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    For those of you that live in the burbs

    I was thinking of buying a baby chick and just letting it loose in my backyard. The only problem is a have an indoor outdoor cat. Would my cat try to attack it? This may sound stupid to some, but i am burbs boy. The cat is not used to killing things to eat, and I don't think she would bother it. When my cat does get a little field mouse, she just plays with it? I don't feel like making a chicken coupe? Of course, I guess another cat could get in the backyard and attack it. Or some other kind of critter.

    Should I bother? I am thinking no, but i will leave it to some country folk on here to weigh in.

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    If not your cat or another then hawks, coyotes...

    Probably illegal where you live, anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by decimon View Post
    If not your cat or another then hawks, coyotes...

    Probably illegal where you live, anyway.
    All good points. Check with town hall. It's a zoning thing. As for predators, your house cat is probably the least of your worries. Feral cats live everywhere. We call them barn cats because they'll get into your barn and spend the winter living off the mice. Of course, everyone likes a change in diet now and then so they'll take down a chicken. Don't get me started started on Fisher Cats

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure Tweety Bird only outwits Sylvester in the cartoons.
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    the chick is a gonner.

    More fun- something my family does most years, is to find a willing chicken owner and incubate eggs. They hatch at 21 days from when you start incubation (google how to do it) and then allow them to live in a kiddy pool for a week or two (indoors or protected outdoors) and then deliver them back to the farm/owner. You get all the cuteness benefits without the work- and by 2 weeks they start to get ugly, loud, and messy.
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    The placebo effect should be kicking in any minute.

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