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    Doctorate in Health Sciences/Health Promotion

    Hi all! I am new to this forum but I am interested in pursuing a doctorate, but not a PhD. I may want to teach eventually but I'm not focused on research. I am looking more for a Doctor of Science degree or equivalent.

    I do not know much about online programs at this level but am very apprehensive about some of the online colleges out there. I want a future employer to look at my credentials as impressive when it comes to education .

    Do you know of any creditable colleges that offer this type of online program? Health promotion, sciences, maybe even health administration?

    My BS is in Community Health, Health Promotion
    My MS is Food Science, Nutrition and Health Promotion

    Both from instate colleges.

    THANK YOU for your help!

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    Nova has a Doctor of Health Science - Doctor of Health Science Program | NSU

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    Almost every dentist and orthodontist I have been to in FL has had a diploma from Nova. I also have a very close friend who is ABD in a PhD Info Sys at Nova and really likes the program.

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    A.T. Still University has a School of Health Management that offers a Doctor of Health Education that might suit you.
    BS, Info Sys concentration, Charter Oak State College
    MA in Educational Tech, George Washington University
    PhD in Leadership, U. of the Cumberlands (in progress)
    More at http://stevefoerster.com

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