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    Thumbs down The MSM media bubble is worse than you think

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Shafer and Tucker Doherty

    The newspaper industry has jettisoned hundreds of jobs, due to falling advertising revenues. Dailies have shrunk sections, pages and features; some have retreated from daily publication; hundreds have closed. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

    1990: Daily and weekly newspaper publishers employed about 455,000 reporters, clerks, salespeople, designers and the like.

    2017 (January): That workforce had more than halved to 173,900. Those losses were felt in almost every region of the country.

    As newspapers have dwindled, internet publishers have added employees at a bracing clip. According to BLS data, a startling boom in “internet publishing and broadcasting” jobs has taken place: Since January 2008, internet publishing has grown from 77,900 jobs to 206,700 in January 2017. In 2015, these two trend lines (jobs in newspapers and jobs in internet publishing) finally crossed and for the first time:

    The number of workers in internet publishing exceeded the number of newspaper workers.

    Internet publishers are now adding workers at nearly twice the rate newspaper publishers are losing them.

    It’s also a radical shift in sociopolitics. Newspaper jobs are spread nationwide, but internet jobs are not:

    Today, 73 percent of all internet publishing jobs are concentrated in either the Boston-New York-Washington-Richmond corridor or the West Coast crescent that runs from Seattle to San Diego and on to Phoenix. The Chicagoland area, a traditional media center, captures 5 percent of the jobs, with a paltry 22 percent going to the rest of the country.

    Almost all the real growth of internet publishing is happening outside the heartland, in just a few urban counties. So when conservatives use “media” as a synonym for “coastal” and “liberal” and "MSM," they’re not far off the mark.

    What caused the majority of national media jobs to concentrate on the coasts? Economists know something the internet users have ignored: All else being equal, specialized industries like to cluster. Car companies didn’t arise in remote regions that needed cars—they arose in Detroit, which...

    The article is too long and too complicated to post in its entirety here, but it's definitely an eye-opening read.

    Full story:
    The Media Bubble is Real — And Worse Than You Think - POLITICO Magazine
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    I think it's the result of a combination of increasing technology, and the complete abandonment of any sort of journalistic standards, integrity, and ethics by most of the MSM.

    Journalism is dead in America, mostly replaced with ridiculously left-slanted propaganda, one-half step removed from the old Pravda rag of the Soviet Union.
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    It's worth remembering that newsprint is but a medium between the news and the news reader.

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