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    Exclamation Check this out for an innovative URL - www.edu-gov.com

    Now this is lateral thinking:


    A cached page provides the following - http://tinyurl.com/6xd8b

    You just gotta love the footer

    'Copyright © 2003, Non Gubernamental Council for International Education Accreditation. All rights reserved.'



    Dr George Brown


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    My gosh, I think they were serious!!!



    Dr George Brown


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    Beautiful coat of arms, with words from Ecclesiastes: "Vanitas vanitatis et omnia vanitas" (Vanity of vanities, everything is vanity).

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    Re: Check this out for an innovative URL - www.edu-gov.com

    Aren't these the academic websites for Norfolk Island?

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    The Tempest of Life
    Originally posted by oxpecker
    Beautiful coat of arms, with words from Ecclesiastes: "Vanitas vanitatis et omnia vanitas" (Vanity of vanities, everything is vanity).

    But is that a phoenix, or a buzzard, or a vulture?!
    Best Regards,
    Dave Hayden

    "Things won are done, joy's soul lies in the doing." Shakespeare

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    Innovative is not the word for it...try devious.

    If you pull up the web page's source file you find the following under meta names:

    online education
    community college
    college of
    colleges in
    state college
    college football
    university of michigan
    open university
    university of wisconsin
    university of phoenix
    college in
    county community college
    university of florida
    indiana university
    university college
    universidad nacional
    the university
    university of arizona
    the university of
    american college
    duke university
    junior college
    royal college of
    medical college
    la universidad
    university of southern
    universidad del
    university school
    university hospital
    california state university
    university of the
    university of houston
    new york university
    george washington university
    illinois university
    university of alabama
    university of tennessee
    universidad catolica
    arizona state university
    princeton university
    austin community college
    syracuse university
    university medical
    international university
    college search
    university of london
    colorado state university
    universidades en
    university of central
    canadian universities
    engineering college
    university law
    concordia university
    college of physicians
    queens university
    mason university
    columbia college
    cambridge university press
    college scholarships
    university of delaware
    wayne state university
    engineering colleges
    masters degree
    carolina university
    humber college
    mcmaster university
    university of southern california
    ontario college
    georgia state university
    universidad de chile
    western university
    monash university
    houston community college
    northern virginia community college
    university of connecticut
    anna university
    college student
    university medical center
    san diego state university
    college world series
    san jose state university
    george brown college
    university of victoria
    western michigan university
    nottingham university
    university of texas at austin
    london college
    university of montana
    university of new mexico
    ontario college of
    algonquin college
    queen's university
    australian universities
    university of louisville
    bellevue community college
    illinois state university
    university of alaska
    college of surgeons
    university of st
    uk university
    university of notre
    central michigan university
    university of california at
    university of notre dame
    connecticut state university
    seattle university
    university canada
    newcastle university
    university of idaho
    auckland university
    mesa community college
    madras university
    university of vermont
    university of texas austin
    de anza college
    fraser university
    university of san francisco
    san francisco state university
    university rankings
    warwick university
    cardiff university
    university of denver
    universidad de salamanca
    london university
    medical university
    universities in canada
    a college
    coast college
    university australia
    universities in uk
    kansas university
    fordham university
    washington college
    texas tech university
    seattle community college
    wesleyan university
    valencia community college
    universidad de granada
    university school of law
    massey university
    oregon university
    universidad politecnica
    free college
    mission college
    north carolina state university
    teachers college
    brock university
    university of richmond
    university washington
    university of california san
    university of toledo
    university texas
    montana state university
    mississippi state university
    atlantic university
    online colleges
    wheaton college
    louisiana state university
    college oxford
    university of east
    degree programs
    college of physicians and
    dartmouth college
    reading university
    tennessee state university
    universities in usa
    andrews university
    chester university
    university of wales
    university health
    virtual university
    baruch college
    baylor college
    cleveland state university
    college humor
    forest university
    oklahoma university
    perimeter college
    college of teachers
    university club
    utah state university
    sierra college
    towson university
    wake forest university
    maryland college park
    college football recruiting
    queensland university
    san antonio college
    university of illinois at
    loughborough university
    city community college
    university of mississippi
    dakota state university
    BS, Mathematics – Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP)
    MS, Operations Research – Florida Institute of Technology (FIT)
    MS, Information Systems – Dakota State University (DSU)
    (in progress) PhD, Leadership - University of the Cumberlands (UC)

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    One is reminded of Calvin Trillin's wonderful name for a generic trendy restaurant: Maison de la Casa House.

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    Here is the who is for the website through SamSpade

    I have to wonder who is NGCIAE.EDU? It doesn't pull up any website, but if you put it into google you get www.edu-gov.org.

    Verty Intersting.

    http://www.edu-gov.org/ = [ ]
    domain: EDU-GOV.ORG
    owner-address: NGCIEA .EDU
    owner-address: 1133 Broadway
    owner-address: Suite 706
    owner-address: New York NY 10010 USA
    owner-address: NY 10010
    owner-address: New York
    owner-address: New York
    owner-address: Cayman (Islands)
    owner-phone: 00.0182766878
    owner-fax: 00.0182766878
    admin-c: N63-GANDI
    tech-c: AR41-GANDI
    bill-c: N63-GANDI
    nserver: ns7.gandi.net
    nserver: custom2.gandi.net
    reg_created: 2003-10-22 10: 18: 26
    expires: 2005-10-22 10: 18: 26
    created: 2003-10-22 12: 18: 28
    changed: 2004-10-24 22: 12: 18
    person: NGCIEA .EDU
    nic-hdl: N63-GANDI
    address: NGCIEA Trust
    address: 1133 Broadway Suite 706 New York NY 10010 USA
    address: NY 10010
    address: New York
    address: New York
    address: United States of America
    phone: 00.345945111
    fax: 00.999451111
    lastupdated: 2004-07-29 11: 17: 08
    person: GANDI Auto Register 4.1
    nic-hdl: AR41-GANDI
    address: GANDI
    address: 38 rue Notre-Dame de Nazareth
    address: F-75003
    address: Paris
    address: France
    phone: N/A

    But apparently they share that small office with alot of people. A google search show's several companies at that address.

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