HIPAA Security Specialist (CHSS) certification
  2. Masters of Science in Instructional Technology help
  3. Looking for a Masters in Information Assurance/Security
  4. D.Sc. at Dakota State - Completed Today!
  5. Columbia University's Doctorate (DEngSc) in Computer Science
  6. Regis University Computer Networking/No Experience...
  7. Which is better msit virginia tech or ms software engineering cal state fullerton?
  8. Online courses for Adobe Illustrator?
  9. Bachelor's in Political Science, Going for MISM at CMU, thoughts?
  10. Virginia tech vs Worchester Polytechnic (better for career vs emotion)
  11. Building career in project managment
  12. Park University?
  13. Health Informatics
  14. Where to get online bachelor degree in IT or computer field?
  15. What does this mean?
  16. Major in Information Systems or Information Technology?
  17. Computer security question
  18. Online Masters of Science in Software Engineering that is similar to on-campus
  19. Word to the Wise....
  20. Colorado Tech vs DeVry, which is better for CIS?
  21. What next?
  22. Which degree would be better for me, Masters in IA or MIS?
  23. Please Help Me in My Research by Filling a Questionnaire!
  24. DoD Information Assurance Scholarship Program
  25. Online Master's Degree in Information Technology offered by UMassOnline.
  26. Looking for distance education (university) in Computer Science. Grants, loans?
  27. Education options after BS in computer science and work experience
  28. BS Electronics - best way to go about it for an old-timer
  29. Northeastern university College of Professional Studies ?
  30. U. of W. Georgia's Master's in Applied CS - Cheap & online - know anything about it?
  31. Thoughts on WGU's new MS IT Network Management
  32. Looking for opinions on CS degrees
  33. Does anyone have feedback about Thomas Edison State College's computer science degree
  34. One year less in masters
  35. What is Programming language?
  36. Does anyone know how transfer friendly Devry is?
  37. Does anyone know if Devry is flexible on transfer credits from junion college?
  38. Excel for Financial Engineering
  39. Computer Science
  40. Is DeVry any good? Online IT classes
  41. Update on Oregon State online CS fees
  42. Help with going back to school
  43. Best universities for software engineering in USA
  44. PhD IT
  45. Bachelors in Game design/development: A good move?
  46. Career advancement by completing Online Masters IT program
  47. Help me decide which online software engineering masters
  48. Anyone here gone to Colorado Technical University?
  49. Need input on deciding on a masters for software engineering
  50. Free stuff
  51. MPS in Informatics from Northeastern University CPS, Boston, is it worth it ?
  52. BS in Information Systems Security
  53. Looking for a cheap programming Credit
  54. 2nd Master's - Graduate Certificate or Full Degree?
  55. MS from Florida Tech or Boston University or Capella?
  56. Information Assurance degree vs. Cybersecurity degree
  57. What state schools offer IT degrees online?
  58. associate to bachelor in computer science
  59. Moderators: What happened to the threads?
  60. CIE software engineering or information technology ?
  61. Are programming certifications worth getting?
  62. IT Sligo: Irish Distance BEng EE Degrees (and others) for Americans (and others)
  63. Charles Sturt University's Doctor of Information Technology by Research
  64. Distance Learning Degree
  65. Computer/Digital Forensics
  66. Computer Science or Information Technology
  67. Bca & mca
  68. Associate In Computer Science!
  69. Master of Information Systems Management (MISM) degree
  70. university of wales degree
  71. Online Doctorate in computer science
  72. Bs in information technology
  73. Computer Science Degree
  74. Not sure which IT/CS degree is best? (MS)
  75. MBA or Msc. in IS Management?
  76. Need guide and help to choose Online Education University/School
  77. Graphics or Multimedia Design Programs
  78. MIS v CIT
  79. Open Admission Graduate programs in Software Engineering
  80. SAP HR or People soft functional HRIMS
  81. Intro + CS/Math Degree Question
  82. Suggestions on how/where to start an Associates or Bachelors IT Degree ?
  83. Enrolled in two colleges at the same.....
  84. ColoradoTech's Doctorate in Computer Science or Nova's Ph.D in Information Systems?
  85. Online graduate programs in IT for people with no IT experience/degree?
  86. choosing between Drexel and Minot State MSIS online
  87. Which of these is better?? CIT/CIS
  88. Computer Science Programs - ABET Accredited
  89. Big 3 CS/IT BS thru Testing... Choosing is Hard
  90. CS or IT Degree - Does it Pay to Go into as a Second Career?
  91. Computer Science or MBA
  92. Oregon State brand new online Computer Science degree
  93. From Big Three Bachelor's to B&M Computer Science grad program?
  94. Help Me Pick Please DSU or UIS
  95. University of Illinois Springfield- MS MIS Feedback Requested
  96. Help regarding the reputation of specific online programs
  97. IT at SNHU or UMass?
  98. Why would Ashford "not support" POP3/IMAP?
  99. New Master of Professional Studies degrees from Fort Hays State Univ
  100. Dsu ms
  101. Appreciation and question
  102. Affordable Recognize Online Programs for Graphic Design or Web Development
  103. Regarding Completion of My degree.
  104. Ph.D;
  105. Bachelors in CS Oregon State vs masters at National University
  106. Cheap MSc Computer Science online degrees
  107. Top Cities for Tech Job?
  108. Computer/ Technology Forensics...degree...college...?
  109. What community college has many computer science courses On-line?
  110. IT Major makes a difference in unemployment and salary
  111. Where can I find an inexpensive "data structures and algorithms" course?
  112. advice on which graduate program I should pursue
  113. Information Technology degrees........
  114. International Student Issues
  115. Master of Science Information Technology at Nova Southeastern University?
  116. Anyone with a philo / logic degree working in IT or as a programmer?
  117. Just accepted to Troy! Yay!
  118. University of Florida Eliminates Computer Science Department
  119. Oregon State offers alternative route to B.S. in CS
  120. Accepted to Capitol College's DSc IA Program!
  121. Admission in MS in MIS or MIT- Really frustrated. Please help me
  122. MS in Managment of information system/technology
  123. Is online Certification or degree really good for IT?
  124. Upper level IT credits
  125. What would be best MBA in IT or MCA?
  126. MSc Information Security - University of London
  127. Minot State MSIS or Capitol College DSc IA
  128. Too cert or not to cert that is the question.......
  129. College Decision Question
  130. More questions about being an adjunct IT professor
  131. Research Ph.D in Tecommunication or Information Security
  132. Univ. of Illinois Springfield (UIS) - Master Computer Science
  133. Computer related doctorate without masters and without extra credits
  134. Looking for a University with Computer Science (Online) progra.
  135. Circuit Theory / Circuit Analysis Class
  136. Nova Southeastern Univ vs. Strayer University
  137. Troy University, is it hard to get into the undergrad program?
  138. Western Governors has a new MS ITM degree
  139. Need Help : Penn Foster A.S in computer science - credit transfer to big 3
  140. Minot State University Online MSIS
  141. Okay, so...Bellevue. What's the deal?
  142. Is Charles Sturt University (CSU) Master degree equivalent to US Master degree???
  143. Any SCRUM Masters here?
  144. Newbie here- Umass Lowell vs. SUNY-esc vs. Regis
  145. Masters In USA After 3 Yr Degree?
  146. M.S. in Computer Science University of Texas at Brownsville.
  147. Computer Science from University of the People
  148. Master of Science in CyberSecurity from Excelsior College ???
  149. List of Cheap Universities in the USA
  150. Systems engineering master's degree!!
  151. Georgetown - Technology Management Program.....
  152. AIX on Power Online Certificate - Marist College
  153. Accepted to three school, can't decide. Where would you go and why?
  154. University of Dallas MSIA
  155. How transfer friendly is WGU?
  156. Western Governers U, is it worth it?
  157. question for my wife-accelerated Bachelors in IT
  158. Need Easy and Quick Masters degree in IT, please guide me
  159. In between majors ~ long read.
  160. "Relatively easier" CS undergrad?
  161. University of Illinois -- Springfield C.S. program?
  162. ABET accredited Computer Science Degree
  163. Online Masters Degrees in Math or Applied Math
  164. Masters in IA or Cybersecurity
  165. B.Sc Computer Science/Database Technology - Baker College Online
  166. CCNP new test
  167. Accelerated MS in Computer/IT/IA other than Capitol?
  168. What is the essential IT certification in IT field?
  169. Need advice! B.S. computer science -- Troy, Baker College, Dakota State or Regis?
  170. Need advice! B.S. computer science -- Troy, Baker College, Dakota State or Regis?
  171. Northeastern University vs Boston University
  172. Need advice re: bachelors or masters degree in software development?
  173. Question about Software Development at Southern New Hampshire University
  174. UMass-Lowell vs. Western Governors University
  175. What cert to obtain first?
  176. Information Assurance DSc from Capitol College
  177. Recommend Online IT Certificate School For Fast Learner
  178. Help! Trying to decide between ms human computer interaction and sofware engineering
  179. UML or CTU?
  180. Affordable, regionally accredited computer science programs.
  181. Looking for Management Information Systems degree
  182. Masters Degree from Capella University vs Western Governors university
  183. Foundation Computer Science Courses
  184. Decided on Capitol's MSIA
  185. Can I do Bachelor of computer science in India from IGNOU? Please help!?
  186. PhD in General Information Technology - Capella University
  187. distence learning
  188. ABET : Capella University vs DSU, Nova, & Colorado Tech?
  189. How to transfer files from WIN XP SP2 computer to Bluetooth Karbonn mobile K541?
  190. Do IT pros need master's degrees?
  191. Charles Sturt IT Master
  192. A+ Certification for My Disabled Friend. What is the Best Way to Get It?
  193. Calling on IT experts - Please help
  194. What kind of jobs could you get with an A+ cert?
  195. Need Masters credential
  196. SAP Certification
  197. Six Sigma Green/Black Belt - Information Technology
  198. Going to take a crack at Security+
  199. How much less can I expect hte BCIT's BS in EE program to be rated given its young?
  200. Do you bunk your classes?
  201. Carnegie Mellon MSc Information Security & Assurance
  202. My Doctoral Path
  203. Capitol College DSc-IA program
  204. Doctorate in Science, Engineering & Technology
  205. I'm thinking of getting a Bachelors in Electrical engineering at BCIT but...
  206. How much more should I earn a year with an online bachelor's degree?
  207. Western Governors University Agreement with Capitol College
  208. Another "which degree?" question. . . post BS-IT
  209. Your opinion of UMass L? How transfer friendly are they?
  210. Abnormal?
  211. Master List of B&M Colleges Offering Online IT Degrees
  212. Good affordable regionally accredited schools for IT Bachelors of Science?
  213. 2nd Bachelor's Degree - Information Technology
  214. PhD in Engineering
  215. Another super cheap MS in Computer Science
  216. Student experiences with Masters programs in Information Assurance?
  217. Interesting graduate certificate in web/mobile development
  218. De Montfort University ?
  219. Bachelor's in IT looking at 2 different schools
  220. Web Design - Degrees or Certifications/Diplomas
  221. Quality of Fort Hays INT Classes
  222. Career Path
  223. Degree Question
  224. Any new Doctorate?
  225. Help with IT degree for foreign student DETC or Regional Accreditation
  226. Career/Degree paths?
  227. British Computer Society, or local university college in Norway?
  228. DSU MSIS Program: How was your experience and did you have to do group work?
  229. Computer Science Certificate courses
  230. B.S. Computer Science Schools Help?
  231. Trasfer of Graduate Credits
  232. Differences between System Administrator and Network administrator?
  233. PhD in Information Technology - Capella University
  234. Regis University receives ABET accreditation for the Computer Science program.
  235. ICCP Software Engineering vs British Computer Society vs ACP
  236. Besides for Capitol Colllege (is it a good school?), who else offers audio learning?
  237. MSCIS From Boston Univ (Metro College)
  238. Crossing from B.Sc. Economics to M.Sc. Computer Science/Software Engineering
  239. CIS question
  240. IT/Computer Science Bachelor for maximum 20 000 USD?
  241. Adive for an oldie
  242. CIS help
  243. Management of Info Systems vs Information Systems /Comp Science. Whats difference?
  244. Can current I.T. professionals give me some feedback on this program?
  245. FSU vs University of Illinois Springfield for computer science
  246. WGU and other universiites offering IT certs.
  247. B.S. in Information Technology - Career Path
  248. Colorado Technical University
  249. Looking For Free Online Computer Certificates
  250. Need you help!