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    Professor of English Becomes Professor of Family Medicine

    Via the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, where she's a featured speaker at an upcoming conference:

    MSE Speaker Highlight: Betsy Goebel Jones, EdD: Professor of English Becomes an Innovative Educator of Family Medicine.

    Her CV at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, where she's Associate Professor and Research Coordinator.

    Dr. Goebel Jones' only degrees are a B.A. in Theatre Arts, an M.A. in English, and an Ed.D. in Higher Ed (with minor, in English). Midway into her career as a family medicine educator, she did do a fellowship in Academic Medicine.

    Of course, she doesn't practice clinical medicine at all. But she teaches the people who will.

    Yeah, not hearing the "fries with that" line right now.

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    She's still a teacher , what's the big deal.

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    Canada, eh
    ...she made the transition to the School of Medicine to assist the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Texas Tech Health Science Center (TTUHSC) in developing research curriculum for family medicine residents.
    I don't see an issue...?
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    "This is kind of cool!," I'm just saying.

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