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    Anyone done a teaching demo for ITT?

    I have a teaching demo for ITT coming up and just wanted to know what to expect.

    It needs to be a 10 minute lecture and 5 minute Q&A
    The "students" will be other faculty
    I was told the "students" will not be subject matter experts

    I assume they are just analyzing my delivery/style and not the subject matter content.


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    I had to do a similar teaching demo as part of my panel interview for my current faculty position. I had to bring textbooks and actually teach a concept. My topic was chosen for me by the panel, so I had about 2 days to prepare. It was in my subject area, but not what I would have picked if I had a choice. I just prepared a sample mini lesson and when the time came I whipped out my markers and starting writing on the board and instructed them how to use the textbook to find the info. Each panel member was given a list of questions to ask to ask me. Lesson completed. I think they are just trying to judge your presentation style, how you relate to the "students" and how you respond under pressure. It is also a way to see how effective you are as a teacher since you are trying to teach a concept to those have no clue! Good luck! Have fun, I used humor in my presentation.

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