The tense drama of the show used to scare me as a kid, and I have just discovered, still does. Top Cops has been off of the air for several years now, but it is IMO one of the most well done shows in TV history . Many of the episodes can be found, albeit in VHS quality, on YouTube.

YouTube - Top Cops - Irving Robinson
YouTube - Top Cops - John Pearson

What I really like about this program is that while it does serve a good purpose, it is still very entertaining, like America's Most Wanted or Cops.

On that note, I feel inspired to make a brief public service announcement. Below are links to the FBI's most wanted list, AMW's latest fugitive list and the latest listing of missing and exploited children. It's always a long shot, but the few seconds you spend looking over the page could become among the proudest moments of your life.

FBI — Ten Most Wanted
AMW | Fugitive | New Photos Released Of Ore. Cop-Shooting Suspect
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children