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    D.H.Sc. Programs - ATSU vs Nova Southeastern

    Hello All,

    It's been quite some time since I last posted but I often visit and research and explore various distance learning opportunities for a doctoral program that interests me...the issue is I like researching the various opportunities so much that I lose track of why I began the research to begin with.

    In the end though I believe I'll move forward when the time is right.

    With that said, I'd like feedback on two programs I've researched. But first, a little background since I haven't posted in a while:

    I'm an active duty health care administrator and have about 7 years left before I can retire. My goal is to knock out a doctorate degree prior to retirement because A) It's a personal Goal and B) I want it to help me with teaching part-time. I teach for UoP and ICCC on-line and will teach a course for UMUC (on-ground) later this month. Efforts that I think will help me in the future.

    Ok...now the programs. I'm intrigued by both ATSU 's D.H.Sc. and Nova Southeastern 's D.H.Sc. program. They are both B&M schools and seem to have quality programs...but which is better? I've heard great things about Nova Southeastern but not too much about ATSU .

    ATSU 's program will cost about $32K and is 70 credit hrs. It has a 1-week residency and should take three years to complete. Nova's will cost about $38K and is 61 credit hrs. It has two 1-week residencies and also takes three years to complete.

    I'm currently leaning toward ATSU for the following reasons: 1) I believe I can utilize Military Tuition Assistance to knock out three of the courses to receive ATSU 's Certificate in Leadership and Organizational Behavior (credits apply directly to the D.H.Sc. program...that would shave about $3600 off the program plus I can walk away if I had to with something tangible and no out of pocket costs) 2) I believe the applied research project requirement will be more appropriate for me since Nova requires an approved internship & practicum...not sure how I could accomplish on active duty 3) Only one residency vs two

    So, what are your thoughts? Which program would you choose and why? As always, I appreciate any and all feedback. Feel free to shoot holes through my logic and reasoning...I enjoy feedback of all types. :

    ATSU : A.T. Still University - Doctor of Health Sciences Online - Arizona School of Health Sciences
    NOVA: Doctor of Health Science Program | NSU
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    A.S. - Instruction & Technology - CCAF
    B.S. - CISM - Colorado Christian University
    M.B.A. - Healthcare Administration - NCU
    D.H.Sc. - ATSU Student - Planned Graduation June 2018

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    Welcome back. Do you have any of the Post 9/11 GI Bill left? Maybe you could inquire further about the internship and practicum. When I was on active duty I found that some schools were pretty understanding in regards to a student serving in the military. You might be able to have the on-base clinic/hospital approved as an internship/practicum. Just a thought.
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    BA, Thomas Edison State College
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    Hi, I too have looked at doctoral programs, including ATSU . ATSU has a great reputation, but more for their Osteopathic physician program. As someone who worked in healthcare in Phoenix for many years they are very well respected. They have two doctoral options, one with an applied research project and one with a more formal dissertation. As a college instructor, I have considered the Health education doctorate at ATSU . What I usually do when looking at programs it look to see if any accrediting bodies recognize one program over another. I look at cost, convenience, and length of program. Then I look at the actual course work. If I'm going to spend so much time and money, I have to want to take the courses in the program. I'm not a research fan so programs with more practical coursework would be my preference. I agree that if you going to try to complete this program while active duty you will need to make sure the school will work with you. Since most schools have a 5 yr time limit on completion of a doctoral program, you may need to get in writing that they will allow you extra time if duty calls. It is a tough decision so I wish you luck. I have had to put my doctoral dreams on hold due to the cost and the fact that at 49 I will probably never recoup my investment, especially since we no longer have tuition assistance or get any raise for greater educational attainment. Good luck!

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    They are both very good schools! AT Still is best known for their Doctor of Osteopathy school but Nova has one as well! I like Nova's PhD in Health Science which may suit you better for academics and research!

    What is the background of the students pursuing a DHSc? I would assume they are mid level practitioners like Physician Assistants, nurses, as well as health care administrators and educators. Best of Luck!

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    It seems you want to be in research and teaching , I would recommend you Ph.D program at Nova Southeastern University . Unless you want to be a practitioner, then ATSU 's program is better choice for your case. It also depends if you want to be in West coast ans East coast. I am currently Ph.D student at Nova Southeastern University , I really like it. They have new technologies, new facilities, and the largest library in the state of Florida.
    Ph.D| Nova Southeastern University (W/D)
    MPS | Georgetown University (2012)
    MS | Southern Methodist University (2010)
    BS | Troy University (2006)
    Cert | Marine Corps University (2008)

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    I was in ATSU 's Doctor of Health Education program for a few semesters, although I didn't complete it. It was well run, although at the time (2009ish) they had some growing pains from their programs popularity. Based on everything you're saying, though, I'd recommend them for your situation.
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