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  1. Dating Update
  2. For the love of God
  3. "Moral Failure of the MBA Elite"
  4. Fully accredited Law School closing
  5. How do I buy a book? How do you buy a book?
  6. course discussion
  7. Follow up inquiry
  8. "Doodling for Academics"
  9. Computer Question
  10. Attention Mods: Broken Link
  11. 20K Drug Convictions Dismissed
  12. How does one deal with an alcoholic?
  13. Reputation Repair
  14. Message from Abner
  15. Australia's New Approach to Bolster Ph.D. Completion Rates
  16. Uselessness of Job Interviews
  17. Thumb on PayScale
  18. The Doors - Waiting for the sun
  19. Business Why 'Shark Tank' investors Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary got in bidding....
  20. When School "Rankings" Become Vanity Awards
  21. DMX - Rough Riders
  22. Stanislav
  23. Maniac -
  24. Chicago mayor: No high school diploma without acceptance letter
  25. Song of the day - Marcha fúnebre - Chopin
  26. Concerns Raised Over NC’s Dual Enrollment Program and Possible Community College Misc
  27. Aggressive Dog rehab
  28. Exorcism
  29. Neil young - old man
  30. The Muslims - Extinction
  31. Hero dog dies tackling female suicide bomber who targeted Nigeria wedding
  32. Police dog enters suspicious vehicle in style ABC News Videos 3 hours ago Comments
  33. Nightmares and Bizarre Dreams
  34. Ghost dog
  35. The Reason This Woman From The Wild West Had A Tattoo On Her Face Is
  36. Is this the cure to cancer?
  37. me again - Please check your pm's
  38. Ameerpet, India’s unofficial IT training hub
  39. Computer Genius Wanted
  40. Going to the movies
  41. Chinese Pop Culture
  42. Song of the day - Requim
  43. Best equation writer for use with MS Worrd 2010
  44. Song of the day - Ain't no grave"
  45. Song of the day - Requim
  46. Crayola Death Panel
  47. John Lee Hooker - Burning Hell
  48. Kizmet - check your mail box
  49. The Silencing of Free Speech on College Campuses
  50. The Snowflake Test
  51. Illegible Mail
  52. Elextra supercar promises 0-62 mph time in under 2.3 seconds
  53. Trying to come to terms with my jury duty gig
  54. The music of the angels
  55. Why a college degree can be a blunt and even lazy way for evaluating talent
  56. Venom from deadly spider could stop stroke brain damage, say scientists - Australia
  57. World Happiness Report
  58. College Classes In Name Only?
  59. Another great one lost: Chuck Berry
  60. Oc waiter fired after asking diners for proof of residency
  61. Question for the computer folks
  62. A song for Saturday - When Kenpo Strikes
  63. Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort wanted for questioning in Ukraine corruptio
  64. White, Irish, and undocumented in America
  65. Thinking of my uncle on St. Paddys day
  66. Song of the day
  67. Corned Beef and Cabbage
  68. Near me. Man, 22 with Aston Martin, alleged Yahoo hacker. Busted!
  69. Video shows passerby shooting Florida deputy's attacker
  70. and in other news
  71. McDonald's employee jumps through drive-through window to rescue unconscious officer
  72. choke outs
  73. A man claimed he stood his ground with a warning shot. A judge revoked his carry perm
  74. Student loan defaults soar as millions miss payments
  75. Prodigy in Russia
  76. Poland confirms 98-year-old Minnesota man was Nazi commander, seeks extradition
  77. Pictures of Anaheim U - and their school van
  78. 03-14-17 is Pi Day
  79. Dog adoption tips
  80. Farmer, 83, weeps as jury clears him of GBH after he was taken to court for shooting
  81. Prayers, thoughts or meditions. Or just wish me luck
  82. The REAL Steve Levicoff???
  83. I'm going to need some cake
  84. Harley-Davidson Introduces New Model – And it's Not a Cruiser!
  85. Manuel Noriega
  86. Phone tap
  87. A seafood company killed a lobster — and was convicted of animal cruelty
  88. It's a beautiful day!
  89. My next DIY project
  90. Senator claims business degree but really has Sizzler certificate
  91. Prodigy - firestarter
  92. How do I italicize?
  93. Any pro wrestling fans on the forum?
  94. For the watch buffs - Self winder - Swiss watch
  95. Game of Thrones actor dies at 37
  96. Home Depot classes kick ass! Free!
  97. How do you bold on this forum?
  98. Pipeline protest leaves freezing puppies behind
  99. Satan smiles like it's funny
  100. International Business Times UK UK World Business Politics Fintech Technology Scienc
  101. Joseph Wapner, star of 'The People's Court,' dead at 97
  102. Man punches a kangaroo in the face to rescue his dog
  103. Boy survives bite from one of deadliest spiders with record antivenom dose
  104. Radiohead - Everything is in it right place
  105. Warning - eye care
  106. France Is Training Eagles to Take Down Terrorist Drones
  107. U.S. Seeing Double? Puppy Born in Shelter Has Bizarre Image of Herself on Left Ear
  108. Blow Up Mathematics
  109. Alan Colmes dies
  110. Fearing "feral hog apocalypse," Texas approves drastic measures
  111. Adulting School
  112. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is 93 today.
  113. Oldie but Good - Spanish Caravan
  114. Ernst and Young drops degree classification threshold for graduate recruitment
  115. Tat care - for the members have them
  116. woman jumps on back of man attacking police officer
  117. In local news
  118. Please help!!!!!!!!
  119. What is the best easiest way to purchase one song?
  120. God's Gonna Cut you Down
  121. Disabled Gulf War Veteran badly beaten - needs money for medical expenses
  122. Are you a terrorist?
  123. Boston Mayoral Contest
  124. Are you college-ready?
  125. Uncle Janko
  126. My sincere apologies
  127. Chicago aquarium euthanizes more than 90-year-old lungfish
  128. It's a sad day
  129. Doomsday Clock
  130. The Lie of Immigration
  131. Management System in Aviation Industry
  132. Bigger’s Better? In Higher Ed’s Amenities Arms Race, Bigger’s Just Bigger!
  133. School and Business
  134. Bad birthday
  135. Quest University, Canada
  136. Oopsie! Department of Education cops to massive math error on student loans
  137. Just another bullshit course
  138. Rhode Island governor looks to give free tuition to all
  139. Happy Birthay, Stonewall Jackson!
  140. Beall's List of Predatory Journals taken offline
  141. RIP Rutgherford Birchard Hayes
  142. Thinking About Law School?
  143. Rich Students Go to Graduate School to Get Richer
  144. Happy Bikrthday, Lerner!
  145. Happy Birthday, Millard Filmore!
  146. Happy Birthday, Richard Nixon!
  147. 1,000 pages detailing the utter havoc ITT wreaked on its students’ lives
  148. Reinventing The Liberal Arts: College In One Year For $5
  149. Reusing CLEP & DSST, NA & RA
  150. The declining productivity of education
  151. Happy Birthday, Andrew Johnson!
  152. George Michael Died
  153. Happy Birthday, Fortunato!
  154. Hidden Figures - the movie
  155. ...Toronto TV host under fire for suggesting Indian female students are promiscuous
  156. Tuition-based tax breaks
  157. Nearly 200 for-profit colleges get over 90% of their funding from the government
  158. Excessive borrowing for college
  159. Internet Slang 2016
  160. Revenge of Analog
  161. When your Social Security check disappears because of an old student loan
  162. Blade Runner 2049
  163. Nuclear War
  164. Coding House
  165. Why even community college is now out of reach for many students
  166. Stupid lawsuit of the day
  167. Beyond Festivus
  168. Columbia Grad Students Unionize
  169. Canadian Prof. Fired for Being (politely) Anti-Abortion
  170. Give them the bird
  171. Drop dead!
  172. SACS is on a roll...
  173. When a University Regent Tries to Blow the Whistle: The Wallace Hall Case
  174. This college president makes 129 times more than...his students earn...
  175. Christmas Gifts
  176. This is stupid
  177. The Voynich Manuscript
  178. The Latest News About Castro
  179. Amateur Radio
  180. World Chess Championships
  181. Happy Thanksgiving
  182. Stupid Question from the Tedmeister?
  183. Blitz
  184. Astroturfing
  185. Happy birthday, cutedeedle!
  186. 1.2 millinewtons per kilowatt
  187. Bigfoot
  188. Fall 2018
  189. Dyson Institute of Technology
  190. Lawyer dies in Tesla crash... (incendiary batteries)
  191. Suffolk University Cries Racism Over Word Usage
  192. A treat to behold.
  193. Hyperwar
  194. My ancient fax machine finally conked out!
  195. Interesting academic head hunter job
  196. Nuremberg Digitized
  197. Just grow up!
  198. A Redskins Coach Exposed His Wiener To Fans When He Whipped It Out To Pee On The Side
  199. Nonsense paper
  200. Silly me
  201. Uncle Steve - - - Kokonut Kapers
  202. Shopping Mall University
  203. Not Fooling Around
  204. From Gurley to Brown
  205. Focus On Reputation/Selectivity Over Earnings/Outcomes Will Render U.S. News Rankings
  206. Cheese Rolling
  207. ExoMars
  208. Asian Association of Open Universities
  209. Is it necessary to lock a discussion
  210. Vandalism: Stray dogs destroy owner's parked car
  211. Yeah, I want one
  212. Uz224
  213. HathiTrust Digital Library
  214. Surnames
  215. Throngs of Penn State students wage massive 'clown hunt' on campus
  216. It's Nobel Prize Season Again
  217. Poor Gorilla’: Teacher’s aide fired for racist Facebook posts about Michelle Obama
  218. Best Universities in USA
  219. Big Brother Is Watching
  220. Martin Shkreli Raffles Off Opportunity to Punch Him in the Face
  221. The Largest Predatory Lender in America
  222. ...Ivy League professor...don’t hire more faculty of color: ‘We don’t want them'
  223. XQ Super School Project
  224. Three-parent baby
  225. Swarthmore student called ‘white b*tch,’ told ‘kill yourself’...
  226. This is IRS
  227. Shooting-People Insurance
  228. Top 100 Breakfast Cereals
  229. Trump To Colleges: Cut Costs, Or Lose Taxpayer Cash
  230. Top 100 TV Shows
  231. Biblical Scroll "Unwrapped"
  232. ‘Dual’ grads find credits won’t transfer (AP & CC)
  233. Higher math: Who needs it?
  234. CAPA Recommendation
  235. University to buy $1 million football scoreboard with thrifty librarian’s money
  236. Reforming Higher Education
  237. Academic Freedom Dying Because Profs Too Scared to Use It: Report
  238. He "clearly . . . needs to go through some type of diversity rehab,"
  239. 9/11 Mattress Commercial is Hilariously Offensive
  240. Steve Martin gets taxing
  241. Cannabis Legalization and Human Resources
  242. Survey DL Student MSs thesis
  243. Creepy Clown from outer space in the woods
  244. At what age are you planning to collect Social Security?
  245. Trump's new Doctor
  246. Woman shoots drone
  247. Doctor to Perform Full Body Transplant
  248. Are they students? Or are they employees? NLRB rules that grad students are ee's
  249. Family of Gun Instructor Slain by 9-Yr-Old Firing Uzi Files Wrongful Death Suit
  250. Hi, I am writing a sitcom type play for work for the 1st time and want advice