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  1. A Bright Future
  2. A Study That's Long Overdue
  3. Found an Interesting Book on the Civil War Today
  4. Happy Birthday, Buckwheat!
  5. Who owns the moon?
  6. Cecil the lion’s son has ‘met the same fate’ — killed in a trophy hunt in Zimbabwe
  7. Comic-Con International
  8. And in current news! Paddle boarder falls off off board, drowns and dies.
  9. Clockwork Orange church scene!
  10. Damn, I can't seem to edit my profile!
  11. The Brown Bomber was a boxer?
  12. Cypress Colllege
  13. My brother finally got hired at Apple!
  14. Party School Professors Need to Show the Way
  15. Apple Hijab emoji
  16. Fake News
  17. OJ Simpson
  18. Maryam Mirzakhani dies at 40
  19. Special Ammo - Boar Buster Bullets - The Wild Boar Business is Booming in Texas
  20. Who is that Man?
  21. Galaxy Magazine
  22. Google's Ethical Issues
  23. Another consequence of rising college costs: Declining homeownership
  24. A New Path To Sainthood
  25. Beam Me UP!
  26. Can you shoot hollow point bullets at a shooting range?
  27. California Bar Examiners Stripped Of Authority To Determine Passing Score On State Ba
  28. Why do I fall for this kind of shit!
  29. The History of =
  30. THE EMAILS: Trump Jr. posts exchange that promised dirt on Clinton from Russian atty
  31. R.E.M. - Orange Crush
  32. Thank you for NOT upgrading!
  33. Woman Who Laughed At Jeff Sessions Could Face Jail Time This Week
  34. Howard Law Professor Guilty of Sexual Harassment Over Test Question
  35. DL Editor job op
  36. Saylor Academy Sidesteps the Evil Duo
  37. One of my wife's favorite Irish songs! Drunken Sailor
  38. The Soggy bottom boys
  39. Devasted! :( Wife's fibroid tumor tested positive for cancer.
  40. Why this Ohio sheriff refuses to let his deputies carry Narcan to reverse overdoses
  41. cash me ousside
  42. So . . .
  43. New baby? This is how much college will cost in 18 years
  44. Happy July 4th
  45. Math story
  46. Liberal arts majors are a dying breed
  47. Understanding the Graduate Admissions Process
  48. Credit where it's due?
  49. Expecting a hassle - new tires and rims
  50. Not a Good Look for Connecticut Higher Ed
  51. Executive Compensation at Private and Public Colleges
  52. For b4cz28 (or any other Bible junkie)
  53. Fake News
  54. Mental Health Problems Rising Among College Students
  55. Hamburg sends home Berlin G20 police over public sex & booze parties
  56. Do Free Speech and Inclusivity Clash?
  57. Anth. Adjunct Opening
  58. 100 year old released from prison
  59. A doctor prescribed so many painkillers, she’s been charged with murdering patients
  60. No pun intended?
  61. A College Built for Canadian Settlers Envisions an Indigenous Future
  62. You can now earn a college degree in social media stardom
  63. Tim Hague dead: UFC fighter turned boxer dies after bout in Canada
  64. Help Requested
  65. Happy Father's Day!
  66. Banh mi for dinner...................
  67. The gypsy Kings
  68. John Lee Hooker
  69. Ted Nugent is toning down his rhetoric
  70. Cosby case ends in mistrial
  71. A Different Ranking
  72. Tangled
  73. Answered and Unanswered Prayer
  74. Question for the females, or anyone I guess
  75. Moody’s downgrades 7 Illinois universities, 5 are junk
  76. Russians spying on u.s. Military personnel are posing as attractive women on facebook
  77. 'He Shooted Her': Dad Kills Daughter While Warning His Kids to Not Play With Guns
  78. Daniel Franco in medically induced coma with brain injury after knockout loss
  79. New Cancer Drug Is So Effective Against Tumors, the FDA Approved It Immediately
  80. F.D.C. Willard
  81. Welcome to Asgardia
  82. Jury awards $6.7 million to woman alleging repeated rapes by guard
  83. Evergreen official asks student vigilantes to stop patrolling campus armed with bats,
  84. Breitbart editor fired for anti-muslim tweets after london attack
  85. Official in Flint resigns after using racial slur to describe residents
  86. New York judge arrested, led from courthouse in handcuffs
  87. Talk dirty to me.
  88. Harvard Revokes Admissions From Students Who Shared Insensitive Memes
  89. Muslims and Latinos unite during Ramadan, breaking fast with tacos at mosques
  90. 2 men force alligator to drink beer - Gator shotgun
  91. RIP Gregg Allman
  92. New Orleans Principal Fired After Video Captures Him Wearing Nazi-Associated Rings
  93. Now this is awesome! 11 year old with awesome feedback for teachers!
  94. Police are advising clowns to stay off the highway -Machetes
  95. Chinese student praises free speech in the U.S., offends China’s communists
  96. Homeless hero helps concert attack victims
  97. Why free college isn’t always free
  98. Adventures of Sheriff Arapaio and Steven Segal
  99. Sheriff Clarke and plagiarized master's thesis
  100. Man castrates transgender woman in her apartment
  101. What could possibly go wrong?
  102. The Dutch Society Against Quackery
  103. Which is your favourite Book or Novels?
  104. Explosives and Beer
  105. Thank you Bruce...
  106. Road Rage
  107. Open Culture - Free stuff
  108. I did NOT attend
  109. Why can't I search for my older posts?
  110. 477,777
  111. International Star Wars Day
  112. and now for something completely different
  113. Fake ID
  114. I'm a new grandpa!
  115. Video: Tough Teacher with a Gentle Heart
  116. $43 Million US cash found in empty Nigerian apartment.
  117. "Gangster" Pastors
  118. FCA Partners With 50 U.S. Schools To Train Service Technicians
  119. Bruce
  120. Dating Update
  121. For the love of God
  122. "Moral Failure of the MBA Elite"
  123. Fully accredited Law School closing
  124. How do I buy a book? How do you buy a book?
  125. course discussion
  126. Follow up inquiry
  127. "Doodling for Academics"
  128. Computer Question
  129. Attention Mods: Broken Link
  130. 20K Drug Convictions Dismissed
  131. How does one deal with an alcoholic?
  132. Reputation Repair
  133. Message from Abner
  134. Australia's New Approach to Bolster Ph.D. Completion Rates
  135. Uselessness of Job Interviews
  136. Thumb on PayScale
  137. The Doors - Waiting for the sun
  138. Business Why 'Shark Tank' investors Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary got in bidding....
  139. When School "Rankings" Become Vanity Awards
  140. DMX - Rough Riders
  141. Stanislav
  142. Maniac -
  143. Chicago mayor: No high school diploma without acceptance letter
  144. Song of the day - Marcha fúnebre - Chopin
  145. Concerns Raised Over NC’s Dual Enrollment Program and Possible Community College Misc
  146. Aggressive Dog rehab
  147. Exorcism
  148. Neil young - old man
  149. The Muslims - Extinction
  150. Hero dog dies tackling female suicide bomber who targeted Nigeria wedding
  151. Police dog enters suspicious vehicle in style ABC News Videos 3 hours ago Comments
  152. Nightmares and Bizarre Dreams
  153. Ghost dog
  154. The Reason This Woman From The Wild West Had A Tattoo On Her Face Is
  155. Is this the cure to cancer?
  156. me again - Please check your pm's
  157. Ameerpet, India’s unofficial IT training hub
  158. Computer Genius Wanted
  159. Going to the movies
  160. Chinese Pop Culture
  161. Song of the day - Requim
  162. Best equation writer for use with MS Worrd 2010
  163. Song of the day - Ain't no grave"
  164. Song of the day - Requim
  165. Crayola Death Panel
  166. John Lee Hooker - Burning Hell
  167. Kizmet - check your mail box
  168. The Silencing of Free Speech on College Campuses
  169. The Snowflake Test
  170. Illegible Mail
  171. Elextra supercar promises 0-62 mph time in under 2.3 seconds
  172. Trying to come to terms with my jury duty gig
  173. The music of the angels
  174. Why a college degree can be a blunt and even lazy way for evaluating talent
  175. Venom from deadly spider could stop stroke brain damage, say scientists - Australia
  176. World Happiness Report
  177. College Classes In Name Only?
  178. Another great one lost: Chuck Berry
  179. Oc waiter fired after asking diners for proof of residency
  180. Question for the computer folks
  181. A song for Saturday - When Kenpo Strikes
  182. Former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort wanted for questioning in Ukraine corruptio
  183. White, Irish, and undocumented in America
  184. Thinking of my uncle on St. Paddys day
  185. Song of the day
  186. Corned Beef and Cabbage
  187. Near me. Man, 22 with Aston Martin, alleged Yahoo hacker. Busted!
  188. Video shows passerby shooting Florida deputy's attacker
  189. and in other news
  190. McDonald's employee jumps through drive-through window to rescue unconscious officer
  191. choke outs
  192. A man claimed he stood his ground with a warning shot. A judge revoked his carry perm
  193. Student loan defaults soar as millions miss payments
  194. Prodigy in Russia
  195. Poland confirms 98-year-old Minnesota man was Nazi commander, seeks extradition
  196. Pictures of Anaheim U - and their school van
  197. 03-14-17 is Pi Day
  198. Dog adoption tips
  199. Farmer, 83, weeps as jury clears him of GBH after he was taken to court for shooting
  200. Prayers, thoughts or meditions. Or just wish me luck
  201. The REAL Steve Levicoff???
  202. I'm going to need some cake
  203. Harley-Davidson Introduces New Model – And it's Not a Cruiser!
  204. Manuel Noriega
  205. Phone tap
  206. A seafood company killed a lobster — and was convicted of animal cruelty
  207. It's a beautiful day!
  208. My next DIY project
  209. Senator claims business degree but really has Sizzler certificate
  210. Prodigy - firestarter
  211. How do I italicize?
  212. Any pro wrestling fans on the forum?
  213. For the watch buffs - Self winder - Swiss watch
  214. Game of Thrones actor dies at 37
  215. Home Depot classes kick ass! Free!
  216. How do you bold on this forum?
  217. Pipeline protest leaves freezing puppies behind
  218. Satan smiles like it's funny
  219. International Business Times UK UK World Business Politics Fintech Technology Scienc
  220. Joseph Wapner, star of 'The People's Court,' dead at 97
  221. Man punches a kangaroo in the face to rescue his dog
  222. Boy survives bite from one of deadliest spiders with record antivenom dose
  223. Radiohead - Everything is in it right place
  224. Warning - eye care
  225. France Is Training Eagles to Take Down Terrorist Drones
  226. U.S. Seeing Double? Puppy Born in Shelter Has Bizarre Image of Herself on Left Ear
  227. Blow Up Mathematics
  228. Alan Colmes dies
  229. Fearing "feral hog apocalypse," Texas approves drastic measures
  230. Adulting School
  231. Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is 93 today.
  232. Oldie but Good - Spanish Caravan
  233. Ernst and Young drops degree classification threshold for graduate recruitment
  234. Tat care - for the members have them
  235. woman jumps on back of man attacking police officer
  236. In local news
  237. Please help!!!!!!!!
  238. What is the best easiest way to purchase one song?
  239. God's Gonna Cut you Down
  240. Disabled Gulf War Veteran badly beaten - needs money for medical expenses
  241. Are you a terrorist?
  242. Boston Mayoral Contest
  243. Are you college-ready?
  244. Uncle Janko
  245. My sincere apologies
  246. Chicago aquarium euthanizes more than 90-year-old lungfish
  247. It's a sad day
  248. Doomsday Clock
  249. The Lie of Immigration
  250. Management System in Aviation Industry