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  1. The cost of a J.D. degree and what to do about it
  2. Alleged Diploma Mill list
  3. Safe Harbor?
  4. Humpty Dumpty
  5. Problems
  6. Post by a banned guy re: controversy
  7. Communicating with John Bear
  8. Washington, D.C. area get together
  9. Why the magilla?
  10. Reporter tries to file report :-)
  11. I wonder?
  12. Data exchange standards for banking?
  13. Ich kann nicht anders...
  14. Deeply shocked and saddened, redux.
  15. Which religion is the right one for you?
  16. People who live in glass houses...
  17. The current controversy
  18. Article on Degree Mill presence in the UK, quoting George B.
  19. Moderator resignations
  20. Poor AACROA Service
  21. Happy Birthday Learner!
  22. Dr. Bill Grover, where are you man? Its been two months now.......
  23. Wheaton College prof fired for converting
  24. Eid Mubarak!
  25. Dick Nixon's 93rd
  26. In box cleared
  27. Tom Head
  28. Grim question
  29. Annoying someone via the Internet is now a federal crime
  30. Not to stir up hornets' nest but ........
  31. My Condolences
  32. Modern Reformation magazine
  33. Language barrier in teaching
  34. Interview Complete
  35. Employment Conondrum
  36. Earned doctorate at age 106
  37. Countin' churches...
  38. Your PC may be at serious risk!
  39. Heriot Watt Tackles the Tough Questions of Fashion and Women's 'Bums'
  40. High school essays.
  41. Law Enforcement Accreditation
  42. losing my senority
  43. Free $45 pass to MacWorld Expo next week
  44. Enrolled: Penn Foster's Spanish Program
  45. Teaching community college
  46. Degreeinfo on the PSP
  47. Remembering........
  48. Mediocre intellects trying to make up for intellectual deficiencies
  49. Australia's evolution from elite higher ed to mass higher ed
  50. Lawrie Miller needed for a question
  51. Happy Birthday, Mr. Engineer!
  52. Studying in a IR/PA degree
  53. 39 Birthdays Today???
  54. A prosperous 2006 to you all!
  55. Academic Inquiry
  56. New member
  57. Merry New Years!
  58. Burying the hatchet
  59. Internet DL Integration and Education Obsolescence
  60. Pack of Angry Chihuahuas Attack Police Officer
  61. America’s Most Bizarre and Politically Correct College Courses
  62. No more BS please…
  63. New Years Resolutions?
  64. Top Ten "Most Interesting" Threads of 2005??
  65. Politically correct buying
  66. Customer sat question
  67. Drive lettering
  68. What are the hot topics to teach?
  69. Happy New Year!
  70. What will happen in 2006?
  71. What makes food stamps different from schooling?
  72. Legal/Ethical question
  73. Another California ABA law school on probation!
  74. College Degrees via eBay
  75. School names
  76. Temporary Staff Agency
  77. Season's greetings .... from around the world!
  78. Took the GRE today!
  79. CE credits for Corrections/cheap
  80. Possible Recession and the Inverse Yield Curve
  81. Difference between MHSA and MHCA
  82. Should the Federalist Papers be used in court decisions?
  83. I hate Mondays…
  84. Bin Laden's niece poses for GQ
  85. Henry Odera Oruka of blessed memory
  86. question for Gregg or anyone else regarding lap tops
  87. Secret to Nat'l Wealth? Intangibles like human capital and education
  88. College Graduate Reading Levels Falling
  89. Blog question
  90. How can the "most users ever on line" decline from 170 last May to 80?
  91. Portfolio needed
  92. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah (I am not p****d)
  93. The world's first university
  94. Does Canadian higher ed get no respect?
  95. Domain Registration
  96. Did anyone hear of "JOB BANK"?
  97. Embassy CES?
  98. MilitaryForums.com domain has expired
  99. So Where Is Our Future?
  100. Any One Work With Comptia?
  101. What faculty do all day
  102. You know - I am pissed
  103. Amazing…
  104. She found her Master's degree in a trash can
  105. Missing/ Dead Instructor
  106. How Green is my bounty?
  107. Who's Who in Australia entry for Dr Walsh of Brannagh
  108. 1.27 million students register for grad school entrance exam
  109. ABC special on the afterlife
  110. Being a student with depression...
  111. What is a Tat? (a worthy separate topic, maybe for a diss)
  112. Send Your Family a Christmas Card this Christmas
  113. Send the American Family Association a Christmas Card
  114. Not just big oil...
  115. 7 Foot, 323-pounder new WBA champ!
  116. 14 PhD applicants expelled
  117. Send the ACLU a Christmas Card
  118. When to and not to use your title Dr.
  119. Anyone have experience with a career/life coach?
  120. goodbye Off-topic
  121. Oh -- what a fun day
  122. Everquest 2
  123. The shame (or sham) of college sports
  124. A little Christmas satire
  125. Latin translation needed
  126. Students sue for tuition parity with California illegals
  127. Kiswahili & Microsoft
  128. How to become a law professor
  129. Scholarly Activity?
  130. google search help
  131. Facebook
  132. I will Graduate Dec. 17th, 2005
  133. Depressing article about LL.M. degrees
  134. For our math aficionados
  135. Professor William Chow: The Lost Interview
  136. Are A and U nearby on your keyboards?
  137. Truth or Consequences in Cosmic New Mexico
  138. Degree mill segment on Fox News Tuesday; DegreeInfo may be mentioned
  139. Richard Pryor
  140. California Governor Denies Clemency
  141. Fake or Real Christmas Tree
  142. Moving to Washington, D.C. area!
  143. BS in the Bible
  144. Great site with fantastic links!
  145. The $225M typo
  146. Great-grandmother gets master's degree at age 90
  147. Uncle clean your box again please
  148. Uncle
  149. Online French-language encyclopedia/news
  150. Tulane University announced plans Thursday to lay off about 230 faculty members
  151. Clean Out Mailboxes
  152. Nazi Computer Virus To Hit On Jan. 5th
  153. Kid busted for Speaking Spanish?
  154. A Christmas Story...
  155. signature test
  156. What is it about this Forum?
  157. Little ISU beat IU in Basketball
  158. Midnight musings on buying empty airline seats
  159. How did medical practioners get the title 'Dr'?
  160. Dean of Stanford Law School (and just about everyone else) flunks California Bar
  161. Professional terminology
  162. AACRAO is Stumped With My Review.
  163. Teach part-time as a university instructor via the Internet
  164. Do you want to be a Community College President?
  165. John Silber on USN&WR Rankings
  166. Hoyer seeks a piece of Bear's action; new edition slated for early 2006
  167. Free theology journal
  168. A message that counts...
  169. An example of the living constitution at its best
  170. World AIDS Day
  171. Declining Salvation Army donations.....
  172. Bush's plan for Iraq
  173. Will this win the war against terror?
  174. Liberty University Law School ABA site visit
  175. Holliday Wackiness
  176. Finally Made it .. Thanks Degreeinfo.
  177. This Is Something Worth While
  178. how do i....
  179. What degree are you most proud?
  180. BC gives Dr. Bear a new name
  181. If you had for own school what would your curriculum consist of?
  182. Do you know what might happen if you do many scratches? Funny stuff :))
  183. Leftover turkey storage
  184. $399 correspondence high school diploma helped college players qualify
  185. Anonymous Cowards Make Me Sick
  186. Biography clerical error
  187. Where did Denis Waitley get his PhD?
  188. Kabbalah.com mystery
  189. Associate Professor title
  190. Why American universities will lead the world
  191. Happy Thanksgiving!
  192. One Thousandth Post!
  193. Naval War College Graduates First Command Master Chiefs
  194. Degree advice - Review of life experience degrees
  195. **Pinned** Posting rules for Degreeinfo
  196. Neo-Nazi Groups Conduct Public Protest
  197. De Good Nyews Bout Translayshun...
  198. Am I the only one who doesn't get Statistics?
  199. Will he request assistance to die?
  200. Fall Puzzler
  201. The New White Flight
  202. John L. Lewis said it best
  203. Is 'tapspring' a word?
  204. Happy Birthday, Bink Wile!
  205. Control of the Internet and the Fear of the world.
  206. Apologies to All
  207. "The Demotivators"
  208. The Smithsonian Takes a stand
  209. Very Cool Website
  210. Higher education resource site
  211. China Will Vaccinate 14 Billion Farm Birds
  212. Bizarre image of #2 in eye of Hurricane Katrina? Weird!
  213. Universal Soldier movie in real life? Weird news story
  214. Statistics on Credentials Fraud?
  215. Computer Security Question for Gregg
  216. NCU students – I have an idea
  217. Writing Novels and Screenplays ?
  218. Happy Birthday, Adrienne Reynolds!
  219. Uh oh, it's Silly Saturday
  220. Trouble in the Episcopal Church
  221. Does a DBA matter?
  222. Army Humor
  223. Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary
  224. Query: PDF Compressor (freeware)
  225. Grammar question
  226. United States Marine Corps
  227. University of Nigeria
  228. What Motivates US Foreign Policy?
  229. 20th Birthday for crazie8chck
  230. Price gouging or fair pricing?
  231. Kansas votes ID-ology not biology
  232. How political is academia?
  233. 'Go to hell' Mugabe tells US ambassador
  234. QuinnTylerJackson's singnature seal???
  235. I gotta get outta here
  236. Throw Paper - Lunchtime game
  237. Catholic-Lutheran dialogue
  238. Recognized Foreign Transcript Evaluators
  239. Increasing Relaince on Contract labour in Higher Education
  240. Armageddon Church Found In A Prison
  241. Callahan's Crosstime Saloon?
  242. Theft of My Dissertation--2 Years Later
  243. Happy Birthday, McDirector!
  244. A note to Quinn Tyler Jackson
  245. UNC Details Past Slavery Ties
  246. Inbox problems re-PM messages
  247. Another time bomb goes off...
  248. 'PhD' Prisoner Accused Of Running Bogus Business
  249. Why do you visit this site?
  250. Detecting Tutor's Hand in Applicant's Essay