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  1. Ho de ho hee de hee I did not know I was me
  2. High ranking D.C. ethics official lies about degree, but is not fired.
  3. "DegreeInfo.com" now a dirty word at CollegeHints.com
  4. Virus in admissions@uwf.edu
  5. Government site/info for educational opportunities
  6. The PERFECT course for degreeinfo denizens
  7. 'Roy Tumak'? which degree mill does he own anyway?
  8. Trouble for part-time programs in U.K.
  9. Question for a Jurisprudence Doctor
  10. Question for Bruce?
  11. EFL in the Gulf reply to Kenneth
  12. Fake degree warning issued by Calamus International University
  13. who speaks latin?
  14. The Latest (and Greatest?) Knightsbridge Graduate
  15. ISO 9001
  16. Newburgh Seminary: Accelerated D.Min.
  17. teacher shortages
  18. Oregons convictions list
  19. UK Colleges, visa scam alleged
  20. Bible school founder goes to San Quentin for fraud (in 1950)
  21. Asmal at UNISA inauguration
  22. Sri Lanka News - Administrators may want to check/delete
  23. Academic Honor Societies
  24. What do you teach?
  25. Announcing the re-launch of Degreeoftruth
  26. Article URL: Government adviser: killing children with defects acceptable
  27. Shall we consider a national DegreeInfo convention?
  28. Death of Dr. Kangaroo
  29. Degree Mill and the Federal Gov
  30. grading scale
  31. Study: Red Sea parting was possible
  32. Senior membership - yayyyy!
  33. Classified Theses/Dissertations
  34. John Bear asks for help: Doctor's University of Natural Health Sciences
  35. Radio ads for PhDs
  36. med school question
  37. AllLearn on election issues
  38. "government-owned degree mills", says The Economist
  39. Can anyone "explainify" this?
  40. Fake degree search at the Pentagon!
  41. Best Selling Dissertations
  42. British Conservative party would privatize the universities
  43. Ave Maria Law School Dean to act as ABA Consultant to Liberty U. School of Law
  44. More on Experience based qualifications
  45. Oklahoma State: correspondence classes cannot count towards honor roll?
  46. Problem Students
  47. Grand Union University
  48. Time bomb goes off for Japanese politician
  49. Owner of Sylvan, PCDI etc buys a law school
  50. Institutions of higher education are "culturally" secretive
  51. Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Signs Capella University as Preferred Online Education Provider
  52. Capella at 10,000 students!
  53. Interactive University
  54. PhD Time Limit
  55. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day (today)
  56. Transcript from closed down school
  57. UK has 'too many graduates'
  58. fake degrees in Israel
  59. Point Loma Nazarene University - Denies Biblical Creation?
  60. Ph.D candidature approved for the University of Adelaide
  61. Who will win the Super Bowl?
  62. Movie: The Perfect Score
  63. BBC provides gateway to UK and US DL for India
  64. Super Doctorate
  65. Pakistan Elections, Water Theft, and Fake Degrees
  66. Nine doctorates in two years: is this a record
  67. What happened to the "Degree Mill for Sale" Thread?
  68. Why all the religious degree mills?
  69. Special Recognition for 100,000 Posts
  70. What should transcripts for a Ph.D. look like?
  71. Rant: what General Motors did with our electric car.
  72. Wayback Machine joke
  73. Updated Current DL Learners Doctoral Poll
  74. Polling Current Doctoral DL Learners
  75. DETC accreditation update
  76. What is it with those crazzzy Canucks?
  77. Some KW Ph.D.'s in Government
  78. Vice President of Warnborough University refuses to divulge source of doctorate
  79. Vice President of Warnborough University refuses to divulge source of doctorate
  80. ZA university merger article
  81. Columbia State's Pellar pleads guilty to all nine counts of mail fraud
  82. Argosy University Experience!!!
  83. Doctoral Dissertation Experiences!!!
  84. Is the PhD what it once was?
  85. Who is your Successor??
  86. Professor Status
  87. Any Word on DETC Accreditations?
  88. E-mail problems and SPAM
  89. APUS
  90. Columbia State Ph.D. on trial right now for molestation; details sought
  91. strange college scholarships
  92. UNISA news
  93. Forum: After Iowa and New Hampshire
  94. The Big 3 Poll!!!!!!
  95. PayPal's priorities
  96. New PM of Dominica is former education minister
  97. Report on investigation into Mr Glen Oakley's use of false academic qualifications
  98. DegreeInfo.com membership growth
  99. Ex cop buys fake FSU degree and a SRU degree
  100. Nova Southeastern University once slighted as a diploma mill????
  101. Fake degree holders, read the word of the Lord!!!!
  102. Public School Ratings k-12
  103. fake degrees in the United Arab Emirates
  104. Suggestion from the newbie
  105. Columbia Law School
  106. Gpa
  107. Laura Callahan: Criminal Proceedings?
  108. Honorary Doctorate Nominations
  109. Time bomb in Australia--Pacific Western doctorate
  110. Fo'shizzle, it's a Winter Contest
  111. "Fake Degree" Parody by Jay The Weird and Tony Hou
  112. Nova Dean of Psychology Elected APA President
  113. Saint Regis faculty - a modest compendium of terms
  114. Organisational Studies - bus doctorate
  115. New Years Resolutions 2004
  116. What are two of the best business books you have every read?
  117. Nobel Prize Winners
  118. Misrepesentation
  119. The Rules book
  120. 26 years to life in prison for cheating on an exam
  121. Reviews of some relevant books (Boston Globe)
  122. anyone else having trouble posting?
  123. stupid jokes
  124. reality tv
  125. EDucational Statistics
  126. Changing the paradigm, dude!
  127. World Christianship Ministries, Louisiana Baptist University, and Unaccredited
  128. Contemporary community standards
  129. Columbia State U. still in Education
  130. Why Berne?
  131. Setting the record straight
  132. Why spend time writing your own dissertation?
  133. What is "A Good School?"
  134. Board Secrets
  135. Attn: Rich Douglas
  136. Need help regarding Adjunct teaching position and LLC
  137. Paying fees with Credit Card
  138. Bachelor of Arts v. Bachelor of Science degree
  139. What is a professional doctorate?
  140. Does Santa have a Ph.D ?
  141. Holiday Readings
  142. Important Message for All DegreeInfo Members!
  143. Bse
  144. Rush Limbaugh is not out of the woods yet
  145. Scholars discuss Strom Thurmond's public and private life
  146. Still time for Santa to bring that Christmas doctorate
  147. Nova construction project
  148. FYI - Moved Thread
  149. Farewell, NU
  150. Buying Books Online?!#$@#!
  151. University of Illinois at Springfield
  152. Hampton offers a degree of spirituality
  153. Interesting UK site on DL
  154. what program no gre MA?
  155. Boeing to Promote Higher Education in China
  156. What computer system do you use?
  157. Senior official from ABA accreditation arm to be Dean of Concord
  158. Standardized Tests
  159. Web site of the week
  160. Very flexible MA program
  161. Documenting Native American Heritage
  162. National Board of Education web page template
  163. Senate Governmental Affairs Committee
  164. Celebrity DL students
  165. Advice from Theologians
  166. Liberian Embassy confusion: who is in charge?
  167. Taking mathematics can harm money-making potential
  168. A good reason to get a Degree Mill Diploma!!!!!
  169. Another Thread Gone?
  170. Your ideal theoretical candidate
  171. law review
  172. How can I create a scholarship?
  173. Digital Camera
  174. discrimination at law school
  175. University of California video archive
  176. Saipan University
  177. First Ave Maria Graduating Class TOPS ALL MICHIGAN LAW SCHOOLS ON BAR EXAM
  178. Unsettling report on some Caribbean-trained medical doctors
  179. The slowest known method for Distance Learning?
  180. life experience degree
  181. US Confirms Saddam's Capture
  182. Desperately seeking "pickles and diamonds" posting
  183. Rutgers uses RealityTV to lure prospective students
  184. Thesis binding services???
  185. Professor Ratings
  186. Reading Level of Dissertations?
  187. Requiring Teaching Certification at the Collegiate Level?
  188. South African inspiration
  189. UK proposes to lower hurdle for university status
  190. Sherman's Lagoon
  191. William Gilbert College?
  192. Good to be "Home"
  193. SACS puts Auburn on probation
  194. Bad week for the Bears
  195. Michigan's official list of unacceptable schools
  196. Caught Cheating
  197. Time bomb: professor at major university with 3 fake degrees
  198. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
  199. Mbeki Meets Higher Education Group
  200. Banning people from DegreeInfo
  201. Hey Dr. Bear, How's Prison????
  202. IQ tests should be used to select students for university
  203. Collateral damage : seeing what is not there
  204. Websites and Universities: A correlation?
  205. UMUC administration
  206. Augsburg-Capella: a deal with the devil?
  207. Santa Claus in DL program
  208. Hamilton University - fake physician
  209. Article on DL by Communist Party of India
  210. Discrimination at work.
  211. Too Cool . . . SA Sports
  212. Indonesian politicians use fake diplomas
  213. BCS Poll
  214. Too many people going to university?
  215. NY Times article on virtual high schools
  216. Tarot degrees by DL
  217. Empire State College moving to supermarket
  218. Diploma Mills Cast a Shadow
  219. Asmal speaks
  220. International Who's Who?
  221. United Tribes Technical College gets NCA approval for online Associate's degrees
  222. Online UK Universities Launched in SA
  223. Charles Taylor "wanted" by Interpol
  224. Malaysia says "No" to DL degrees
  225. Aussie time bomb
  226. Job Forecast for M.B.A.s Grows Darker by the Day.
  227. Article on American World University
  228. 80-year old graduates from Unisa
  229. The First Minister speaks
  230. education question
  231. cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden
  232. Terrorism can not be permitted.
  233. collegehints
  234. Fordham University-NYC
  235. BioTech Company claims it can repair any body ailment
  236. e-TQM College
  237. Boston U., UMassOnline, Lesley
  238. Reflective Knowledge Management?
  239. South African changes on track
  240. Happy Thanksgiving!
  241. University of Missouri-Columbia - advice please
  242. Thank You to ALL!!!!!
  243. The "Bethany Discussion Forum"
  244. Info for Bill Groover
  245. Only 30 Days to Purchase that Christmas Doctorate
  246. Seeking Jimmy Clifton Contact
  247. What schools have you attended?
  248. HSD official obtained Ph.D. from diploma mill
  249. Oswald - Acted Alone or With someone else
  250. Multiple "MSc" degrees