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  1. Weapons of Mass Destruction
  2. St. John's Seminary (RC) closes
  3. EQUIS and AACSB
  4. Fresno State cheating
  5. Jesus may have been homosexual
  6. Online University Consortium
  7. Home schooling
  8. New attendance record here at DegreeInfo
  9. Your thoughts on standardized (clep/dantes) tests.
  10. The New French anti-semitism, the Left, and Vanity Fair
  11. Lifestyles of the Rich and Despotic
  12. Georgia 2 state college systems.
  13. .edu name for sale, $25,000 minimum bid
  14. Plagiarism - Caught in the Act!
  15. Gore Vidal on CSPAN
  16. Who's Got A Link To Foreign Dissertation Abstracts?
  17. University of Northfield: latest name of the Romanian scam
  18. National Journal: US Left headed for the "political wilderness" over war issues
  19. Beware of the Grammar internet police!
  20. Mexican diplomat gets Unisa doctoral degree
  21. That Pesky 13 Letter Word
  22. College vs. University
  23. What Ali, Michael Jordan and Degreeinfo members have in common!
  24. "60 Minutes" Transcript
  25. Study: Buddhism Works
  26. Adult Learners Inspiration Quotes
  27. "Islam...is not moderate:" Islam must modernize [or else be marginalized]!
  28. TESC - moderated discussion students and alumni
  29. Proper English
  30. Wasting Ph.D. Brainpower
  31. 2nd New Phony of the Day: Sefcody's International College
  32. New phony of the day: Weston Reserve University
  33. Discussion forums at online-college.info
  34. Prophetess Juanita Bynum's Ph.D. questioned
  35. Proposal question for Rich Douglas
  36. Where's Levicoff?
  37. South African university merger update
  38. Bible Code
  39. Adams College?
  40. Liberia today. Ministry of Education workers haven't been paid for two years.
  41. Employee Tuition Reimbursement Plans
  42. Best GRE prep guide?
  43. UCLA online
  44. Venus Williams -- DL student (DETC)
  45. Rich Douglas is a Charter Member of the 3000 Club
  46. Problems of spell check on and DITCH accredited distance education Degree Programs !
  47. Interesting Ministry Site
  48. President of Toccoa Falls College Resigns Amid Controversy Over His Résumé
  49. Dude Looks Like A Doctor
  50. New York Times -- Everyone assumed
  51. A DegreeInfo Mother's Day
  52. Prisoner Education
  53. A Word That Did Not Come From The Bible
  54. Higher degrees = honorary?
  55. World Wide Acclaimed Since 1999
  56. Words That Came From the Bible
  57. Walter Sisulu
  58. France helps Iraqis escape! "Raoul Wallenberg in reverse!"
  59. John Ashcroft
  60. Your thoughts on "Whites Only" prom in GA?
  61. Phila. district hired convicted felon to teach
  62. Freedom Bible College & Seminary
  63. Why I like DegreeInfo.com
  64. Some South Efrican programs
  65. Columbia Pacific student in the news
  66. BA in 4 minutes
  67. Dance fever
  68. Western States University
  69. Prize winning science writer: "What does '32 feet per second per second' mean...?"
  70. Tick...tick...tick (this one will be fun)
  71. Virtual cheating vs. traditional cheating
  72. Article in Syllabus
  73. BBC: bin Laden is merely a "dissident"
  74. Leveling your consciousness
  75. MFA = PhD?
  76. Is the economy really destroying the job market?
  77. What the heck did Santorum mean, anyway?
  78. Ordination & Ph.D. Opportunities
  79. Why do people insist on driving in the wrong lane?
  81. Apus Peace Symbol
  82. Time bomb: a sheriff in Florida
  83. Barnes & Noble University
  84. This really feels good!
  85. Bill Grover: Heard anything from your son in Iraq?
  86. The New and Improved Democratic Candidate Poll
  87. The Good Old Days
  88. Fatal Time Bomb
  89. Aed
  90. What - no Monkey Trial?
  91. SARS
  92. Lawrie Miller site
  93. cuckoo thread (cyberscapegoat)
  94. WARNING! This Post Contains Explicit Religious Material
  95. Three Religious Posts Per Week ???
  96. I'm not really a new member.
  97. ideas?
  98. "Does anyone know the reason we celebrate Easter," the teacher asked.
  99. Gus's Theological Logic Thread
  100. Burt Rutan Rolls Out His New Spaceship
  101. Marine Corps. steered recruits to high school diploma mill
  102. Now the truth can be revealed...
  103. Religion ?
  104. Iraq: the first real test of reform is upon US!
  105. Just When You Think You`ve Seen It All
  106. Jesus and Satan
  107. 20 Million Ordinations Since 1959
  108. Frenchman in 2003 "France is almost finished."
  109. ASE Certified
  110. Masters without undergraduate degree???
  111. finger OFF the trigger
  112. Suggestions on creating a training program
  113. Trinity College
  114. Poll: The News We Kept to Ourselves
  115. “Contracting Out” Statistical Analysis of Dissertation
  116. Fascists and Circus Performers Say the Darndest Things
  117. Spring Puzzler
  118. MD's & JD's
  119. DAY 21--The Fat Lady is singing!--People Celebrating Freedom in Iraq
  120. T'anks
  121. Continuing Studies With Trinity???
  122. Chicks Get In the Way
  123. DistanceDegree 404'd
  124. Shelia Danzig makes the Indianapolis Star
  125. Grade Inflation Forces New Grading System
  126. Vouchers Poll: Whatddya think?
  127. St. Paul on Slavery
  128. St. John University - Another Bogus Institution
  129. Rich Douglas how do you do it!
  130. Iraq War Versus Containment? a C-B analysis...
  131. some people never get enough - the selling of Oxford University'c Charter
  132. When was "Peace" lost? UNs Weapons Inspectors say Peace diplomacy lost it!
  133. Media corrections retractions and blunbers on the war: post here
  134. Universal Life Church Website Update
  135. Distancedegree.net Calls It Quits
  136. Another List of Bogus Institutions
  137. I'm feeling xenophobic...
  138. The Real War
  139. Century University Awards Rich Douglas an Honorary Doctorate
  140. Canadians in Iraq
  141. 1-2-3 College Degree
  142. Belgiam PM: US-'very dangerous'- wants to 'take over Arab' world!
  143. theologians and war
  144. Other Available Sources for Dissertation Abstracts
  145. Our media
  146. free advice needed, preferably worth more than 2 cents
  147. Jean Chretien-Super Moron and Idiot
  148. Why I like degree info.com
  149. Has the extreme left hijacked academia??
  150. alot of great sex
  151. There's US and Iraqi Blood on Chirac's Hands!
  152. French Anti-Semitic Attacks Quadruples--Explained: Left Seeks Arabs "love"
  153. The only good Iraqi is a...
  154. Just the piece of paper?
  155. An new one...
  156. Should faculty members who lie about their academic credentials be fired?
  157. Jesse Jackson Calls For Cease Fire
  158. Distance Learning "Shock & Awe"
  159. Post French Jokes Here
  160. Hindi at the dentist
  161. 3rd Infantry Division
  162. touro
  163. Cheesiest Sounding DL degree
  164. Basketball
  165. World going crazy
  166. Question regarding dissertation publication
  167. Peter French, Administrator
  168. How about 2 new fora: Left Wing Rants & Right Wing Rants.This one is no fun any more
  169. How will Iraqi's greet their occupiers in Baghdad?
  170. Iraq chem-weapons plant found: What will Blix say now?
  171. Peace demonstrators stab Jews in Paris...
  172. Liberal Icons call Bush "dictator" "Hitler" "assassination target"
  173. Why the Left supports dictators like Saddam (briefly)
  174. POWs
  175. "Top tier" advertising chicanery
  176. Tennessee to outlaw fake degrees
  177. Will Israel get involved in this War
  178. "The War That Will Change The World?"
  179. Is Saddam dead? alive? or wounded?
  180. I never graduated from college - Bill Gates
  181. A Tragedy is about to be unleashed...
  182. The Coalition
  183. Some joy in the morning
  184. Saddam's War Plans: a fascinating read...
  185. Majority in Arab World Support Democracy, Peace with Israel
  186. South Africa moves towards quality control of higher ed
  187. NYTIMES: Paul Ehrlich was wrong...
  188. me again's bachelor's degree
  189. Daschle says Bush has "Failed Miserably"
  190. Meanwhile, in the UN's Bizzaro world...
  191. Course descriptions for persons that are trainers on the job
  192. Gods & Generals
  193. Amnesty International cought in another fraud!!
  194. Did EU ignore use of Ambulances used to transport Pales terrorists?
  195. To all Optumates: Happy Ides of March
  196. Why the French don't get it? 9-11 absent...
  197. There has to be a lesson
  198. Happy Birthday Dr. Bear!!
  199. Re-name the Dixie Chicks
  200. Is Democratic Iraq Fitting Retribution for 9-11?
  201. Hans Blix Makes George Bush Look Like Genius!
  202. Play The Game!
  203. Another Bogus Accreditation Agency
  204. Online engineering technology Master's at Pittsburg State
  205. Former US President Discusses DL
  206. Is US War Policy a Jewish Conspiracy?
  207. J.D. vs Ph.D.
  208. Distance Learning Could Solve the Iraqi Crisis
  209. An annoying commercial!
  210. Which twin has the Toni?
  211. Frogs of War: ID The Worst French Idiocy on Iraq!
  212. Joan Armatrading - DL student - earns BSc(Hons)
  213. Troy State - 9,443 DL students
  214. Hello, I must be going.*
  215. But how could the U of Georgia coach have known?
  216. John 3:16 Support for Arminianism?
  217. Trojans
  218. Century University in the news
  219. Taiwan cracks down on diploma mills
  220. Degree Mill Alma Mater
  221. Transforming the Mid-East Thru Iraq--Hindustan Times, Michael Barone, get it!
  222. LaSalle - EXtension University 1938
  223. The Secret of French Philosophy
  224. Leftist Michael Walzer Agrees with me...
  225. Who Elects These Democrat Idiots!?!
  226. Headline: Anti-war demonstrators allegedly attack Jewish students
  227. Those Inflight Mags Again
  228. How do I find out who registered an .edu site?
  229. Villepin's Anti-Semitic Innuendo Reminds me of a Rabbi...
  230. $ and Theological Doctoral Degrees
  231. Swift Eagle claims Indian accreditation is superior to Regional
  232. World Trade Organisation and higher education
  233. Cheating...
  234. TESC-Student Friendly for NJ Alt route teachers
  235. Dating and DL
  236. Are Euros Inain? Canuck Cronenberg makes case…
  237. David Geffen - Academic Fraud
  238. IIT in India
  239. More about cheating
  240. UK's Anglican's Going Anti-Semitic? Jewsweek reports...
  241. Fake degrees in India
  242. New Google tool
  243. New USQ web site
  244. Cop Crisis
  245. Obese = unintelligent?
  246. The Saga of a Stupid Social Security Recipient
  247. Post #60,000
  248. Have the French Forgotten Normandy?
  249. Cheating: Professor Kennedy's nightmare
  250. New "Alexandria Library"