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    Lucifer the Boa and Clucky the chick

    For some reason, I was thinking back about a story that took place some thirty years ago. Back when I was living at home and going to Cypress College, I had a red tailed Columbian Boa. I raised him from a fingerling, and he grew in to a 10 foot snake. I feed him pinkies (baby mice), then as he got older adult mice and very large rats. Boa's also eat baby chicks.

    One day I went down to the reptile store, and purchased a cute baby chick as food for my snake Lucifer. For some reason, the baby chick I placed in the tank became friends with Lucifer! I later came to name the chick "Clucky". Clucky would take naps on top of the giant Lucifer! What the heck? The majestic snake refused to eat the baby chick.

    What happened next you ask? Well, I will tell you. I placed Clucky in my parent's backyard to roam free. I put out a pan of chicken feed, and he became very tame. I don't know what kind of chicken Clucky was but he had spunk. My cat Kiki tried to swat him a few times, but he pecked the hell out of here and she backed off. Clucky actually grew in to a large beautiful chicken. Then tragedy struck. Clucky decided to play around near a pond, and drowned!

    So recently, I thought of getting another chick, but there are hawks and it would probably get eaten up if it roamed free like Clucky used. Plus my cat might gobble it. So I have shelved the idea of buying another baby chick. Plus I live in the burbs, and as Decimon said, it may not be legal to owns chickens anyway. I liked having Clucky because he was basically maintenance free. Oh well, I am too lazy to build a chicken coop, and I don't want to mess with all clean up and so forth.

    Maybe one day, I will retell what happened next. A part 2 if you will.


    "Too find out what happens next you must read the next chapter" - In the spirit of The Travels of Lao Can.
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