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    Thumbs down CNN commentator calls MLK niece a "TOKEN BLACK WOMAN"'

    Quote Originally Posted by Cortney O'Brien
    CNN commentator Keith Boykin said "Dr. Martin Luther King's niece (Alveda King) is just a token black woman."

    CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill called Trump's visitors "mediocre negroes."

    CNN commentators are not being condemned for their intolerant and racist comments.

    In news appearances, Alveda King commended President Trump for his "compassion" and "brilliance," while crediting him with helping civil rights. King is currently a:
    - civil rights activist
    - public speaker
    - author
    - pro-life advocate
    Full story:
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    Very telling.

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    Again, if a black American dares to step off the Democrat plantation, they face the full wrath of the "compassionate" and "tolerant" left, particularly the propaganda wing of the Democrat party that are currently trying to pass themselves off as news outlets.
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