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    Faculty Solicitations

    Hey everyone, I've been really busy lately but I just wanted to check in with this.

    Quite awhile ago (at least a year), I saw a general online faculty solicitation ad for a fairly big RA school, they were specific that no positions were open at the time, but they were creating a hiring pool. I've always been skeptical of those sort of things (if anyone actually reads them), but I sent in my resume anyway.

    Just the other day, I was contacted by the school; the chairperson of the department had read my resume, and thought I'd be a good fit for a new online course under development for the Fall semester, and I was invited to confirm my interest, which I promptly did.

    Of course there's no guarantee that it will pan out, but I just wanted to share this as proof that your applications don't always fall into a bottomless pit.

    The only guarantee is that you'll never get the job for which you don't apply, so don't get discouraged!
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    Good advice and good luck
    American College of Sports Medicine

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    Interesting! I hope it pans out.
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    Mine always seem to fall into a bottomless pit. Have given up on it. Perhaps they see I'm working FT for another uni, and they figure I'll mail it in for their uni, so the CV gets weeded out. Either that, or I got into my uni by sheer luck--or the very hand of God--and was not remotely qualified when hired and am similarly not qualified to teach part time for an online school--a possibility.

    In any event, congrats, must have been a very welcome email!

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