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  1. Celebrity DL students
  2. Advice from Theologians
  3. Liberian Embassy confusion: who is in charge?
  4. Taking mathematics can harm money-making potential
  5. A good reason to get a Degree Mill Diploma!!!!!
  6. Another Thread Gone?
  7. Your ideal theoretical candidate
  8. law review
  9. How can I create a scholarship?
  10. Digital Camera
  11. discrimination at law school
  12. University of California video archive
  13. Saipan University
  14. First Ave Maria Graduating Class TOPS ALL MICHIGAN LAW SCHOOLS ON BAR EXAM
  15. Unsettling report on some Caribbean-trained medical doctors
  16. The slowest known method for Distance Learning?
  17. life experience degree
  18. US Confirms Saddam's Capture
  19. Desperately seeking "pickles and diamonds" posting
  20. Rutgers uses RealityTV to lure prospective students
  21. Thesis binding services???
  22. Professor Ratings
  23. Reading Level of Dissertations?
  24. Requiring Teaching Certification at the Collegiate Level?
  25. South African inspiration
  26. UK proposes to lower hurdle for university status
  27. Sherman's Lagoon
  28. William Gilbert College?
  29. Good to be "Home"
  30. SACS puts Auburn on probation
  31. Bad week for the Bears
  32. Michigan's official list of unacceptable schools
  33. Caught Cheating
  34. Time bomb: professor at major university with 3 fake degrees
  35. Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
  36. Mbeki Meets Higher Education Group
  37. Banning people from DegreeInfo
  38. Hey Dr. Bear, How's Prison????
  39. IQ tests should be used to select students for university
  40. Collateral damage : seeing what is not there
  41. Websites and Universities: A correlation?
  42. UMUC administration
  43. Augsburg-Capella: a deal with the devil?
  44. Santa Claus in DL program
  45. Hamilton University - fake physician
  46. Article on DL by Communist Party of India
  47. Discrimination at work.
  48. Too Cool . . . SA Sports
  49. Indonesian politicians use fake diplomas
  50. BCS Poll
  51. Too many people going to university?
  52. NY Times article on virtual high schools
  53. Tarot degrees by DL
  54. Empire State College moving to supermarket
  55. Diploma Mills Cast a Shadow
  56. Asmal speaks
  57. International Who's Who?
  58. United Tribes Technical College gets NCA approval for online Associate's degrees
  59. Online UK Universities Launched in SA
  60. Charles Taylor "wanted" by Interpol
  61. Malaysia says "No" to DL degrees
  62. Aussie time bomb
  63. Job Forecast for M.B.A.s Grows Darker by the Day.
  64. Article on American World University
  65. 80-year old graduates from Unisa
  66. The First Minister speaks
  67. education question
  68. cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden
  69. Terrorism can not be permitted.
  70. collegehints
  71. Fordham University-NYC
  72. BioTech Company claims it can repair any body ailment
  73. e-TQM College
  74. Boston U., UMassOnline, Lesley
  75. Reflective Knowledge Management?
  76. South African changes on track
  77. Happy Thanksgiving!
  78. University of Missouri-Columbia - advice please
  79. Thank You to ALL!!!!!
  80. The "Bethany Discussion Forum"
  81. Info for Bill Groover
  82. Only 30 Days to Purchase that Christmas Doctorate
  83. Seeking Jimmy Clifton Contact
  84. What schools have you attended?
  85. HSD official obtained Ph.D. from diploma mill
  86. Oswald - Acted Alone or With someone else
  87. Multiple "MSc" degrees
  88. commonalities or chance
  89. The Power of Accreditation: views of academics
  90. Sunday Times (SA) article on "internet education"
  91. JD without a BA or BS
  92. Crescent City (Christian) College? please help
  93. other career options for people with a law degree
  94. Purchasing a Laptop: Need Advice!!!
  95. Let one hundred alliances bloom
  96. Psy.D. first professional degree?
  97. Fake degrees in South Africa
  98. Degree mills on Good Morning America now set for Monday
  99. Inside Edition Thursday for sure, but . . .
  100. Michael Jackson trumps degree mill 'exposés' on GMA and Inside Edition
  101. JFK assassination poll
  102. Bill Grover Unplug Yourself
  103. More Degree Info attempts
  104. More unrest related to SA university mergers
  105. Good Morning America delays degree mill segment
  106. Interesting news day
  107. Degree mills segment on Good Morning America on Wednesday
  108. England: Practice law without a law degree!
  109. law degree???
  110. H.S. Diplomas Mill
  111. In need of serious advice...
  112. Shaquille O'Neal enrolled at University of Phoenix
  113. Proud parents....I think....
  114. 'Fake doctor factory' awards degrees
  115. Students using the net to cheat
  116. Louisiana to make history
  117. John Bear dead (influenza)
  118. Mckinley university
  119. Spam University, another amusing one
  120. Saint Remus University & College
  121. Degree 'collector' acknowledged - 8 graduations last year
  122. online-college
  123. What are you doing with your DBA?
  124. Methods degree mills use to fool people: John Bear offers list, asks for help
  125. South African Garbage No Time Bomb
  126. Long Live the Scarman Centre
  127. Miracle Cars
  128. Actual size of lots of unaccredited schools (some clues, anyway)
  129. collegehints.com is down?
  130. A "monument" to Matthew Sheppard
  131. More SA University News (this time from Durban-Westville)
  132. Need advice
  133. CBS bows to pressure
  134. Continuing Education Units
  135. An interesting article by an Englishman on Offshoring.
  136. The War in Iraq
  137. Antipodean Merger
  138. Secretary of Education notices degree mills
  139. Poor media grammar
  140. 15 more Soldiers Die
  141. Online Instructor Positions
  142. Calloo! Callay! Asmal to go?
  143. strong bad
  144. Worthington University
  145. For those interested in Biblical languages
  146. Want an 0xford University email address?
  147. President Bush endorses Atlantic National University
  148. computer conference ?
  149. A Warning To All Degree Mills Owners
  150. Comes now Adams & Washington University
  151. American Military University Historian in the News
  152. Veteran Honorary High School Diploma
  153. Want to learn more about mills and accreditation?
  154. Tricky math question
  155. For Fun
  156. fun links :)
  157. Major changes at CCHS
  158. For boxing fans
  159. Comes now Carrington University
  160. Mail & Guardian
  161. Theological dissertation standards?
  162. Main page problems?
  163. Piled Higher and Deeper
  164. Why can't I set the time?
  165. Bethany Divinity College and bad "press"
  166. It's the Marlins against the world
  167. What is going on?
  168. How many degrees do you have?
  169. Oxbridge "MA" to be scrapped?
  170. Paradise by the dashboard lights
  171. Halaala! Fly! Eagle! Fly! Ntsu! Tsukutla! Ntsu!
  172. U. Phoenix
  173. South Africa update
  174. 20 years for Dr. Bear????????
  175. Doctoral procrastination
  176. Yankees vs. Marlins
  177. New Zealand "brown cloud" mystery solved
  178. Chip, is the "users online" thing screwed up, too?
  179. Columbia State University Alumnus of the Week
  180. An update Poll
  181. Offshoring and IT unemployment
  182. An apparently-new American University of London, even worse than the last one
  183. U.K. schools better than U.S.?
  184. Ever hear of an honorary M.A.?
  185. A Treatise on Ph.D. s
  186. The Senior Thesis Of Doom
  187. Question on American Accreditation
  188. C.Phil degree
  189. Slow Posting??
  190. Anybody with copy of 'Name It and Frame It' for sale?
  191. UNESCO Communiqué Ministerial Round Table on Quality Education
  192. Experiment - Cussing Up a Storm
  193. College Rankings Subvert the Purpose of Higher Education
  194. Go Cubs!
  195. Messed up threads?
  196. Congratulations to Chinese Taikonaut
  197. Praxis in Educational Technology
  198. EndNote or Reference Point Software
  199. UoL externall LLB used books?
  200. Detc
  201. Diploma Mill Beauty Contest
  202. Two questions about main DI page
  203. Re: question about Rich Douglas
  204. Getting into TT law school from UoP
  205. Time order of posts
  206. John Bear looking for paid helper for degree mill book project
  207. Conversion to PhD Program
  208. Dr. David Kay's findings
  209. MDiv advice for Tin
  210. WHAT!!! No MIGS Forum???
  211. diversity in mba
  212. multiple-choice integral calculus
  213. Degree without High School
  214. Book Finder
  215. Dirty schooling for special ed students
  216. Kobe Bryant was DL student
  217. Princeton Student Sued Over Paper on CD Copying
  218. Something wrong?
  219. asbestos diploma mills
  220. Does every state require 18 grad credits to teach a topic?
  221. Science oddity
  222. fake degrees in India
  223. "China's college credentials are losing their value"
  224. most valuable MBAs
  225. Column in Virginia Tech Collegiate Times: Online classes have limited benefits
  226. NY, CA secede; Otto claims crown
  227. New Virus to be aware of
  228. Please destroy or return your copy of my book.
  229. Today's Spam
  230. funniest university names
  231. Seeking some guidance about returning to school...
  232. Final poll
  233. 1996 Republican Primary
  234. Creationism VS. Darwinism
  235. Multi-part time bomb:child psychologist with fake Ph.D. accused of molesting children
  236. how the AMA stopped medical degree mills
  237. Where did Prophetess Juanita Bynum get her Ph.D.?
  238. Higher Ed accreditation in South Africa
  239. Totally Fraudulent University (that's the name), recognized by the United Nations
  240. Higher and higher education
  241. Free Online Course
  242. Jews!
  243. Dean of Oak Brook College of Law
  244. Cheating in America
  245. legitimacy of degree use
  246. Indian-American Rhodes scholar runs for governor
  247. CAIR official pleads guilty!
  248. French anti-seitism? Even the French are stirring...
  249. Why is the US is at war? Because they are at war with us!
  250. Inside Law School Hiring....