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    Keep the MIGS Forum Active!

    If the MIGS forum must remain, it should at least remain active. So what about it guys?

    1. Rich, any words of wisdom to the seeker of Mexican credentials?

    2. Steve, any New Year's comments for Sheila?

    3. Bill Dayson, does GAAP really equal RA?

    4. John, do you still serve on any MIGS doctoral committees?


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    SteveLevicoff Guest
    Wow, Russell, and to think that people considr me the biggest instigator here.

    Your post is worse than Rich's recent poor excuse for a mea culpa.

    As for any New Year's comment I have for Sheila, it would be the same as my comment to everyone else: "Happy New year."

    (What the heckl, I won the game . . . I can aford to be magnanimous.) :D

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