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    Lawyers plead for leniency for elderly, homeless bank robber

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    He's old enough to remember the famous bank robber Willie Sutton, who when asked why he robbed banks, replied "Because that's where the money is".
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    I can sympathize with this guy. I'm almost his age - and I receive Social Security too, but it's better in Canada. I do fine and have 'way more saved than when I was working, so nothing to complain about, financially. Nothing AT ALL.

    If Mr. McAdoo wants to go back to jail for the foreseeable -- I say let him. Many ex-cons have wished the same thing, when they're not able to do well outside of prison. I may be wrong, but I'm guessing that in his last stretch, either he didn't receive much rehabilitation help or it just didn't work very well for him.

    If I could urge him to get an operation for his heart disease, I would. Two years ago, I had similar symptoms and a bypass operation took care of ALL that. It was over quickly, astonishingly painless and dramatically effective.

    It seems Mr. McAdoo feels he has two possibilities: die in jail, in relative comfort, or die in an alley somewhere. I can understand his preference. I hope, for his sake, he gets his wish.

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