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    Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 for $9.95

    If you are a student and looking for cheap Microsoft Officer Plus 2010 suite. You and download it from Microsoft's HUP for $9.95. Most of you have DoD's email, which is *@mail.mil (DISA Enterprise Email); this email works for Microsoft's HUP. I believe DoD participates in volume license purchases.

    URL: Microsoft Home Use Program - Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010. The software suite includes Word, Excel PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, Access and more!
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    Do most of “me” have the Department of Defense’s e-mail? No, but I certainly have them pegged.

    Thanks for the head up, but I’ll stick with Softmaker Office (SoftMaker : Homepage). The idea of buying, at any price, Office 2010 -- i.e., Office 2003 with a damaged user interface -- should be objectionable to anyone who subscribes to a BBS dedicated to learning. ;-)

    Richard Kanarek
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