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  1. Is my training in South Africa equivalent to an A level in the UK?
  2. Bs, ms & mba....
  3. Questioning the quality of online classes without tests.
  4. Part Time PhD in Management / Economics
  5. Another Open University (UK) Question
  6. How can I finish? 170 + credit hours, no Bachelor's degree.
  7. Another Degree Mill: International American University
  8. Northeastern university VS university of Maryland university college
  9. NationsU Masters of Religious Studies Program
  10. Free online APA checker?
  11. Online language learning
  12. Citation Management Software, Spellcheck Software
  13. Online Educational Badges (instead of degrees)
  14. Gmat
  15. University of New York in Prague (US or foreign degree)?
  16. Best BS and MS programs in Computer Science/Software Engineering?
  17. Defending Online Learning
  18. Trident University International - Safe.
  19. Quick TESC question
  20. Webster University's MA in HRD versus Clemson University's MHRD
  21. Thomas M Cooley Law School
  22. PennFoster or Ashworh Bachelor Degree? which is valueable in Canada?
  23. Credit Transfter to PennFoster Bachelor and than to Big3 for RA Bachelor, possible?
  24. Autism career training through dl
  25. Your own, personal degree mill!!
  26. TESC questions: math requirement, AAS in ESST, BSBA
  27. "free" PHD by publication
  28. Ph.D. Criminal Justice- Nova Southeastern
  29. University of Southampton - Stats and Demography Masters
  30. University of Sheffield - Health/Social Research Masters
  31. National University Masters - Exam heavy or writing heavy?
  32. Texas Tech Offers New Doctoral Program
  33. US BA degree rate passes milestone
  34. Online Masters from a top German University in English
  35. Apprehension About Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration
  36. Looking for advice on which college to finish degree with (Ashford, CSU-Global, TESC)
  37. Poseidon International University
  38. Cheapest MBA Top Up Programme
  39. Master's in Chaplaincy Studies
  40. Bias against online learning: The Enemy Within?
  41. 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free
  42. Free video language courses from the Beeb
  43. Any Recommendations for an Online American Government Course at a Good Price?
  44. Final "prestige" question, I promise.....
  45. Certificate in mathematics?
  46. $3000/yr PD what to do?
  47. (University of Maryland University College) Doctor of Management
  48. Thinking about NCU
  49. MSc Integrative Ecosocial Design from Gaia University
  50. Possible to study a PhD and undergraduate Law concurrently?
  51. Stupid Question of the Week: Is Charter Oak Really a State College?
  52. How lenient are state schools with the GRE?
  53. ProctorU costs?
  54. University of Portsmouth
  55. Electrician training via distance learning?
  56. universities offering PhD DL OR Online programs for me
  57. Master in Logistics/Supply Chain Management
  58. Second year of phd worse than your first?
  59. Global DL market to reach $107 Billion by 2015
  60. Ph.D. Classical Civilizations?
  61. What do you plan to do with your Interdisciplinary Bachelors/Masters?
  62. Brandeis- Be Careful if you Leave and Want to Come Back
  63. 300 Years of Distance Learning
  64. Anyone have problems with admin at Grand Canyon?
  65. Educational field- Any evolving new careers?
  66. Masters in International Economic Development
  67. PhD by distance --in general
  68. Cheapest MBA Degree
  69. Proctor U Question - Any Feedback?
  70. Organizational Leadership degree
  71. MIS Graduate Classes
  72. Free Tuition, or Eliminating Program?
  73. Regis University or National University for BS/MS in Computer Science?
  74. The London School of Orthodox Christian Studies
  75. Prior Learning Assessment Question
  76. Studying at ECU
  77. Looking for a 300 level online business law course
  78. List of Universities Degree without boundaries
  79. Dakota State vs Nova Southeastern: ScD or PhD?
  80. Master's degree in Geography - distance
  81. Do you really need a college degree?
  82. Sue Your School if You Can't Get a Job!
  83. Times Higher Education posts article highly critical of US For Profit Universities
  84. Please help me decide
  85. Kaplan or Iowa
  86. Graduate Certificate in Criminal Justice
  87. Online MBA degree
  88. Confused about what to choose!
  89. Certificate in Financial Planning
  90. DETC giveth and (maybe) taketh away.
  91. NKU no longer offering online MAIS
  92. Free online Hypnosis course
  93. Questiions to those studding in UNISA or other Sa Uni's (honors degree)
  94. Baker's Guide to Christian Online Learning
  95. Interesting 1920s journal about diploma mills in California during the 1920s
  96. Ivy League (and more) online
  97. Yale offering online credit courses again this summer
  98. North Dakota university awarded hundreds of unearned degrees
  99. Thomas Edison State CollegeDiploma Mill??
  100. Straighterline Biology with lab
  101. Dickinson State University awarded unearned degrees
  102. State university classified as diploma mill
  103. State approval for distance learning programs
  104. ATS changes in the near future for accredited M.Div programs
  105. Help in selecting a school for Bachelors degree.
  106. NCU Dissertations
  107. I need help from two people with a doctorate in education.
  108. Troy University CS Bachelors
  109. Master's Degree program without due dates?
  110. Charge with harrasement
  111. Ph.D. at California Coast University?
  112. Google Scholarship for Veterans
  113. Fort hayes or Wayne State Nebraska
  114. Taking DSST Civil War and Reconstruction this week!
  115. Ashford and tax deduction
  116. Distance Learning in Phillipines
  117. International Business School of Scandinavia
  118. Doctorate from NCU
  119. Doctorate in Science or Science Education?
  120. College rankings
  121. Grand Canyon University reputation
  122. M.Sc in Accounting for 5K from northampton
  123. DL University from Ireland. Accredited?
  124. Amberton - M.S. in Family Studies vs. M.A. in Professional Development
  125. Change.edu' and the Problem With For-Profits
  126. Registration process -UNISA(UNI of SouthAfrica)
  127. Why are college costs rising? Is it due to the government?
  128. MTH & DTH By Thesis
  129. What are your perceptions on WNMU?
  130. No placement testing?
  131. Northeastern, Norwich, or BU online masters
  132. Status of WNMU's graduate in-state tuition rate for 6 or fewer credits
  133. Amberton University's M.S. in Family Studies - how "Christian" is it?
  134. Online Ombudsman for MBA program
  135. Why Go To College At All?
  136. Poor Economy = DL Growth
  137. Seeking Advice
  138. Journalism Classes
  139. Getting published!
  140. NCCA is it an accredited degree?
  141. Library Science via dl
  142. Testing opportunities for Financial Acct I and II
  143. FHSU no longer accepts Straighterline's College Algebra
  144. Cheap 1-yr RA MBA/mgmt/leadership w/ papers instead of exams
  145. George Brown college?
  146. Questions and looking for advice/guidance
  147. Wgu mba?
  148. Searching And Searching but no progress.
  149. Free Bachelor's Degree from Antioch College
  150. Undergrad degree that could qualify for a masters in mechanical engineering..
  151. I am a Bear's Guide newbie with lofty goals
  152. How do online exams work at Nova, Capitol and Regis?
  153. Advice on getting Bachelors quick and cheap.
  154. Concordia offering a one year online scholarship for educators
  155. johnnybg banned
  156. Poor performance in college
  157. Unaccredited Masters in Theology
  158. So I signed up at Stanford
  159. DETC- anyone optimistic that one will obtain RA approval
  160. Work Groups Can Make You Stupid
  161. Peace Corps, Master's, just trying to work out life
  162. Algebra Help
  163. Excelsior's 10k Degree
  164. Depression coming? Might put off doctorate for a year or two.
  165. And... another "threat of the week", again from Euclid. Slightly more literate.
  166. credentials for free online study-Washington Post
  167. 18 graduate hrs-cert.
  168. Capella University announces 13 New Educational Offerings
  169. looking for intermediate algebra course
  170. Parks and Recreation
  171. Instant help needed re Trinidad, Calif.
  172. Would you go for it !!! please advise me
  173. Open University UK
  174. I finished & got my DIPLOMA IN the mail
  175. Not All College Majors Are Created Equal
  176. Want to keep your mind sharp as you move through middle age?
  177. APA approved PhD or PsyD programs
  178. German Graduate schools with low tuition
  179. Health Mgmt
  180. Masters Degree for LPCC in California
  181. Top lawmaker pushes for online only university
  182. For those that started at WNMU...
  183. Andrew Jackson University transfer credit
  184. Penn Foster Electronics technician?
  185. Brandeis MS ITM vs CMU MS ITM
  186. Loyola teams up with Concord Law School
  187. Not DL related by nice to see: UCL 7th in WORLD
  188. About getting a PMP: Best study resources, and what to expect?
  189. Does ALEKS and FEMA transfer in to other schools other than the Big 3
  190. Sigma Beta Delta International Business Honor Society??
  191. Threat of the week from... Euclid University. And it's not even literate :)
  192. Graduate CFP Programs?
  193. Beware of Fake Dr. Theresa M. Kelly Scam Artist and her bogus "university"
  194. MBA Writing skills not up to speed?
  195. I know Liberty will allow Bachlors holders of Nations University to enter their Semin
  196. Brandeis vs Purdue MS in Project Management
  197. DBA Strategic Management Course Online for Transfer Credit
  198. Thousands of DL students expelled; degrees to be revoked
  199. Most affordable online RA accredited MBA degrees.
  200. Eventual death of online only schools?
  201. Excelsior College
  202. Sofia University to expand its DL offerings
  203. What platform does WNMU use?
  204. Okay, here is my deal,
  205. University Of Atlanta, my current degree, and future degree... can you help steer me?
  206. Tuition Free PHD in Education
  207. Ocean Seminary College
  208. TESC - Masters in Appied Science and Technology
  209. New TESC masters degree in Applied Science & Technology
  210. boston university or rice university
  211. american opportunity tax credit question
  212. Online program dipoma that looks the same as if you attended on location
  213. GI Bill Approved Distance PhD UK
  214. U.S. News' Sizes Up Online-Degree Programs, Without Specifying Which Is No. 1
  215. Distance learning by spiders!
  216. Is this the best Route? Some input please
  217. Excelsior Degree Conferral
  218. Doctorate in business
  219. Online Masters Degree in Art History?
  220. Looking at getting my undergrad from either PFC, NCU or CCC... advice?
  221. Quick Grad Credits in Sociology and/or Psychology
  222. Dissertation Topic Suggestions/Advice?
  223. Inexpensive Nationally Accredited Bible College
  224. University of Alabama - Graduate Cert in Environmental Health & Safety Management
  225. Weekend CLEP Test Question - Please, it's urgent
  226. Some Religious Colleges/Universities Lower Tuition
  227. The true value of a degree from a lower tier school?!
  228. Northcentral is a top school among the best 12000 of the world
  229. Enroll anytime help
  230. Denominations that would accept a Liberty MDiv
  231. Amberton University
  232. College Algebra
  233. Safety Degrees
  234. English 1A class asap holding me back....
  235. Help me find school !! DBA ,D.M ,Ph.d
  236. PhD in Psychology from Grand Canyon University (GCU)
  237. MIT Will Offer Certificates to Outside Students in Online Courses
  238. Free or Low Cost OSHA Training
  239. Distance PHD's or Eed's
  240. Taking The Plunge!
  241. Csu hux
  242. CSU Negotiation, Conflict Resolution & Peace Building
  243. Newbie agonizing over DE MEd degree
  244. This has probably already been posted BUT! (positive DL article from US World Report)
  245. Dissertation Topics Suggestions?
  246. Greetings, Friends
  247. Help me pick a program - Student Affairs/College Counseing/Academic Advising?
  248. Penn Fosters Occupational Therapy Aide program
  249. The Best, Most Affordable, and from a school that has been around teaching an MPH pro
  250. Tennessee Temple University's TTU was led astray by Lovett et al