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  1. Happy Birthday, Nosborne!
  2. I STRONGLY recommend this book!
  3. Swift Eagle relations
  4. "I am well educated." says George Weah
  5. A boxing thread
  6. It's the "world's biggest distance learning university" and I'd never heard of it!!
  7. International Travel??
  8. Dave Wagner is RIGHT!
  9. Farewell, Golden Bear
  10. J. K. Rowling's disappearing honorary degree
  11. 15,000 jobs lost!
  12. Empirical studies outlining reasons for non-traditional route?
  13. Biblical scroll fragments found
  14. No Child Left Behind appears successful
  15. Degree Mills and Memorabilia
  16. Happy Birthday, Tom Head!
  17. Six Health Threats Men Cannot Ignore
  18. Comes now Oaklands University, a new phony
  19. List of flagship state universities and their satelites...
  20. Missing word in BSO's Miranda warning allows accused killers to go free
  21. Summer Puzzler. Perhaps an intriguing one.
  22. Just Wanted to Complain About Online Education
  23. http://dlsii.com/
  24. PM cleaned out
  25. DBA - Ph.D initials OK?
  26. Hurricane Dennis
  27. Questions for current Army personnel on the board
  28. Condolences to our Brit posters...
  29. DANTES consumer alert
  30. Let’s talk Bible – Deuterocanonicals
  31. Dr. Greg Cynaumon
  32. Happy Birthday, Coach Turner!
  33. Sound of Freedom
  34. Phony degrees for sale
  35. American Hero
  36. Comes now Sovereignty University (aka Sovereigns)
  37. Scottish Food News: Haggis Causes International Incident
  38. Updated Oregon legislation passed last Friday
  39. A conversation with some Australian educators...
  40. Joyriding Engineers Crash Spacecraft Into Comet!
  41. Best way to tap into home equity
  42. Current US States where use of an unaccredited degree is illegal
  43. Something good in Liberia: Nimba County scholarships
  44. Perspectives Wanted: MBA, MS or PhD?
  45. Your Ultimate Road Trip CD
  46. July 4th
  47. [i]Not[/i] the summer puzzler. Oogie-wawa.
  48. To our Canadian posters
  49. Is E-Learning right for you? Find out.
  50. Here's one we haven't heard of...
  51. Linda Christas
  52. Why is everyone looking for the "easy" way?
  53. Question for Christian theologians
  54. Grace Abounding
  55. A History of Bear's/Bears' Guide
  56. Everybody talks about the weather...
  57. To Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse
  58. To all Lutherans: gnesio-, semi-, ex-, and wannabes
  59. USVI schools in accred., money trouble
  60. South African research boom proposed
  61. Who is : Mr Jon Patrick Anderson?
  62. Prep materail for Certified Associate in Project Management
  63. Gregg L. DesElms
  64. Bible Hoax Website
  65. Happy Birthday Rich
  66. Religious colleges
  67. Plagiarism Uproar at College of the Bahamas
  68. Southern Baptists Mix Gospel With Rodeo
  69. Can anyone else NOT stand Nancy Grace?
  70. BOOM! TV reality show star's lies catch up
  71. Anybody Ever Run Across Fred Phelps?
  72. Please Don't Kick My Butt, Abner!
  73. "Year of our Lord"?
  74. Comes now Continental Academy
  75. How did you know which career was "THE ONE"?
  76. WASC revoke accreditation of Compton College, California
  77. I took my dad to go see Cinderella Man for Fathers Day
  78. teaching
  79. MSNBC Names California Coast University as an Unaccredited School
  80. Iraq withdrawal timetable?
  81. Schiavo Spin Doesn't Wash
  82. Ted, empty your mailbox
  83. What is everyone doing for Father's day?
  84. Another thing you can do with a D.Litt.
  85. A database of all US or maybe even english-language publications?
  86. Transcripted in toto
  87. Schiavo Autopsy Released
  88. Spring puzzler
  89. A mathematical problem ....
  90. Junk Food Ban at Alabama Schools?
  91. 60 Minutes plans to rerun degree mill segment 6/15
  92. You've heard of St Regis University, right?
  93. Update on Cal State doctorates
  94. News from Spokane?
  95. Curious about whether Touro features its Jewishness in student recruiting
  96. Second degree in same subject + another BA/BS
  97. What will the jury declare?
  98. Science in the Arab world
  99. World's biggest hacker held
  100. Interesting article on the influence of foreign law on U.S. Courts.
  101. Army: Looser rules could attract up to 600 new officers
  102. Martin Luther King plagiarised half of his doctoral dissertation!
  103. The Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Century!
  104. Interesting article
  105. No e-mail notifications?
  106. New look website for University of London
  107. Early Diploma Mill Story
  108. The difference between BA, MA, PhD
  109. Mad at Richie Cunningham
  110. Get a Fegree [sic] Now!
  111. Apple to switch Mac to INTEL CPU
  112. Journal Article
  113. Stanford's Community College Job Search Guide
  114. Parents Help Kids Get the Beat
  115. Search Function and School Search not Functioning
  116. Noseglasses in Disguise of Academic Freedom...
  117. Need to require higher standards of accreditors
  118. Union bashing article - Orange County Register
  119. John Bear asks for help in learning more about American Int'l Development Council
  120. Civil War Soldier's Ashes Go Home After 85 Years
  121. Alabama Camp Provides Uniquely Intense History Lessons
  122. Viagra Causes Blindness
  123. Kansas Activists Ban the 20th Century from History Textbooks
  124. Two ZA Higher Ed Stories
  125. Aurora pop-ups
  126. Show I list my CCU degree on an application for an adjunct position at an RA school?
  127. Drug Companies Control Study Results of Many US Medical Schools
  128. What Do You Look Like? Occupation?
  129. Working Man
  130. Interesting conversation I had on the plane today
  131. All sin equal?
  132. U.S. Mints Coin to Honor Marine Corps
  133. Murdoch's Season In The Sun: #1 Tv, Movie, Cable News, Paper
  134. Schools told to hold Constitution Day
  135. Email Notification Working?
  136. Frank Sublett and the Golden Thirteen
  137. Pre-Bachelor Course in Geneva, Switzerland.
  138. Has anyone heard of the homing pigeon experiment
  139. Serious Problems with Northcentral University
  140. working for APUS/AMU
  141. How do you do it? (DL Ph.D)
  142. Th.M. / M.Th. / S.T.M. : What's the dif?
  143. Writers block, Help
  144. Community college and bachelor's
  145. Suumer flower
  146. Army recruiter tells unqualified applicant to get a fake diploma so he can enlist
  147. More anti corruption action in Liberia
  148. American Voices: From the Writers' Project
  149. Would you hire someone with a degree from a mill?
  150. News from South Africa
  151. Asia-Pacific business schools form association - the 'highest' accrediting agency????
  152. anyone have used istudysmart CLEP materials for sale?
  153. GMAT or GRE?
  154. Is the US Internet infrastructure outdated?
  155. Another ACICS Doctoral Pilot: Northwestern Polytechnic University
  156. Class of 2005 looks back on 9/11
  157. Please check my grammar
  158. How do you study?
  159. 1972 Olympics Terrorist Attack
  160. Brenden Tempest Mogg's PhD thesis was about Warnborough College (University)
  161. ISP fees
  162. Department of perfect names::
  163. Tuck student markets flesh-flavored tofu on website
  164. What's your favorite Star Trek series?
  165. Three denominations agree to share sacrament
  166. Question About Doctoral Robes
  167. Dean of School of Behavioral Sciences gets canned?
  168. What Have You Been Reading Lately?
  169. Most doctoral degrees
  170. Census: More degrees equal bigger bucks
  171. Who has the Ugliest Academic regalia?
  172. May 2 at 5:43 AM
  173. The new leaders in business – graduates with degrees in religion.
  174. Some questions about master's
  175. Proud Papa Praises Progeny. Pivotal 'postrophe.
  176. Time bomb at the James Beard Foundation
  177. Details on publication cited in this forum?
  178. Is it just me...
  179. John Bear vs. Neil Hayes, Round 2
  180. ATTN: Chris Green
  181. DL Masters in Education
  182. Time to let go
  183. Folding@Home?
  184. Mixed integers for dinner anyone?
  185. Anyone interested in a joint paper submission for abuse on DI, DB & Jamestown?
  186. Let workdegree.com do the work for you!!!
  187. John Bear's response to Neil Hayes
  188. Degree on resume question..
  189. Thoughts on UK quality control
  190. 5 Year Old Cuffed, Arrested
  191. Maze Smart or Darwinian Fubar?
  192. Excelsior MBA - ACE graduate credits
  193. Africa Bible College
  194. Pesach
  195. Locating graduation photos from the 20s and 30s
  196. Shafted by Shaftesbury
  197. Will it ever end???
  198. In defense of cheating
  199. Movie - Twilight Samurai
  200. Does your DL school exist?
  201. Honorable Discharge
  202. Stats problem -- suggestions..
  203. Climbing Kilimanjaro in Nov...any takers?
  204. "Cheyenne Police Chief Got Degree from Diploma Mill"
  205. Comparisions Between Catholic and Protestant Faiths
  206. Website Clock
  207. Just a quick math question...
  208. Question regarding conduct
  209. Just wanted to verify
  210. Is "Who's Who" Legit?
  211. L'osservatore Romano dumped as Vatican newspaper...
  212. Average salaries per annum for your bachelor's degree
  213. Heuristics Problem
  214. what's this got to with it?
  215. Lean (manufacturing) operations
  216. Chaos Strikes again!
  217. Changes in Tenure laws
  218. Readerships
  219. Linear programming is tough! :o/
  220. Passport-with quickness
  221. Clueless in Wyoming
  222. SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator
  223. Got my first B+
  224. Unusual College Names (Seeking YOUR Input)
  225. So... What are YOU researching?
  226. Readers Digest weighs in on degree mills
  227. Neil Thomas Christian University
  228. Which brand of paint is better?
  229. Please Read1111111
  230. Calling all Accounting/Finance gurus ...
  231. Spring Puzzler
  232. years it takes to graduate for traditional students
  233. Incandescent like a meteor
  234. A flying fraud through a roiling dolenut
  235. A Genuine College Degree in 2 Weeks!
  236. Accrediting happiness
  237. Private Messages
  238. Site slow and unresponsive ...
  239. Law school rankings and tuition costs
  240. For those of you critical of the quality of Aussie offshore university provision.....
  241. Liberia's Education System in Shambles
  242. How to google a public figure's academis history?
  243. internationalstudent.com
  244. First Female Boxer Dies in Ring--Had Ph.D.
  245. How Bout Them Tar Heels?
  246. How's your 'ring', Sheila???
  247. USIS offers 'DipScan' as service for employment screening
  248. Quantitative Analysis - Linear programming
  249. Flocking to Robert de Sorbon
  250. What Allen Ezell, George Gollin and I did last Tuesday