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    Hello, my name is Jason. I went to the U of Houston way back, chasing a BA in Economics , then losing interest my junior year. A few years ago I realized that with all the credits I had I was fairly close to meeting the requirements for an Associates, so I took a few classes at San Jacinto College (mostly online) and earned an AA in Business Administration .

    I see a benefit to earning a Bachelor's and possibly even a grad degree. I am not sure how many credits I have, but my guess is about 100. Very few 300/400 level, though.

    I am open to a BA/BS in many areas. Business (so biz, acct, marketing , finance, etc), humanities, history , SS (probably just econ and psyc), phil, lit, English, liberal studies, general, international.

    Probably will send apps and transcripts to the Big 3 in the next month, then speak to advisors about options. Will be leaving the USA this summer (indefinitely) to pursue personal and business interests, so hoping to log some more credits before then. If needed, I could fly wherever to take exams.

    Want to keep cost of these final steps at $5000 or less. I am 3 classes shy of earning an AA in Mathematics and a certificate in Core Information Technology . I am considering it mostly for personal "growth", but maybe the time and roughly $1000 should go towards the bachelor's.

    Also, I have a fairly young family, but have adequate time for studies.

    Enjoying all the info on this site and hope to interact more :D

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    The Big Three are probably given as advice here a bit more often than they should be, but in your case they're perfect. If I were in your situation, I'd apply to all three now for the comparisons, then once you've decided on one would make sure to do any tests now before you leave the U.S. (That shouldn't be difficult.) Done right, you can probably test out of just about everything you have left.
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    In addition to the Big Three , other options to consider;

    Granite State College

    Fort Hays State University

    Amberton University

    Western Governor's University
    Bruce Tait
    A.S. (Criminal Justice) Quincy College
    B.A. (Criminal Justice) Curry College
    M.A. (Criminal Justice) University of Massachusetts-Lowell
    M.A. (Forensic & Counseling Psychology) Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology
    Certificate (Investigative Psychology) CUNY-John Jay College of Criminal Justice

    Certificate (Disability Awareness and Support in Higher Education) University of Pittsburgh
    Certificate (International Criminal Law) Case Western Reserve University
    Certificate (Psychology of Criminal Justice) University of Queensland
    Certificate (Classical Sociological Theory) University of Amsterdam

    RA Criminal Justice Degrees by Distance Learning - Updated 3/16/08

    NA Criminal Justice Degrees by Distance Learning - Updated 3/20/08

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveFoerster View Post
    Done right, you can probably test out of just about everything you have left.
    I looked into an Excelsior business degree a couple of years ago and it seemed like I could have taken just UExcel exams to finish out, and the cost would have
    been right around $3000. It seems the fees are a good bit higher now and the number is closer to $5000, or more :/ We'll see what the advisors say. Time to order some transcripts!

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    If the possible goal is testing out I would ask the question on the "sister" forum. It is their specific specialty. CLEP Forum - CLEP Study - CLEP Testing - Study Guide and Strategies
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    Hi, Jason. Welcome to the forum! As others have said, you've got it all and everything looks perfect with you. I think the big 3 is one of the best options. However, you may also consider the Fort Hays State University.

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    Submitted transcripts. Decided on Thomas Edison State University. 79 credits transferred. Looks like total cost to complete will be around $3000 :D , and I should be done by the end of this summer.

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