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  1. DL in Hawaii
  2. Harvard PhD by DL
  3. What do we think of the name "Excelsior" now?
  4. Patriot Act II Pilloried
  5. National Registers Who's Who in Executives and Professionals
  6. Peace Movement: "Mules for Baghdad?"
  7. What Post-War Model of Government for Iraq?
  8. Another article about diploma mills
  9. Search Engine Suggestions
  10. Your chance to name a 'world-class' university
  11. DL university with the most unusual name
  12. St. Regis advertising in TV Guide
  13. The Regional Origins of "American Holy War"
  14. Applied Ecopsychology
  15. Enthroned as 104th!
  16. An American Hater in Ottawa
  17. Experience in Seibel CRM implementation?
  18. AMBA accreditation
  19. ACE asks Congress to make Distance Education Demonstration Program permanent
  20. British Parliamentary Debate Done Brilliantly...
  21. Open University of Catalunya
  22. NJ "discussing" DL MLS
  23. Chancellorate? Just for fun...
  24. Southwest Bible College
  25. Massachusetts cops
  26. Moody Bible Institute
  27. Article about graduate of Berean School of the Bible
  28. Become a Certified Life Strategies Coach
  29. Application verification-Courier Post
  30. Going To War Without France
  31. U. Phoenix vs the rest
  32. Alabama adds programs to eArmyU
  33. Baptist College of America
  34. Virtual Education Fair
  35. Pittsburgh WTAE-TV
  36. Ironies of today's "peace" movement....
  37. Smoking, Drinking, and Dancing
  38. Is UN Security Council a Bastion for Freedom?
  39. Degree in Science Fiction
  40. Another college coach -- Hoosiers
  41. Selling Textbooks
  42. How Dr. Zoe D. Katze (a pussycat) became a board-certified therapist
  43. Tuition Increase at Concord Law School
  44. Connecticut Chases Down Unlicensed Colleges, Institutions
  45. 809 phone scam + scary degree mill idea
  46. The Bush/Blair Bully Team
  47. Mississippi's higher education commissioner on diploma mills
  48. Article about John Sperling in Fast Company
  49. DL in Oz
  50. Graduate Business Schools in Europe
  51. The Name of Jesus
  52. Fortune’s Pick
  53. Is Altruistic War good?--Or bad?
  54. Blogger in Rome Rips the French....
  55. Suggestions on N. Korea
  56. Tom Friedman on the New World Order and Why It Matters To You!
  57. US Marine Confronts Frenchman in Bosnia...
  58. An American in Paris Reports on Peace Protests...
  59. Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences DL Degrees
  60. Student GRE Tests Cancelled
  61. SO--is it all about Iraqi oil?
  62. Ufologist Earns Ph.D. by Distance Learning
  63. US Presses its Case at the UN, and Andrew Sullivan Fulminates....
  64. Translating Semester Credits to Quarter Credits
  65. Dean without a PHD !
  66. Meet India's First MBA Degree Holder:
  67. NEWS FLASH! Japan announces pre-emption policy towards N. Korea
  68. Robert Kennedy College
  69. Twin Sons?
  70. Is that just how a father is?
  71. Why Euros hate Israel? Rage of the Repressed Anti-Semite...
  72. He may be able to bend spoons with his mind, but...
  73. Berkly not Berkeley
  74. Where's Empresarial?
  75. Virtual medical school
  76. WorldWideLearn.com expands
  77. There goes the neighbourhood...
  78. Just got this email
  79. hypnoterapy school
  80. Survey on the benifit of U.S. General Ed.
  81. Cartoon re: Fake Degrees
  82. Canada Tough on Terrorists
  83. CLEP - Why isn't the marketing better?
  84. The Book of Bebb: is anyone familiar with it
  85. Mathematics Journals
  86. Religion Journals
  87. Monterey Institute's Center for Nonproliferation Studies Website
  88. How many hours of work equal a credit hour?
  89. The Ugly Face of Corruption
  90. Anybody need a degree?
  91. Instantcert.com
  92. Harvard Extension School question
  93. Another degree mill in Saipan
  94. India renames first weather satellite after Kalpana Chawla
  95. Is The UN becoming "Leagalized?"
  96. undergraduate=how many graduate
  97. Diploma mill "graduate"
  98. Liberia - Washington Accreditation Link Revealed
  99. Degrees awarded by organizations, not schools
  100. U.S. companies expanding business in India: report
  101. Member Service
  102. The Omniscience of God and the Betrayal by Judas as a Test Case
  103. In an Age when Space Exploration is no longer a "Race," What is it?
  104. Fake diplomas
  105. Cheating
  106. Question for Administrator(s)
  107. No Spanglish in Latvia!
  108. All Rhodes lead to Grahamstown, Nigeria
  109. Nifty Skeptic News Site
  110. Tick, Tick, Tick . . . Ka-BOOM!!!
  111. Admissions at Georgetown
  112. The Truth About Steve Levicoff
  113. Scandal at University of Natal (South Africa)
  114. Space Shuttle tragedy - DL connection
  115. PHC President Weighs in on "Sports Utility Terrorism"
  116. Space Shuttle Tragedy
  117. Identity Theft and DL question
  118. Grade inflation
  119. Prerequisite for PhD Program at Baptist Bible Seminary
  120. FT MBA ranking
  121. Do Our Universities "Rot?"
  122. How Will Saddam Leave Iraq?
  123. Those pesky MILLS are everywhere!!!
  124. The Technology Behind Google
  125. Golden Toothdecay
  126. You can die of "degreeinfo" disease:
  127. Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies
  128. Conservative from Berkeley???
  129. What is US to World: Leader? Lackey? Or Tyrant?
  130. Winter Puzzler
  131. Skepticism courses
  132. As US-Iraq War Looms, Is It Getting Weirder and Weirder?
  133. FDA approval experience?
  134. Time Bomb follow-up: woman faces 13 years in prison for degree fraud
  135. Is War inevitable?
  136. A Real good Article !
  137. US-Canada relations bad? It could be worse!
  138. English Universites May Increase Fees for College
  139. Has "The Left" Chosen sides?--or Not?
  140. Value of Distance Learning: man buys $38 million home
  141. Humor: Canadians Versus Dudley Doright...?
  142. Utah seriously exploring competency based high schools
  143. Does CANADA deserve to be whipped by US?
  144. Junior College Faculty......Steps?
  145. Fly-By-Night Operation
  146. Sting operation by Senator Collins fools U.S. Dept of Education
  147. Percentage of Ministers Whose Doctorates are Honorary???
  148. Jones International Scholarship
  149. Froogle
  150. Favorite English Bible Translation
  151. American Pacific University graduate arrested
  152. New INS restrictions on distance education
  153. Doctor eBay's diploma to pay debts
  154. Poll: Poster's Personal Profile
  155. whats wrong w/ "Saw this advertisement in USNEWS !!" thread?
  156. Divorced Clergy
  157. Female Pastors
  158. Saw this advertisement in USNEWS !!
  159. Distance Learning Urban Legends
  160. Greek New Testament Text
  161. The Lowest Price Accredited University Degrees!
  162. When I die...
  163. The Legacy Song
  164. FTC to crack down on counterfeit drivers licenses; could diplomas be next?
  165. The Degree Disease: Earning Degrees for Ministry
  166. Teikyo Post
  167. American University of Business Administration
  168. Time bomb: fire chief in Kentucky
  169. North Dakota and fake degrees
  170. What's With Distancedegree.net?
  171. I'm wondering why John Walsh of Brannagh is denied the right to read this forum.
  172. Religious Degree Discussions
  173. Bears' 15th Availability Date?
  174. More online teaching opportunities
  175. Is it worth doing MBA?
  176. Value of an MBA
  177. Davis is a joke in California
  178. My school's 50th anniversary in Silicon Valley !
  179. Urban Legends Site
  180. oxpecker
  181. Science & Engineering Doctorates in US
  182. Landford University
  183. The Internet Wayback Machine
  184. DL trivia question
  185. UK Open University on Mars?
  186. Indian brainpower sought to drive NASA earth data
  187. AACSB and Ethics
  188. RA acronym
  189. President Clinton, Chancellor of Oxford?
  190. Wow, I found a Levicoff smiley!
  191. Cheating by University Students
  192. Brillinat, mordant comment on latest bombming in Israel...
  193. Is the US bent on Empire?
  194. Museum of British Empire unveiled....
  195. UOP's Perception!
  196. (Very) Old Time Diploma Mills
  197. Fundamentalism and Zionism
  198. Discrimination of Degree Seeker
  199. Is getting the War over--or the threat of War--te key to econ recovery?
  200. Kyoto
  201. Why is The American Right So Resurgent?
  202. Happy New Year
  203. More Aussie Education!
  204. REASONS for a happy New Year? Post here:
  205. Catch me if you can..the fake diploma way
  206. Claim on Kohinoor ! - A real Off-topic
  207. GMAT Tomorrow.
  208. My DegreeInfo Testimonial
  209. Report Finds Many H.S. Grads Unprepared for College
  210. Virus Alert
  211. Statistics Tutor - Are you Interested?
  212. Excelsior or Charter Oak State Credit Registry Services
  213. Season's Greetings
  214. Christmas Encouragement: High School Dropout--to--Doctoral Student
  215. Campus MBA (Mortgage Bankers Association)
  216. Asmalaria
  217. Mall Degrees
  218. Dr. Mohler (SBTS) on Donahue
  219. HEY TONY PINA: re LDS beliefs
  220. What's the Empirical Proof of Substandard Theological Docs?
  221. Can a Degree be recalled after a Professional License is revoked
  222. Hsi Lai University News
  223. Which School would you Join for RA DL MBA?
  224. Democratic Presidential Hopefuls (Revised)
  225. Scare Crow awarded an honorary Th.D.
  226. Is this why South African schools are cheap?
  227. Distance Gambling from Norfolk under the direction of Sir John Walsh of Brannagh
  228. RUSSELL: How's it going with Potch?
  229. NYT: Community Colleges becoming first choice.
  230. My Take on Trent Lott
  231. Warning on Some USA Theology Degrees
  232. ATT John Bear: Differences between 15th Edition and 14th Edition?
  233. Psychologist has three degrees from Ravenhurst University
  234. Prestigious non-accredited degree in comics
  235. South Africans long for the old days
  236. Theology and Liverpool
  237. More political credentials
  238. Interesting option at ABA law school
  239. Gert! Where's Gert?
  240. MBA for <$100 !!
  241. Christmas Wish List
  242. John Fierce Bear
  243. The Economist: OxBridge Bloc Breaks...
  244. John Bear is the Greatest!
  245. Monster.com: do you/your employer subscribe? Let's make a deal.
  246. UMass President takes the 5th
  247. Go kiss your kid.....
  248. Meeting a Walden student made my day!
  249. UK teaching positions available for Love not Money
  250. Where did Ron Roth get his PhD?