I know older posts on this subject were met with some anti-distance-ed opinions. While I don't mind reading those, the information I'm solliciting is not such that it should scold my consideration of online PsyD or PhD.

My goal is to get responses from those who know graduates (personally) of these schools. The reason I'm re-asking a question that has appeared before is simple: In the last few years a few online-schools have popped up that were not around then.

I'm a law student, and plan to support my family with a JD, not PhD or PsyD. However, I have come to believe that some basic psychological research and credibility would be personally rewarding and professionally helpful. My interests are not "so much" in clinical psychology (even though here in Texas a Licensed Psychologist does not have to have clinical specialization), as they are in psychological understanding and the ability to teach courses related to law and psychology . As for teaching credibility: I'll have my JD from a tier one law school and MA from a reputable state university. Online allows me to do one class at at time while I'm working on my JD.

If you know of any of these schools personally, let me know.
I list them in order of my consideration:
(They are ALL regionally accredited, all require full dissertation)

Northcentral University
PhD in General Psych OR Ph.D. in Psych of Gender.
$47k, 60 credits, No Residency, On my own for practicum
notes: very admirable professors... cornell , yale, northwestern, UTexas

Keiser University (New to the scene)
PhD in Psychology , General
$47k, 60 credits, Some Residency, On my own for practicum
notes: some admirable professors, notably the dean; several physical locations in FL

Grand Canyon University (Not new, but new to offer PhD's)
PhD in Psyc - Cognition and Behavior
$37k (most affordable), 60 credits, No Residency, On my own for practicum
notes: faith based and part of my interest is in same-sex rights, civil rights, religion and the law, same-sex family structure, etc... may not go over well; have contacted to find out.
Major B&M school with state of the art facilities

University of the Rockies
PsyD in: Mediation OR Health OR Criminology
$66k, 68 credits, Some Residency, Some practicum
notes: would love to visit campus during residencies

Capella University
PsyD in Clinical or PhD in General
$70k, Weird credit structure, Clinical req.s Residence, General doesn't, Both require Practicum

Walden University and Saybrook
Many credits for someone not wanting to make a full-time career out of it... I only want to study my specified interest in psychology : Law, Same-sex family structure, Social change, etc.

Fielding University
Too much money for a secondary doctorate (in my case).

California Southern University
Not regionally accredited, Texas won't accept. Also doesn't require dissertation and I want to do one that is of a publishable quality to advance my career in law and my knowledge of legal /political psychology .

Also important to me is that I have at least ONE solid, reputable, psychologist to guide me through doing a strong dissertation... I don't want to be babied or unchallenged (asking a lot from online; this I know!).

As you can see I've done my homework to the extent that I can. I've talked to every one of these schools personally AND the Psych Board for Texas. Some of these programs are simply too green for me to talk to graduates - because they don't exist. However, I'm hoping by talking to other psych's and students, SOMEONE might have information on the individual institutions and/or the extent to which they will serve someone in my unique situation (not wanting to be a full-time psychologist , but wanting to understand how it applies to law and to same-sex family structures and the general population).

To ward off any suggestions of an MA or MS: I want to be able to do "some" clinical for same-sex families, those struggling with LGBT children, testify in court to these specific matters, and testify (credibly) before state and local legislatures on matters surrounding law, sexuality, and psychology . ... a doctorate is needed for these reasons.

I think this is the most thorough list ever posted on here or any other student forum, so I'm hoping it will get some really good feedback.

Thanks to everyone,

Ryan from Texas