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    Direct Entry MSN program?

    I currently have a BS in Psychology and was curious if anyone has even entered into a direct entry MSN program. So there would be no need for a BSN and RN license. A local university offers a BS to BSN one year program but it is intense and not offered online. I would like to find a program that is online, affordable, and I understand that I will have to do clinic field time.

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    I haven't kept up to date with this, but the only mostly online direct entry MSN I know of is offered by Northeastern University .
    Direct Entry-Hybrid Program (MS) | Master in Nursing | Northeastern University

    I know there are a few online second degree BSN programs, but the only one that is coming to mind right now is Western Governors University .
    BSN with RN License | Online RN Degree | Online Nursing School

    Allnurses.com has a lot of information on various nursing programs.
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    Direct Entry and/or Accelerated MSM programs listings by state:

    Direct Entry MSN (Masters in Nursing) Programs
    M.B.A., West Texas A & M University
    M.Ed., Prairie View A & M University
    B.B.A., Sam Houston State University
    CAS, CGSS, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College

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    Here is direct entry to MSN : msn lol

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