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    Veterans discount.

    I've been thinking about my graduate plans (just received my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Ashford ) and I was wondering if you guys know of any schools that give discounts for veterans. For example, Central Michigan University charges just $280 per credit hour ($250 for undergraduate) for honorably discharged veterans but I'm not interested in any of their graduate programs. Columbia Southern seems like a great deal, but they aren't RA (and I prefer RA because I'm thinking about going for my doctorate once I'm done with my master's). I know American Military University is pretty cheap too ($300 per credit hour) but I've been hearing that this school is not very respected outside of government circles. Plus I prefer an online degree from a brick and mortar school (if I go online for my classes).

    Right now I'm leaning towards going to George Mason University because of the quality of education , the decent cost ($431 per credit hour), and it's local (I would take classes at the school). However, if I can find a good online program with similar prices and prestige, I'd prefer that route (parking stinks at George Mason and I like doing my homework in my pajamas ).

    I'm thinking that I can only find schools in George Mason's price range if the school offers a veteran's discount. So do you guys know of any schools with tuition in this range, or that offer a veteran's discount and/or book grant?

    By the way, I'd like to study sociology , anthropology , psychology , or other area that continues my education in sociology .

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    IIRC, New Mexico State University has an MA in Sociology program with a reasonable tuition (lower than GMU, of which I am an alum).

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    Liberty University offers discounts for veterans and their spouses. I am in their MS in Accounting program at $250 per unit. For those students working on an undergraduate degree, they give book vouchers from $100 to $400.
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