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    Bachelor's in Psychology? Looking for advice...

    Hello! This place is such a wealth of information and I thank you all for it. You fine folks gave me some really great advice once before and I was hoping you could do so again. Due to a million reasons I won't bore you with, I never ended up following through with said advice and now find myself contemplating the "should I go back to school" question again. This time, though, under somewhat different circumstances in that I know what I want and now qualify for financial aid so perhaps have a few more options open to me.

    I am looking to get my bachelor's degree in psychology . I am ONLY interested in a regionally accredited school, preferably with at least some name recognition though that is not necessarily a make-or-break issue. Any opinions on the best online programs for psychology ?

    And another question... what's the difference really between a BA and a BS in psychology ? What are the pros/cons of each? Is one geared more toward certain fields than the other, etc? If I plan to continue my education in this field and my ultimate goal is a career in counseling /psychology would you recommend a BA or BS or does it matter? Does one look better for grad school aoplications? I think you get the idea...

    I apologize for my ignorance on these matters, and truly appreciate any advice offered!

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    I *believe* BA degrees tend to be more academic in nature and prepare you to go on to a master's and eventually a PhD if you choose. And a BS degree is more user based, meaning it's less theory and more utility. It's geared more towards those who want technical degrees or those who want more applicable skills and less research and theory. I'm getting one of each, and my BA requires a theory class, a research class, and a foreign language. My BS requires an extra science class, an extra math class, and a statistics class. ASU offers the BA in Psychology online.

    Psychology (BA) | Online Degree Programs | ASU Online
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    The biggest problem you're going to have is making the final decision because you're going to have many, many choices. A Bachelors degree in Psych may be the second most common DL program in the country (with Business being #1). I suggest that you start by looking into your own state university system. I'm willing to bet there's a perfectly fine program right there. At the same time, if you begin making comparisons (which I highly advise) then you can look here:

    Bachelor of Arts in Psychology | www.umassonline.net

    As for the difference between a BA and a BS, it is my own opinion that in this case there would be no significant difference in terms of qualifying you for grad school. More important will be your GPA, standardized test scores (if required) and work experience in the field. Good luck with your search.
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