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  1. Kaplan University
  2. The Aji Network
  3. Power Point
  4. Miss the Concorde? Here Comes Virgin Galactic!
  5. One of the many reasons I am no longer Catholic
  6. Wish Threads Would Be Locked Not Deleted!
  7. Who do you like for music?
  8. Is the Bible inerrant or not to be taken seriously?
  9. Colorado naturopaths split over need for licensing
  10. Crime or Free Speech?
  11. I think I have sunk to a new level...
  12. President For One Day
  13. Do the Lynndie!
  14. Is the Bible the Literal Word of God?
  15. BISTM advertisment in Google
  16. Rockefeller University
  17. House hearings on degree mills today; on C-SPan
  18. Allen Ezell appears before House subcommittee today (live webcast)
  19. John Bear says Ma'a ElSalama for a while
  20. "School Official With Fake License May Have Faked Degrees"
  21. H.R. 4283 - For-Profit Educators' Holy Grail
  22. National Health Service University should learn from the UKeU debacle
  23. South African Higher Education
  24. Novartis AG behind Atkins craze?!?
  25. U.A.E. and fake degrees
  26. Caribbean Nursing: Take Two Stalin Pills...
  27. Unsolved Mysteries
  28. Degree mill episode on 60 Minutes II on Wed. Sept. 29
  29. Poll: MAC Vs. PC
  30. Why was this editor arrested at a baseball game for heckling?
  31. Do some military recruiters lie? Did Seth get a job with the CIA or FBI? Read here.
  32. How Does One Post a Poll?
  33. Doctor of Humanities/Doctor of Letters
  34. Certification Mill or Legit Professional Association?
  35. Wisely
  36. The MILL
  37. Name Your Thread Wisely
  38. Gay or Straight?
  39. Space Race!
  40. Time bomb: Buxton Ph.D. (and 8th grade dropout) in the news.
  41. Need Help - Any Computer Techies out there???
  42. Does bo79 seem preoccupied with a certain issue?
  43. Gay Rabbi Strangled, Dismembered
  44. San Diego School District Sued Over Anti-Gay Shirt
  45. Gay Hate Singers Nominated For Awards
  46. Drag Outlawed At South African Gay Pride
  47. Gays on TV
  48. 4th Canadian Province OKs Gay Marriage
  49. Pastor Challenges Presbyterian Ban On Gay Unions
  50. hate crimes at UCLA
  51. What is your teaching experience?
  52. Suit Seeks To Strike Down Oklahoma Anti-Gay Adoption Law
  53. Yom kippur
  54. Tropical Storm Jeanne changes her mind
  55. Works Cited and APA format
  56. New laws in South Australia to combat credential fraud
  57. The Rhetoric and Rituals of Death
  58. Arizona Regents University
  59. Definition of 'diploma mill' in The Oxford English Dictionary
  60. John Bear has a new affiliation
  61. Resume Question
  62. Boston U. Metropolitan College
  63. Walden purchase completed
  64. Question re NASA TV education programs
  65. Did my previous employer break Libel laws?
  66. Questions for our religious experts...
  67. Would you trust your health to this person?
  68. Tom Head & Ivan
  69. Rosh HaShanah
  70. Is MyMagicDoubler a fraud company
  71. Stop the personal attacks and characterizations now
  72. Getting Ready For Hurricane Ivan!
  73. Response to mrw142
  74. first it was Atlantis, now it's a Wormhole!
  75. UPromise.com and other programs
  76. Falwell says it is heresy to use King James Bible??
  77. Politician Wants "Black" Hurricane Names.
  78. Are we in the US, as a nation, neglecting our gifted youth?
  79. Football Season
  80. What's new?
  81. Help. Life is being ruined by spyware
  82. Almost All Terriorists are Muslim
  83. Couching graduation
  84. For Gregg DesElms
  85. These people got their Doctorate Degree for only $600.00
  86. The Long Island Barbie
  87. My Job Interview with the Secret Service
  88. Degreeinfo listed as link partner at CustomDegrees.com
  89. Adam Smith Statue
  90. Book on American degree mills, 1959
  91. Higher Education in Liberia
  92. Who Needs Harvard?
  93. Ultimate Utility of Nationally Accredited Degrees
  94. More on plagiarism at U. Newcastle
  95. Question?
  96. Research Channel
  97. Foreign students at ZA universities
  98. GRE Psychololgy subject exam- December '04
  99. Dimitri Mitropoulos
  100. For Sale
  101. Free celebrity mailing list
  102. Bible Software
  103. extra Gmail invites
  104. Cops & education
  105. How would you have answered this?
  106. Philosophy - Cicero Roman/Civil Law
  107. question for mods -- avatars
  108. New "political discussions" forum
  109. New Forum???
  110. Job Application
  111. This Hurricane
  112. America's Changing Classrooms
  113. Fake degrees & radiology equipment do not mix!
  114. North Carolina Teaching Certificate
  115. West Virginia job search- marketing
  116. Jobs: Applied Communication
  117. Will being Politically Correct cost us?
  118. Trump University
  119. Globe Tipping - Searching For Cybercafes
  120. SRU-friendly DL forum back on the air
  121. Degreeinformation DL: new forum
  122. What happened on 10/20/03?
  123. degree abbreviations
  124. Putting the Edu back into .edu
  125. Brilliant technological breakthrough from Open University (UK)
  126. New Zealand "degree mill" gets approval to proceed with defamation suit
  127. Thread on Union Disappeared?
  128. Please Say A prayer...
  129. Happy Birthday Jimmy Clifton
  130. High Student Numbers Hit (ZA) Universities
  131. The Romanian Connection
  132. Internet setting question
  133. Amazon sells fake search results
  134. Free!!!!
  135. Exporting America by Lou Dobbs
  136. Free copies of Bears' Guide
  137. A ticking time bomb in Michigan
  138. WWW.IAMSCRUELTY.COM Please boycott Iams!
  139. Need advice to get online adjunct position
  140. University of Nottingham
  141. Recognition of INTI College
  142. Education is the whatchamacallit—the big base thingy under a house
  143. Harvard, Princeton lead rankings of best colleges
  144. 1 in 7 job seekers lie
  145. Business Week on online MBAs
  146. DL for Food Science
  147. DL in British Columbia
  148. "Gold Standard"
  149. Summer puzzler
  150. Group protests U.S. military breast implant policy
  151. Re: DOOM 3 help
  152. Google Goes Public
  153. My kind of bear
  154. Dumb, dumb question!
  155. New H-Net Listserv on South African Higher Education
  156. NPR story on Kennedy-Western this Wednesday evening
  157. 2020 Transcript of Columbia State?
  158. A change of heart!
  159. SUNY-Albany Beats Harvard, Yale, and MIT in Rankings!
  160. University of Illinois online
  161. New law school at Liberty
  162. Getting snagged by a diploma mill.
  163. Gay Police Officers
  164. Post-doc-partum depression
  165. FBI adds Touro College to extortion probe
  166. New Utopia still lives
  167. Screen shot?
  168. Looking at 100 recent message
  169. New Al Gore distance learning school
  170. Offshoring of education to India?
  171. George Brown in the News
  172. gay Olympic athletes
  173. Charley Wreaks Havoc on East Coast
  174. Another unaccredited university to open in CA
  175. President of Florida Atlantic University whines about schools invading his turf
  176. University College Northampton to offer DL MSc in Wastes Management
  177. Southern Baptists (with DL) in South Africa
  178. Taxes
  179. John Kerry Finds His Way To CSUDH
  180. This just in from the drug companies..
  181. Bring back Collegehints!!!
  182. litutgical question for Uncle Janko
  183. Exotic Program? Exotic Animals!
  184. Look at the wacky direction the American PSYCHIATRIC Assoc. is going!
  185. Fort Lauderdale Job Opening for PhD in Criminal Justice
  186. New degree mills
  187. "The candidate with the traditional degree will likely win out"
  188. United Nations to oversee US election
  189. The G.W. Bush Liberry
  190. Theatre Arts
  191. A new meaning to some old phrases
  192. Epistemology of Distance Learning
  193. And how are YOU feeling?
  194. "We are a diploma mill!"
  195. The Economist on fake degrees
  196. CV fraud in South Africa - use polygraph tests?
  197. Covington Theological Seminary
  198. eCornell
  199. Historic New Law
  200. Canadians in Space, eh?
  201. Credit in Canadian colleges
  202. American Psychological Association is officially endorsing same-sex marriage
  203. Yahoo sued over message board posts
  204. Alan Keyes vs. Barack Obama?
  205. Need help with, um, Latin (?)
  206. Alleged CIA assassin with diploma mill degrees
  207. Moody Bible Institute
  208. MESSENGER launches off Titan II
  209. Article on University of Western Cape (S. Africa)
  210. Education does not drive economic growth
  211. University of Santa Barbara
  212. Muslim chaplain seeks discharge -- and a DL degree
  213. Wealth of Each Presidential/Vice-Presidential Candidate
  214. Welcome Back!
  215. Only in America
  216. Saving Humanity from Humanity (humor)
  217. Satire at its best!
  218. Online learning at University of Sydney
  219. Imperial Hubris - finally something that makes sense...
  220. 'Degrees for sale' at UK Universities
  221. Community College jobs.....
  222. Konec!
  223. No Balls
  224. World's Best Superheroes
  225. When A Cesspool Gets Full, It Must Be Cleaned and Pumped
  226. How much did your Masters cost you?
  227. It's Doctor Duck's birthday
  228. UNITRA Graduation (and a bit of South African history)
  229. Florida Baptist Convention
  230. Bill Grover's Semi-Voluntary Disappearance
  231. Surfing degree
  232. The medical dispensation of heroin
  233. Walden awards degrees
  234. "Degree Mill" vs. "Diploma Mill Using Google News
  235. MIA for awhile
  236. Increase in international e-learning students expected
  237. Levicoff Dissertation Available from UMI
  238. Is Google down right now?
  239. Degree/Transcript Wording Paranoia
  240. Britain's "top intellectual" has credential from Universal Life Church!
  241. Paper on AMU at DETC.org regarding faculty
  242. Private note to Bill Grover
  243. Warning!!!
  244. 9/11 Commission Report comes out: Whitepaper of Whitewash?
  245. Fake MBAs in South Africa
  246. Reflective learning: online compared to traditional
  247. Greetings from Zagreb, Croatia
  248. THE Enlightenment Test: Are You a Sheep or Wolf?
  249. Phone # trick.
  250. Zimbabwe's minorities to be resettled in Nigeria