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  1. Lean (manufacturing) operations
  2. Chaos Strikes again!
  3. Changes in Tenure laws
  4. Readerships
  5. Linear programming is tough! :o/
  6. Passport-with quickness
  7. Clueless in Wyoming
  8. SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator
  9. Got my first B+
  10. Unusual College Names (Seeking YOUR Input)
  11. So... What are YOU researching?
  12. Readers Digest weighs in on degree mills
  13. Neil Thomas Christian University
  14. Which brand of paint is better?
  15. Please Read1111111
  16. Calling all Accounting/Finance gurus ...
  17. Spring Puzzler
  18. years it takes to graduate for traditional students
  19. Incandescent like a meteor
  20. A flying fraud through a roiling dolenut
  21. A Genuine College Degree in 2 Weeks!
  22. Accrediting happiness
  23. Private Messages
  24. Site slow and unresponsive ...
  25. Law school rankings and tuition costs
  26. For those of you critical of the quality of Aussie offshore university provision.....
  27. Liberia's Education System in Shambles
  28. How to google a public figure's academis history?
  29. internationalstudent.com
  30. First Female Boxer Dies in Ring--Had Ph.D.
  31. How Bout Them Tar Heels?
  32. How's your 'ring', Sheila???
  33. USIS offers 'DipScan' as service for employment screening
  34. Quantitative Analysis - Linear programming
  35. Flocking to Robert de Sorbon
  36. What Allen Ezell, George Gollin and I did last Tuesday
  37. I Ching good translation?
  38. George Brown is a 'higher education security expert'
  39. Pope John Paul II Has Passed
  40. Finding Classes With Class
  41. Century University Obtains RA Candidacy
  42. Educators divided over national database
  43. High court rules telecommuter living out of state owes full New York taxes
  44. Feverishly working ourselves out of a home?
  45. Teachers Own Up In Fake Degree Fraud
  46. Word Processing Question
  47. Cooking with the unexpected
  48. It's official - Edenvale University IS part of the UDP scam
  49. Ethnic cleansing myth
  50. Degree Mills attack DegreeInfo.com
  51. Interesting article from the Economist
  52. Black, Asian women with degrees earn more than white women
  53. One Journey ends, another begins
  54. Time to get published
  55. Easter Wishes
  56. Robots Invade San Francisco!
  57. Another new domain name for the mills to milk
  58. Virginia Law Review - online
  59. Getting a US visa
  60. Hiding to get an education
  61. Philosophers take note: this is what Nietzsche called "Ressentiment" (milled fine)
  62. Career Field
  63. Brainbench Int'l Competition
  64. identity theft
  65. New Jersey Commission on Higher Education - Diploma Mills Federal and State Resources
  66. Scott Peterson's fake degrees?
  67. A pastor dealt a heavy blow
  68. Problems at Durban Inst. of Technology
  69. Problems at the University of Zululand
  70. Typoglycemia
  71. Dexter
  72. Edenvale University - UK and global?
  73. Question for Dr Jeff Wooller re the Institute of Professional Managers, Australia
  74. try drudge
  75. Need internet savy search!
  76. Newborn baby needs a name.
  77. Looking For Some Advice!
  78. Robert Blake found not guilty!
  79. New fuel cell motorcycle is 'too quiet'
  80. DegreeInfo meetup in South Florida?
  81. The Ed.D. a "lightweight" degree per USA Today.
  82. OP/Ed piece from USA today
  83. "No confidence" in Harvard Prez Summers-what next?
  84. Aussies fake it
  85. Did Jesus Really Exist?
  86. Terrorism class as a business major?
  87. Fun with Gizoogle - Bush's Message to Iraqi People
  88. Happy Birthday Dr. John Bear!
  89. Intellectual Christian Community
  90. What states prohibit diploma mills?
  91. Citation/Format: Nigeria, UK, Oz, SA ?
  92. Conversation taped by student-ILLEGAL?
  93. Computer monitor question
  94. Subservient chicken
  95. IT consulting in DC
  96. King of Shame-A letter to the King of Swaziland in Southern Africa
  97. New NASA chief
  98. Florida Proposes a 2 cent Tax on Toilet Paper
  99. Defending Life Experience Degrees
  100. Smoking guns: what do you think?
  101. Power of Curtain Rods & Fishbowls
  102. Doctor of Liberal Studies
  103. Tick tick tick...boom!!!
  104. Now who do you think this could be?
  105. Wyoming Board of Regents Achieves USDOE Recognition!
  106. Breyer State Licensed By Alabama.... AGAIN!
  107. New & would like to meet people.
  108. Interesting development in EU free speech law
  109. If Financial aid doesn't cover your tution
  110. Still Fewer Foreigners Applying to American Graduate Schools
  111. 134 convicts pass away as a consequence of a fire
  112. Re-launch of USA Education website
  113. Sites for Classroom Grants
  114. Is anyone going to take MGT5005 at Northcentral?
  115. A degree through life-experience acquired during a past life
  116. four more posts!
  117. A new Ashford University
  118. Advice for women who want to be scientists...
  119. Oh boy; a direct accusation
  120. The Sea Inside (Spanish Oscar winning movie)
  121. More problems posting.
  122. Does anyone know anything about comic books?
  123. What is an acronym... I mean, really?
  124. House flipping
  125. Is Southern University an HBCU?
  126. What's Going On Here?
  127. Multiple Personalities
  128. International accreditation and sundry info
  129. Academy of International Collegiate Business Education
  130. Same Exact Program: One Accredited/One Not
  131. National Tech Univ. Merges With Walden U
  132. LLMs and JDs - Best Single Intro to US Law?
  133. Buying a Car....
  134. Is this site experiencing technical difficulty?
  135. Where do you keep your diplomas?
  136. An ABA Law School That Isn't RA?
  137. Loretta Young
  138. 'For Novely Purposes Only'
  139. California State University Doctorates ... (Again)
  140. D-Q University loses regional accreditation
  141. Dr. Bear's Degree Validation Service???
  142. Course descriptions
  143. I Knew a Serial Killer
  144. My Infomercial Rant (& Parody)
  145. Brain Teaser
  146. What the Fu**????
  147. OK, so who here is going to qualify for PhD.ac?
  148. Malet.com Law CD's
  149. this was wild at wal-mart yesterday
  150. Bear's Guide - what a deal!
  151. Not everyone wants or needs to go to college, Ma'am.
  152. Personal book used in SA university
  153. What is being a good teacher / professor?
  154. Advice on conference - should I or shouldn't I?
  155. Dean of Liberal Studies- TESC
  156. What's in a name?
  157. Labor Studies courses- a list?
  158. An interesting search engine
  159. Something John Bear has always yearned for...
  160. Links for University Positions
  161. Sonata University
  162. Article on fake degrees & new polymer technology with George Brown
  163. Eastern American University...?
  164. Longest Time to Senior Member Status
  165. Excellent online resource
  166. Using Female Condoms for Bracelet What do you think ?
  167. attn: Chris Green
  168. Straight prof victimized by gay student" "He needs [to remain] as PC as possible!"
  169. Amid investigation, FIU approves repayment of $11.5 million in grants
  170. Ding dong the witch is gone...
  171. A Ph.D. in video gaming?
  172. FEMA EMI=Occupational Safety
  173. RSS Higher Education News feeds?
  174. The Language of Business Consultants
  175. Tax Time
  176. Making College More Expensive: The Unintended Consequences of Federal Tuition Aid
  177. Robert Kennedy College EMBA validated by the University of Wales
  178. Warning!!! You’re ID and personal information is in danger.
  179. how government is using people as human guinea pigs in deadly experiments
  180. The latest scam emanating (doubtfully) from the UK
  181. At-Home Professions
  182. Fulbright University is now a hot sauce blog!
  183. Breaking News: tenured Prof will soon get fired!
  184. Another shot at Wyoming licensed higher ed providers
  185. Comes now Solsbury University
  186. More ridiculously arcane protocol
  187. The Power of the Survival Instinct
  188. KW - Help
  189. Headhunters for entry level positions
  190. Somerset University--questions from John Bear
  191. University of Bolton
  192. CSU Hayward is History
  193. a little lawyer humor
  194. Diploma presentation to prospective employer
  195. Would You Return Your Degree for a Refund?
  196. IT Cert Salary Study
  197. Mich. to grade essays via computer
  198. SEC Drops Corinthian Colleges Probe
  199. In occultation
  200. The Super Bowl
  201. can't reply to your PM
  202. Fewer A's at Princeton this year
  203. The Best Of The Worst First Date
  204. School loses accreditation 3 days before semester starts....
  205. New University of Phoenix campus in Palm Springs area
  206. Seeking ideas on incentive prize/ gift to maximise response rate
  207. Thinking about relocating from Detroit to Atlanta, any advice?
  208. I knew I should have been a librarian...
  209. web design templates seen in different places
  210. Attn: Aussies/Kiwis, I need help!
  211. Federal Agencies Filled With Holders of Store Bought Diplomas
  212. Homosexuals and Christians....
  213. UK launches register of bona fide providers
  214. Buna seara, comrades
  215. Widener University catalog 1997
  216. Goatbag clip art
  217. Fired coach with Lacrosse degree makes a comeback
  218. Conman with Columbia State University degree
  219. Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  220. One more Go at Policy...
  221. Goodbye Degreeoftruth, hello HigherEd Consulting
  222. Levicoff's books
  223. Dr. Philip's newsletter
  224. Your choice of degree may determine your life expectancy
  225. Taser Video (enclosed)
  226. I need your help riding the Houston MS150
  227. Something really funny from India
  228. How does an MBA help in a career ?
  229. Request for Finance assistance
  230. Does membership have its privileges?
  231. Prof with 3 doctorates falls for Nigerian scam
  232. Dr. Eugene Scott
  233. Cal Coast's New 35 Day Residency Requirement??
  234. Completion rates for PhD not good in the UK
  235. Rats are Smarter than Me
  236. How on earth (?) did we miss this?
  237. AACSB Search Page
  238. New - Accredited Food
  239. That thing of the wall does not stop to illuminates
  240. jobs in Raleigh, NC
  241. I am sick of tsunami charities!
  242. Happy Birthday, Elvis!
  243. Mexican guide on how to enter the U.S. illegally
  244. RA schools not accepting RA transfer credits
  245. NJEA spokesman calls UOP a diploma mill
  246. New head of Homeland Security
  247. DL truck driving course
  248. The Heritage Registry of Who's Who ??
  249. Posthumous Presidential Pardon due
  250. U S News on degree mills, next week