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    "States looking to tighten rules on home care aides"

    Quote Originally Posted by Olga Hajishengallis, in USA TODAY
    Concerns over the loose regulation of some home care workers is leading several states to consider bills aimed at increasing oversight and requirements for this workforce.

    Measures being considered include establishing mandatory training hours and requiring background checks for these workers, as well as the licensing of home-care agencies. […]

    The home health care workforce is made up of two kinds of workers, explains Christopher Kelly, associate professor at the Department of Gerontology at University of Nebraska at Omaha, who has studied the issue. There are home health aides, who provide medical services and are employed by home health agencies, and home care aides, who provide non-medical services, including help with personal care, toileting and feeding.

    While home health aides are regulated under Medicare and receive 75 hours of training , the regulation of home care aides is left to the states, Kelly says.

    Kelly, who published a study in 2012 on states' differences in training for home care workers and licensing of home care providers, says states vary widely in areas such as training requirements. Very few require "anywhere near the 75 hours Medicare requires of home health aides," he says.

    Recent state developments for home care regulation include:

    — California: In October, Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act. Beginning in 2016, this law will require the regulation and licensing of home care organizations. It also requires background checks, a minimum of five hours of entry-level training and registration for home care aide applicants.
    States looking to tighten rules on home care aides (Olga Hajishengallis, USA TODAY, December 8, 2013)

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    Couldn't they just require them to become CNAs? I wouldn't ever want to become a CNA or a home health care aide if they end up requiring certification for this. CNAs spend about $1,000 or more for about a month of training just to make $8-$11 an hour where I live. I saw a McDonald's location hiring for $8 an hour, and there are opportunities for advancement.
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