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    Hybrid Doctor of Athletic Training

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    Great stuff. And! While it seems the DAT is a top-up degree for BOC-certified athletic trainers, the same school, the University of Idaho, offers a hybrid MS in Athletic Training to prepare students for entry to the profession.

    both on-campus requirements and clinical field experience requirements for the MSAT are serious, which is appropriate:

    Quote Originally Posted by University of Idaho
    This innovative MSAT program boasts a hybrid of online and on-campus instruction over a 24-month period. The University of Idaho MSAT program includes 10 weeks of intensive on-campus instruction each summer followed by clinical rotations in the fall and spring. During the clinical rotations, online course work is delivered with the goal of developing each student's academic competence and clinical practice skills. Clinical rotations are currently being designed in a wide variety of athletic training clinical practice settings across the nation. This unique delivery provides access to expert clinical instructors while allowing students to build networks throughout Idaho and across the country.
    More on athletic training – a health profession, now licensed in a growing number of states, and distinct from "personal training," "physical training," etc.:

    Athletic Training (National Athletic Trainers' Association)
    Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education

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