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  1. St. Regis Google
  2. No Peace
  3. Ye shall know them by their works...
  4. Finish your dissertation
  5. Any News re: Mark Israel?
  6. Nazis & Republican (Bush) connections...
  7. Al-Qaeda: Canada deserves bombing...
  8. New respect for Pope & RCC
  9. Lynndie England lawyer with Regents College degree
  10. Is Australia really 'downunder'?
  11. Alert: God requires professional credentials
  12. Teaching Methodology
  13. Source of statistics on rise in income commesurate with qualification level
  14. Administrator -- Help!!!
  15. Intersting Spam Article
  16. Rey're Badmouthing My Premier
  17. I've been published!
  18. Fake Indian degrees
  19. Park University - new College for Distance Learning
  20. Ray Lewis graduates from UMUC
  21. Tireman4: your inbox is full
  22. Ann Coulter
  23. How is Mark Isreal?
  24. Degree Info Acronyms
  25. 10 things I didn't know Google could do
  26. John Gambling on phony degrees
  27. Any ties.......
  28. Extreme Urban Exploring
  29. "The Passion of Christ" to be released on DVD/VHS on 31 August
  30. Quebec Chief Justice Admits Courts Re-Creating Canadian Social and Moral Values
  31. Brief report from today's Senate hearing
  32. Double-blind refereeing process
  33. Suggested resources for new adjuncts?
  34. CBS uses the "D" word for Pacific-Western, Columbus and Kensington
  35. NBC "Fleecing of America"
  36. Response Rate
  37. IGNOU takes the world by storm
  38. Degree mills on CBS Evening News (Dan Rather) on Monday
  39. "Poor Wretch" identified, for Collins hearings
  40. BLOCKBUSTER: Blix' men in Saddam's pay-S sent Nuke Sci's to Libya
  41. What are the DL/RA/SA/UA discussion boards out there?
  42. Bush, Iraq, and Vietnam...
  43. De-Nile Moves North: Spain, Europe, and Terrorism After 3/11
  44. Amberton University
  45. The good things about UoP (as promised)
  46. I suck (at math that is)
  47. Update on Union Institute and University
  48. Language skills
  49. Moderators email address?
  50. Yanni receives honorary degree
  51. Pug, Jimmy, Or? on Golden State School of Theology
  52. Thread Closed?
  53. Arcane PhD/JSD discovery
  54. update on my husband
  55. "Tuition Refund Insurance"
  56. If you were a founder of a DL University, What's the school name you like?
  57. Instant Karma's gonna get you
  58. Inside Edition degree mill story Friday May 7th
  59. Senator Collins degree mill hearings: a bit of news
  60. West Virginia University DL student in Saipan
  61. University of Wales faces break-up
  62. Licensure
  63. opinions, please, from our British members
  64. Professional Education Organization International
  65. Graduate Grade Inflation
  66. Free bible examination for an honorary Ph.D.!
  67. Edward R. Murrow
  68. New South African Minister of Education
  69. Chronicle article about online adjuncts
  70. Iraq and The USA Today Poll...
  71. identity thefk
  72. Your very own Real (kinda) Acceptance Letter!
  73. Time Frame on a Phd In History at AMU
  74. A plea from a Marine serving in Iraq
  75. Recent Photos of Ronald Pellar?
  76. German Rev. with ordination and D.D. from the Universal Life Church
  77. Arts defined for teaching certificate
  78. PWU Stipulated Judgement
  79. The Richards Hoyer and Novak, flags, and also wheelchairs
  80. Does anyone here read Al-Jazeera?
  81. Obscurity from The Deccan 27.04.04
  82. Theological question
  83. Office of Personnel Management report on degree mills
  84. Robert Kennedy and Corpedia?
  85. Changes at Harvard
  86. Shill Vs. Troll
  87. Shill Longevity Index
  88. To the Moderator
  89. Several NY Times articles on DL
  90. BC tries to prevent use of religious materials by homeschoolers
  91. Animalia University
  92. FREE college diploma !!!
  93. commencement question
  94. Sex Discrimination in Education
  95. Mark Israel made has reach the 72 hour window!
  96. What is the oldest university in the world?
  97. beyond the pale
  98. Letter of Recommendation
  99. GAO degree mill report may be a time-H-bomb
  100. On Site Day Care
  101. To gain the "voluntary membership"(Accreditation) (Authority: 20 U.S.C.1099b)
  102. Is this ICR degree of any practical use?
  103. Macabre
  104. Salaries
  105. Mark Israel is in the hospital
  106. At UNC-Wilmington students recently learned two things...
  107. I'm a Senior Member Now!!!
  108. Rich's Dissertation
  109. What do you use your PhD/DBA for?
  110. What is a "College and University" ?
  111. Article on grade inflation (NY Times)
  112. DL doctorate in 1893
  113. diploma on the wall
  114. Piping hot, well, you know, from Bethany of Dothan
  115. Listing Credentials?????
  116. Dem foreign policy lacunae...
  117. Why Islam tends towards tryanny, remains brittle, and breaks its people
  118. Iraq news from the inside....
  119. What are you doing with your doctorate
  120. That Clown Douglas and His "Book Report"
  121. The most respected Degrees in the World
  122. John Bear did you get my e-mail?
  123. REAL Bush - War on Terror - humor!
  124. H.R. 25 - The FairTax Act
  125. H-Bomb -- Harvard student sex magazine
  126. Italians
  127. George W Bush or BUG SEWER HOG
  128. Quiz
  129. Public Speaking Training Course
  130. Prof Lee of Tufts on N Korean Nukes, S Korean Anti-Americanism, and China
  131. Bush's Resume
  132. Tuition Reimbursement
  133. Streaming Video of University of London Graduation Ceremony
  134. DL Forum at About.com Dead?
  135. Help! -- Leonard van der Walt is unable to use this forum
  136. John Bear seeks help: Peoples University of the Americas
  137. Requesting Your Help and opinion...
  138. UBC's new residence
  139. Another sign Canada is losing IT! Clamping down free speech and religion...?
  140. Who is AuntJanko?
  141. Sylvan and Liverpool via KIT.
  142. Web-based program calculates effects of an Earth impact
  143. Legally value of Apostilles and Certifications of the US Government
  144. Bill, Janko, Jimmy: You Are Being Placed in Time Out!!
  145. Happy Easter!
  146. Google to allow searching of scholarly materials
  147. Easter Eggs & Loaded Guns
  148. A Response And A Plea
  149. Finally, I can rest easy (Asmal Update)
  150. Whip the bunny?
  151. diploma mill murder case?
  152. Where is Kristie7?
  153. Cambridge University question
  154. FAU dismisses 28 business instructors
  155. unloved?
  156. For Pugbelly
  157. Janko, Gus, and Mark Win!
  158. History Channel and Easter
  159. Attention: Mark Israel
  160. "I can't go there"
  161. Who is Dr. Marianus?
  162. Happy Holy Days
  163. Consumer Science Praxis
  164. Air Cleaners for Breathing Problems
  165. Triduum Blessings
  166. Dr. Rice's Opening Statement
  167. Dissertation availability
  168. Help! -- uncle janko is unable to use this forum
  169. Do Not Buy Panasonic Fax Machines
  170. Hey Unk
  171. "Where is the Muslim Martin Luther King or Martin Luther?"
  172. University of the West
  173. Finally! A degree program I can really sink my teeth into…
  174. Double Standard?
  175. Time bomb in Sacramento: Corrie resigns
  176. A possibly intriguing law suit; research is needed
  177. A possibly intriguing law suit; research is needed
  178. Iraq insurgency-Why Now?
  179. Lesson #10...
  180. What's the largest University in the World?
  181. Amusing spoof (I hope!)
  182. Linda Christas Academic Advisor Scam
  183. Your College Major=How Long You Live?
  184. Open Distance Learning in Africa
  185. 8 months sentence
  186. Navy Commanders to Cast Doubt on Kerry's War Record
  187. Google - University Search
  188. Fallaci says Europe, Catholic Church, are all in deep trouble...
  189. How many Milled Diplomas?
  190. Top 10 signs a teacher isn't as qualified as he or she claims:
  191. Plagiarism is really "self-teaching?"
  192. Democrats are saying "Screw Them."
  193. University of Liberia
  194. Mario Vargas Llosa gets the war on terror right...
  195. POLL: How Important Would You Be if...
  196. In Reverse...
  197. What should a cver letter look like for an Adjunct Position?
  198. A small puzzler for today
  199. Happy Palm Sunday
  200. Is she promoting herself, perhaps?
  201. "THE" Univeristy of ---
  202. Opinions on University of Calgary?
  203. Growing Euro Anti-semitism: Discovered then Covered Up?
  204. I.T. career path question...
  205. Current Military or Veterans?
  206. Five Term Per Year?
  207. Wow!
  208. The correct form (New) to put in a Resume an Undergraduate Technical Certificate
  209. My Mistakes, vol.1
  210. Monash in trouble in South Africa
  211. Road trip - Alan Keyes - Liberty University
  212. What is a 'University College'?
  213. Does Kerry's wife own Heinz 57?
  214. UMassOnline
  215. Distance Credentialed Counselor
  216. Two Schools: One MAJOR Headache
  217. Thailand's Prime Minister is making his daughter work at McDonald's
  218. needaneducation
  219. You Know You Don't Have A Brain When
  220. United Nations Control of the Internet?
  221. Google changes
  222. new one to meObtain degrees from Prestigious Accredited Universities arteriosclerosis
  223. Surprise, surprise: French attorney to defend Hussein
  224. Pronunciation fun
  225. What is the "Religion of Peace" saying in the US?
  226. Sex And The City
  227. TheologyReview.com -- Upgraded!!!
  228. Porn star DL student killed
  229. Degreeinfo = "electronic fight club"??
  230. Ten teachers reprimanded for buying fake degrees.
  231. Attn: Jimmy
  232. Darker shades of Gray
  233. The Passion of Christ revisited
  234. Howard: Peter on Election(a Theology thread)
  235. Cheating shows, and goes.
  236. EU fines microsoft $613 Million
  237. St. Regis University
  238. Criminal Kerry?
  239. To Jimmy: Scriptural shearing and consistency
  240. Political Correctness Gone Astray?
  241. Gmat
  242. The 2000 Orgasm Survey? Economics, law and the game of faking it!
  243. New trend in U.K. examinations
  244. DETC University that offers some course in Spanish?
  245. Commonwealth of Democracies? Organizing out of UN (lengthy)
  246. St. Regis summit: no more diploma mill spams!
  247. The Old Forum
  248. It was all about OIL! UN-Iraq corruption festers...
  249. Forum behavior?
  250. Kennedy-Western students getting federal loans?!?