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  1. I Knew a Serial Killer
  2. My Infomercial Rant (& Parody)
  3. Brain Teaser
  4. What the Fu**????
  5. OK, so who here is going to qualify for PhD.ac?
  6. Malet.com Law CD's
  7. this was wild at wal-mart yesterday
  8. Bear's Guide - what a deal!
  9. Not everyone wants or needs to go to college, Ma'am.
  10. Personal book used in SA university
  11. What is being a good teacher / professor?
  12. Advice on conference - should I or shouldn't I?
  13. Dean of Liberal Studies- TESC
  14. What's in a name?
  15. Labor Studies courses- a list?
  16. An interesting search engine
  17. Something John Bear has always yearned for...
  18. Links for University Positions
  19. Sonata University
  20. Article on fake degrees & new polymer technology with George Brown
  21. Eastern American University...?
  22. Longest Time to Senior Member Status
  23. Excellent online resource
  24. Using Female Condoms for Bracelet What do you think ?
  25. attn: Chris Green
  26. Straight prof victimized by gay student" "He needs [to remain] as PC as possible!"
  27. Amid investigation, FIU approves repayment of $11.5 million in grants
  28. Ding dong the witch is gone...
  29. A Ph.D. in video gaming?
  30. FEMA EMI=Occupational Safety
  31. RSS Higher Education News feeds?
  32. The Language of Business Consultants
  33. Tax Time
  34. Making College More Expensive: The Unintended Consequences of Federal Tuition Aid
  35. Robert Kennedy College EMBA validated by the University of Wales
  36. Warning!!! You’re ID and personal information is in danger.
  37. how government is using people as human guinea pigs in deadly experiments
  38. The latest scam emanating (doubtfully) from the UK
  39. At-Home Professions
  40. Fulbright University is now a hot sauce blog!
  41. Breaking News: tenured Prof will soon get fired!
  42. Another shot at Wyoming licensed higher ed providers
  43. Comes now Solsbury University
  44. More ridiculously arcane protocol
  45. The Power of the Survival Instinct
  46. KW - Help
  47. Headhunters for entry level positions
  48. Somerset University--questions from John Bear
  49. University of Bolton
  50. CSU Hayward is History
  51. a little lawyer humor
  52. Diploma presentation to prospective employer
  53. Would You Return Your Degree for a Refund?
  54. IT Cert Salary Study
  55. Mich. to grade essays via computer
  56. SEC Drops Corinthian Colleges Probe
  57. In occultation
  58. The Super Bowl
  59. can't reply to your PM
  60. Fewer A's at Princeton this year
  61. The Best Of The Worst First Date
  62. School loses accreditation 3 days before semester starts....
  63. New University of Phoenix campus in Palm Springs area
  64. Seeking ideas on incentive prize/ gift to maximise response rate
  65. Thinking about relocating from Detroit to Atlanta, any advice?
  66. I knew I should have been a librarian...
  67. web design templates seen in different places
  68. Attn: Aussies/Kiwis, I need help!
  69. Federal Agencies Filled With Holders of Store Bought Diplomas
  70. Homosexuals and Christians....
  71. UK launches register of bona fide providers
  72. Buna seara, comrades
  73. Widener University catalog 1997
  74. Goatbag clip art
  75. Fired coach with Lacrosse degree makes a comeback
  76. Conman with Columbia State University degree
  77. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  78. One more Go at Policy...
  79. Goodbye Degreeoftruth, hello HigherEd Consulting
  80. Levicoff's books
  81. Dr. Philip's newsletter
  82. Your choice of degree may determine your life expectancy
  83. Taser Video (enclosed)
  84. I need your help riding the Houston MS150
  85. Something really funny from India
  86. How does an MBA help in a career ?
  87. Request for Finance assistance
  88. Does membership have its privileges?
  89. Prof with 3 doctorates falls for Nigerian scam
  90. Dr. Eugene Scott
  91. Cal Coast's New 35 Day Residency Requirement??
  92. Completion rates for PhD not good in the UK
  93. Rats are Smarter than Me
  94. How on earth (?) did we miss this?
  95. AACSB Search Page
  96. New - Accredited Food
  97. That thing of the wall does not stop to illuminates
  98. jobs in Raleigh, NC
  99. I am sick of tsunami charities!
  100. Happy Birthday, Elvis!
  101. Mexican guide on how to enter the U.S. illegally
  102. RA schools not accepting RA transfer credits
  103. NJEA spokesman calls UOP a diploma mill
  104. New head of Homeland Security
  105. DL truck driving course
  106. The Heritage Registry of Who's Who ??
  107. Posthumous Presidential Pardon due
  108. U S News on degree mills, next week
  109. Why almost company list on stock exchange had register in state of delaware?
  110. Has the UN outlived it's usefulness?
  111. Crabb-y but funny
  112. Respect University
  113. Ripoff report on Maxine Asher and WAUC/ American World University
  114. Book Review
  115. PDA's?
  116. 4 Gmail invitations
  117. Grand PhD in Europe (Belgium)?
  118. Interesting classical music article
  119. Using multiple library files in Endnote - is it advisable?
  120. Question for Bill Grover and Unk
  121. 2005
  122. Search engine woes
  123. Happy New Year! Please Look...
  124. Happy New Year!
  125. Next thing you will know is a dog with a Dogtorate in Dogmatism
  126. News on Google Scholar
  127. PM MainTenance Time
  128. College Bowls and the BCS
  129. New Year Honour For Duck-nut
  130. Distance Learning-Britain-Open U & benifits of Imperial College MSc discussed...
  131. FreeDegreeInfo.com
  132. At Age 84, African Grandfather Begins School
  133. New here :)
  134. DETC is accepted by police agencies...
  135. Having trouble with my search engine on here...
  136. Sympathy to countries hit by earthquake
  137. Queen's University of Brighton and honourary doctorate issue
  138. Report on historically black colleges....
  139. Report on historically black colleges....
  140. Covering all the bases, or should I say "baseline"
  141. Merry Christmas!
  142. Victimhoodies Anonymous
  143. Christian Charity and Criticism of Christian Schools
  144. Merry Christmas Everybody!!!
  145. www.scholar.google.com
  146. Merry Christmas!
  147. ADD / ADHD / Dyslexia - Exams and Schools
  148. 656th
  149. Question for adjuncts...
  150. Degree Mills book by Ezell and Bear available now
  151. Where's Rich Been?
  152. Logged Out
  153. FoxNews CEO Roger Ailes on J-Schools...
  154. Thank you to the moderators
  155. Interview about portfolios
  156. A warning to diploma mills setting up in tax havens
  157. Question for Business Law Experts.
  158. Donald Trump and The Apprentice 2 finally was a big joke.
  159. Send lawyers guns and money, or maybe just lawyers.
  160. Google creating huge online library
  161. Luck is truly with the Irish
  162. Cat awarded MBA...Trinity Sued!!!!!
  163. Problem accessing main DL forum
  164. Hilarious
  165. Castr(o)ation Complex: Cuba vs. North Carpathia!
  166. need help with my survey
  167. disagreement= academic fraud ?
  168. Free tuition for employees
  169. Can a non-RA PhD be earned in one year
  170. Thousands of Australians lie...
  171. MBA "by correspondence" from University of Southern California
  172. Question for NT Greek scholars
  173. Bernard Kerik
  174. Small sports cars
  175. Yet another damning story on Buxton University
  176. Canadian Immigration News
  177. Barrera-Morales fight
  178. Comes now Bishop Beaver College
  179. Fall Puzzler
  180. Incoming freshmen vs professors
  181. I thought some of you might enjoy
  182. Article by John Kersey on Private Universities-Knightbridge, Anstead, Adam Smith etc
  183. Letter To America From Marines From Iraq!
  184. 1958 High School Dropout Earns Doctorate
  185. Hospital Euthanizing Babies
  186. Dissertation "passed."
  187. Do you teach DL courses? We need your input!
  188. Young America’s Foundation Top Ten Conservative Colleges
  189. Tony Robbins, etc...
  190. I Did It!!!
  191. Tom Brokaw of NBC Nightly News.
  192. A fork in the road
  193. Implementation ideas for starting a non-profit/affordable University
  194. World-renowned British university for sale on eBay
  195. How did medical doctors get the title 'Dr'?
  196. Is Morris Brown College Still Operating
  197. Here's (possibly) a REALLY REALLY naughty thing!
  198. Contreras essay in Chronicle of Higher Education
  199. Excuse for plagiarism: no time to do own work
  200. Cheating at USC
  201. Silly acronym question: MS vs. MSc
  202. Open University of California
  203. A Thanksgiving Message
  204. Map Blast
  205. Ten top spammers
  206. Denominational leader killed in auto accident
  207. Democrats need a Religious Left
  208. Scratch that Itch
  209. Need Suggestions on Genesis Resource
  210. Check this out for an innovative URL - www.edu-gov.com
  211. Why, why, why????
  212. Yearly fraction of US degrees that come from diploma mills
  213. Desperately seeking a book!
  214. Australia reviews the definition of a 'university' and 'operating'.
  215. The "er" connection!!
  216. Veterans
  217. Big Uncle Janko !
  218. To Uncle Janko...
  219. An Inquiry about Educational Level & the Use of Expletives
  220. Concordia C&U fakes up a DegreeInfo ad
  221. My COSC Essay
  222. Steve Spurrier going to South Carolina?
  223. Good University is really a DIPLOMA MILL
  224. DeVry and other for-profit
  225. The Racist Left
  226. Spell-check for posters on the politics forum where I don't post anymore
  227. engineering Vs technology
  228. Nigeria's first President - DL student at LaSalle (Chicago)
  229. I need Math help!
  230. Arnold vs Hillary in 2008? What kind of man is Arnold?
  231. Who's in charge here? A very embarrassing moment over at J. Crabb's forum
  232. X-43 flight today
  233. Top military-friendly employers
  234. Don't mess aroun' with Condi Rice....
  235. Marketing advice sought by John Bear for our Degree Mills book
  236. Course description for Emergency Management Technical Writing
  237. Philler Space University
  238. Leaving US for Canada, wil they take you?
  239. Peterson verdict today
  240. Today's Bible Verse
  241. India to crack down on 'less-than-wonderfuls'
  242. College course in writing recipes
  243. Justice!!!!!
  244. My first post!
  245. Paramount University??
  246. 60 Minutes degree mill episode scheduled for Wed. the 10th
  247. Fake or truly fake?
  248. Guys with Earrings
  249. PROOF: AIU's Reps ARE Salespeople
  250. Cambridge State University moves to Mississippi