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    Not sure what to advise friend???

    I have a friend who has much education and has been having a hard time trying to find something professional. She wants to work in a college setting either in admissions or as an instructor. She has much knowledge on the subject and would be ideal for something along those lines. She has her education Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees.

    The problem is that she lives in a small area and the opportunities aren't always available for what she is trying to find. She has applied to some colleges near by but has been unable to be chosen for any positions or interviewed.

    The area that she lives in wouldn't hire her right away. So she wound up applying for a position with a company that was about 40 miles from where she lived. She was disappointed about traveling back and forth all the time and the gas was getting to be so expensive so she has been with this retail store (grocery) and is currently a cashier. She decided to transfer with this company to a location that is in the same area where she lives and the transfer was successful. (She started her position last year in June and did the transfer in November). She feels that had she not have gone out of town that she wouldn't have been able to get her job where she lives now. Also, all the positions that she has are part-time and she would like to get full-time but is told when she wants to work her way up that she needs more time.

    She has also compromised by pushing carts and working in other areas with the promise that she would get more hours. However, she kept her end of the bargain but when it comes to the company they are only giving her about 20-25 hours a week. And she recently told had a conversation with a manager and mentioned to them that the reason why she decided to compromise and do carts and work in other areas besides being a cashier was with the understanding that she would get more hours and now she has basically stated that she wants to be a cashier and all. She feels like she does her end, but always gets the short end of the stick.
    The issue is that there have been some openings that have come up for management but she was told that because she recently transferred (about a month ago) overall she has been with the company for 6 months now, that because she just recently transferred that she would need to give it more time.

    She is disappointed that she has done so much education and being a cashier isn't her ideal position but that it does the trick for right now. Problem is that the company only hires part-time and it isn't a full-time position and the wages are just a little above minimum wage.

    She was advised that she could have a meeting with like a regional manager and perhaps that might open up some doors or give her some pointers as to what she could do to work into more responsibility. I asked her how she copes with being a cashier and she says that she just picks out a song for the day and has that play over in her mind or if she gets disappointed or frustrated with it she just starts laughing. She said that this is the only way that she can cope otherwise she would simply just quit and all.

    This is what she says has in the past lead her to quit other jobs in the past because she just doesn't feel like she is using her time wisely and to the greatest potential. She gets frustrated because some of her co-workers that know about all of her education will ask her why are you here? In other words, why hasn't she been able to find something more professional?

    Any input or advice for her? Has anyone else experienced this same kind of thing? She is disappointed because she thought that by getting all of this education that it would be the golden ticket to landing a professional and rewarding career. The other thing she gets frustrated with is each time she tries to see if she can do something with more responsibility she isn't able to do so, but management will ask her if she is interested in working in areas that she isn't interested in such as meat, produce, and other departments.

    Besides being a cashier the retail store will also ask her to work out in the parking lot and take care of carts and this is something that she doesn't enjoy doing but that she just has learned to cope with it.

    It has gotten to the point where she feels that she will work part-time for this job, and get a job at a fast food joint but it seems that what she is really experiencing is depression and she puts a good face on to make it look like everything is alright but you can tell she isn't happy at all.

    Also, management has asked her if she likes certain things that she does, and she's honest with them and says that it's alright but not something that is on her best wish list. Any recommendations or feedback would be greatly appreciated. It would also be helpful if someone else has gone through this similar kind of situation.
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    It sounds like she needs to talk with someone in career counseling . From the sounds of it she lacks experience in a professional nature.
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    Where does she live?

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    As painful as it might be, she needs to consider relocating to a setting where she can maximize her potential.
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    Quote Originally Posted by potpourri View Post
    The other thing she gets frustrated with is each time she tries to see if she can do something with more responsibility she isn't able to do so, but management will ask her if she is interested in working in areas that she isn't interested in such as meat, produce, and other departments.
    This part above is important. Why does she turn down these opportunities? Does she want to be a manager simply because it pays more or because it's a better and more challenging job? It's hard to manage people if you don't know what they do because you've never done their job. I bet if she moved around the store, picking up all sorts of extra skill-sets, even in areas she didn't really enjoy, she'd be a much stronger candidate for promotion. That all said, ideally with her background, she really should hopefully find something more in her career.
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    You friend may lack skills that are needed for management. A degree means crap to me, you’re in a forum full of doctors and mba 's and I think they will tell you the same thing.
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    Exactly. I think she is starting to realize that her education doesn't mean anything and she is finally coming to terms with it. People who think that by getting degrees that it's going to get you a better job or help you don't realize it until they go to try to find a job.

    As you state education doesn't mean crap and she is coming to realize that it's more personal enrichment and not something that helps you out in a professional manner or to obtain a better position. She is starting to face reality and to act as though she doesn't have any education or degrees which is the right thing for her to do. I think it's just unfortunate that there is so much placed on education and colleges and universities want you to believe it but in essence it really isn't reality.

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    Great news! She was able to find a position in an office setting. She had the computer skills that the company was looking for and made sure only to list that she graduated from high school. I'm happy that she was able to find more enjoyable work.
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    My friend wishes to thank all the people on here for all your candor and honesty.
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    Best of luck to him for his future.

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