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Over just the last year, Americans have radically changed their media consuming habits, abandoning TV news in favor of online sources, a trend that could have the internet as the nation's No. 1 news provider in a year.

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Online news set to top TV next year, already has for under-50 crowd
As promised and predicted:

The alt.left MSM (TV and print media) will not be able to keep up with the inexpensive explosion in "internet information transfers." The alt.left MSM is a dead political platform, although alt.left executives still haven't figured it out yet because they have so much money invested in outdated media platforms that are not yielding a financial harvest. Alt.left executives are still hoping for a yield on their dead investments. However, the alt.left MSM platform (and messaging) is rotten fruit that is hanging from a dead tree.

Duopoly of Internet Information-Control:

There is now an alt.left push to control the information-flow on the internet via juggernauts such as Google, Facebook and other internet giants. There is currently an alt.left duopoly of internet control (one step up from a monopoly). It is similar to monopolies that Congress had to break-up in the 20th Century. Similarly, the internet-duopoly must be legislatively broken up by Congress. That's the next battle-for-control that will be vigorously fought over the next decade.

Should an alt.left internet duopoly be allowed via Google and Facebook?