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    COSC Graduate Profile & the Wiz of OZ

    I am inserting the quote I am talking about but I will include the link as well.


    "Charter Oak gave me the Wizard of Oz effect," he says. Like the Tin Man who, upon receiving his diploma came to believe that he was smart, roger found his confidence to "move into professional circles" has increased dramatically after he earned his baccalaureate degree. He also feels the experience had a beneficial impact on his children, helping to teach them the importance of a college degree.
    I could be totally reading this wrong but, wasn't it the SCARECROW that wished he had the brain? So, didn't the Wizard give HIM the diploma? The Tinman wanted a heart so he got some plastic glowing heart.

    It has been a WHILE since I watched The Wizard of OZ, however, I think it was the scarecrow. Oh well! I thought it was funny so I posted it.



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    So true. The Scarecrow wished for a brain and got a diploma. The Tinman wanted a heart and got a big plastic heart clock, and the Cowardly lion wanted courage and got a medal. All little Dorothy wanted was to go home to aunty Em and the rest.

    I wonder if it is true that getting a degree enhances your confidence. Was it that way for most of you? Or did you possess the confidence already that your were intelligent and worthy?
    Allen L. Smith

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    wizard of oz

    ...the tin man gets a diploma...
    If the reference is to the book and movie "Wizard of OZ" the Tinman did not get a diploma. The scarecrow got a diploma-people from universities think deep thoughts (would it be based on life experience ?). The Tinman got a testimonial which was a watch, The measure of a heart is not how much you love, but how much you are loved by others. the Lion got a medal. Heros have a medal, he got the triple cross.
    If the author of the statement is a school "graduate" I wonder if it speaks well of the school? I wonder if the author had read the book? or watched parts of the movie? Simple mistake? or example of the quality of the education ?
    Freudian slip? The author wanted a diploma but ended up without a heart? LoL :)

    All the best!

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    It is the Scarecrow who gets a diploma -- but all the characters benefit from the "Wizard of Oz" effect, getting physical props that somehow illustrate or validate the qualities they already possess. The Tin Man gets the award that shows how much he is loved, the Cowardly Lion gets the medal that honors his courage.

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned the Scarecrow's expostulation upon receiving his diploma -- a misstatement of the Pythagorean theorem ( he refers to an "isoceles" triangle instead of a right triangle).
    Kristin Evenson Hirst

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