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  1. University of California Sued Over Creationism
  2. Serious question for theologians of all traditions
  3. Locksmith Certificates Help "Unlock" the Mysteries of Theology?
  4. Just read funniest post ever- Posted by dcv on Pat Robertson Assasin. Thread
  5. Israel v Palestine: NYTimes fabricates Condi Rice quote...
  6. "My dad died in Iraq!" - University paper hoaxed by 8 year old!
  7. Iraq war opinion - function of media/second-hand bias?
  8. Pat Robertson's Age Defying Shake
  9. Vista College is looking for a new name
  10. Sociology: how Left universities will snatch the future from the Right!
  11. Canada-US-divided more so this time?
  12. Lance Armstrong
  13. Very interesting article about JFK
  14. John 3:16 questions
  15. Happy Birthday Jimmy
  16. Retirement at 70
  17. Bird flu kills - science on warpath and why y
  18. Robertson apologizes
  19. Missing Forum Highlights
  20. Where's Dr. Grover?
  21. Top 100 songs in the year you were born
  22. AH HA!! J.D. vs. Ph.D.? A BLOW for TRUTH!
  23. It's Little League World Series time again!
  24. Pat Robertson wants US to assissinate Chavez
  25. Question for the attorneys - real estate fraud?
  26. 20,000 threads as of today... er... well... now 20,001
  27. Time bomb on silly reality show
  28. "Adam Smith's Lost Legacy"
  29. anyone taught English in China ??
  30. Text books in the news
  31. Grease Fueled Cars
  32. Happy Birthday, C. D. Hale!
  33. Teaching Resources
  34. First Confucius Institute in Germany
  35. China Ready To Authenticate All Foreign Degrees
  36. Capital Pacific University
  37. Daydreaming about Jobs
  38. Why Do People Without Kids Talk Incessantly Aboput Their Dogs?
  39. Lions protect girl
  40. More students go hysterical
  41. [Florida Memorial] University Workers Changed Grades For Sex, Cash
  42. PHC - Introducing the Legatio Online Newsletter
  43. My Corporation's Horror Story
  44. Ph.D.s in America on the decline
  45. Virus Prompts Microsoft to Organize "War Rooms"
  46. Global Warming Signs
  47. Conference: Advancing the Effectiveness and Sustainability of Open Education
  48. US citizen only schools?
  49. Los Angeles Times article on Fred Brito
  50. Current TV
  51. Soka University Skips Candidacy, Becomes RA
  52. Touro Las Vegas
  53. National Park Service Warns of Bear Attacks
  54. Interesting.. Google maps
  55. Looking for a Marketing Company
  56. Another denomination takes a stand
  57. .... and they thought AIU was a mill.
  58. Chaplain for the Department of Corrections
  59. An unheard of accelerated program.
  60. Trusts and wills
  61. Ten least and most expensive colleges
  62. Lerner is actually at least two people
  63. Pda
  64. Oldest Monk Cell Found in Egypt
  65. Education equality calls for quality education
  66. AECC takes strong stand on ministerial ethics
  67. Kommt jetzt Universität Zug Schweiz
  68. Restricted Access
  69. ECLA votes on gay issues
  70. Challenge Vader
  71. The breath of freedom
  72. How Rich Are You?
  73. 8 arrested for selling diplomas in Indonesia
  74. iPODs
  75. August 11: a really good day in the fight against the bad guys.
  76. Can the government watch you take a shower?
  77. TMJ- Way off topic
  78. fave poetry thread
  79. Ouch -- now I have a big bruise :(
  80. Article on South African Board Schools
  81. The Origin of Doctors
  82. Third Year of Law School
  83. brought back down to earth...
  84. Is Iran Next?
  85. AIU/CTU Online Modality
  86. International Confucius Award Established
  87. Pick yer poison! Where would you rather live?
  88. Peter Jennings
  89. Anyone remember Lawrene France?
  90. Unk Janko
  91. British Robot Saves Russian Submarine
  92. Email notifications
  93. Humorous Webpage
  94. Federal judge in Miami rejects Miranda warning used by Homeland Security
  95. Hymnals or no?
  96. Are we in another Vietnam?
  97. Fake Indian universities
  98. Taking a test for a job.
  99. Fake, replica degree websites
  100. Prestigious Not-RA Degrees
  101. Australian International University
  102. Truth in advertising?
  103. Happy Birthday, Wolfman!
  104. New Congregationalist hymnal
  105. NASA Spacewalk Images
  106. A Project For The Biblical Scholars Amongst US
  107. Time bomb in south Florida: senior firefighter
  108. Comes now Miranda International University
  109. Comes now Standford University
  110. Getting into the software engineering field
  111. An economics query
  112. Why do so many U.S. schools target Asia?
  113. Dr Neil Hayes' Birthday!
  114. Whereabouts of Dr. Spiro Prepostorious?
  115. IRA ends armed campaign
  116. Rankings of Universities
  117. Iran Executes Two Homosexual Boys
  118. JW's, blood, and harmful religious extremism...
  119. Mill Journals?
  120. Hot
  121. Extremist Religions and Personal Damage
  122. Shuttle
  123. Comes now Barbara Brennan School of Healing; hands on healing at a distance
  124. My visit to San Francisco International University
  125. any tablet pc users on degreeinfo?
  126. Stand on the Word of God
  127. Publshings and CV
  128. Article on Career Education Co.: "The School That Skipped Ethics Class"
  129. Hi from Chengdu
  130. Confucius Institutes
  131. Quantum Mechanics
  132. Blog
  133. Stroke Help
  134. Happy Birthday, Buckwheat!
  135. World Flu Pandemic
  136. Coursework US model and thesis only model PhD comes together
  137. Happy Birthday, Nosborne!
  138. I STRONGLY recommend this book!
  139. Swift Eagle relations
  140. "I am well educated." says George Weah
  141. A boxing thread
  142. It's the "world's biggest distance learning university" and I'd never heard of it!!
  143. International Travel??
  144. Dave Wagner is RIGHT!
  145. Farewell, Golden Bear
  146. J. K. Rowling's disappearing honorary degree
  147. 15,000 jobs lost!
  148. Empirical studies outlining reasons for non-traditional route?
  149. Biblical scroll fragments found
  150. No Child Left Behind appears successful
  151. Degree Mills and Memorabilia
  152. Happy Birthday, Tom Head!
  153. Six Health Threats Men Cannot Ignore
  154. Comes now Oaklands University, a new phony
  155. List of flagship state universities and their satelites...
  156. Missing word in BSO's Miranda warning allows accused killers to go free
  157. Summer Puzzler. Perhaps an intriguing one.
  158. Just Wanted to Complain About Online Education
  159. http://dlsii.com/
  160. PM cleaned out
  161. DBA - Ph.D initials OK?
  162. Hurricane Dennis
  163. Questions for current Army personnel on the board
  164. Condolences to our Brit posters...
  165. DANTES consumer alert
  166. Let’s talk Bible – Deuterocanonicals
  167. Dr. Greg Cynaumon
  168. Happy Birthday, Coach Turner!
  169. Sound of Freedom
  170. Phony degrees for sale
  171. American Hero
  172. Comes now Sovereignty University (aka Sovereigns)
  173. Scottish Food News: Haggis Causes International Incident
  174. Updated Oregon legislation passed last Friday
  175. A conversation with some Australian educators...
  176. Joyriding Engineers Crash Spacecraft Into Comet!
  177. Best way to tap into home equity
  178. Current US States where use of an unaccredited degree is illegal
  179. Something good in Liberia: Nimba County scholarships
  180. Perspectives Wanted: MBA, MS or PhD?
  181. Your Ultimate Road Trip CD
  182. July 4th
  183. [i]Not[/i] the summer puzzler. Oogie-wawa.
  184. To our Canadian posters
  185. Is E-Learning right for you? Find out.
  186. Here's one we haven't heard of...
  187. Linda Christas
  188. Why is everyone looking for the "easy" way?
  189. Question for Christian theologians
  190. Grace Abounding
  191. A History of Bear's/Bears' Guide
  192. Everybody talks about the weather...
  193. To Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse
  194. To all Lutherans: gnesio-, semi-, ex-, and wannabes
  195. USVI schools in accred., money trouble
  196. South African research boom proposed
  197. Who is : Mr Jon Patrick Anderson?
  198. Prep materail for Certified Associate in Project Management
  199. Gregg L. DesElms
  200. Bible Hoax Website
  201. Happy Birthday Rich
  202. Religious colleges
  203. Plagiarism Uproar at College of the Bahamas
  204. Southern Baptists Mix Gospel With Rodeo
  205. Can anyone else NOT stand Nancy Grace?
  206. BOOM! TV reality show star's lies catch up
  207. Anybody Ever Run Across Fred Phelps?
  208. Please Don't Kick My Butt, Abner!
  209. "Year of our Lord"?
  210. Comes now Continental Academy
  211. How did you know which career was "THE ONE"?
  212. WASC revoke accreditation of Compton College, California
  213. I took my dad to go see Cinderella Man for Fathers Day
  214. teaching
  215. MSNBC Names California Coast University as an Unaccredited School
  216. Iraq withdrawal timetable?
  217. Schiavo Spin Doesn't Wash
  218. Ted, empty your mailbox
  219. What is everyone doing for Father's day?
  220. Another thing you can do with a D.Litt.
  221. A database of all US or maybe even english-language publications?
  222. Transcripted in toto
  223. Schiavo Autopsy Released
  224. Spring puzzler
  225. A mathematical problem ....
  226. Junk Food Ban at Alabama Schools?
  227. 60 Minutes plans to rerun degree mill segment 6/15
  228. You've heard of St Regis University, right?
  229. Update on Cal State doctorates
  230. News from Spokane?
  231. Curious about whether Touro features its Jewishness in student recruiting
  232. Second degree in same subject + another BA/BS
  233. What will the jury declare?
  234. Science in the Arab world
  235. World's biggest hacker held
  236. Interesting article on the influence of foreign law on U.S. Courts.
  237. Army: Looser rules could attract up to 600 new officers
  238. Martin Luther King plagiarised half of his doctoral dissertation!
  239. The Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Century!
  240. Interesting article
  241. No e-mail notifications?
  242. New look website for University of London
  243. Early Diploma Mill Story
  244. The difference between BA, MA, PhD
  245. Mad at Richie Cunningham
  246. Get a Fegree [sic] Now!
  247. Apple to switch Mac to INTEL CPU
  248. Journal Article
  249. Stanford's Community College Job Search Guide
  250. Parents Help Kids Get the Beat