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Thread: DBA pursuit...

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    DBA pursuit...

    Hello All, I from Sierra Leone...I intend to pursue a DBA (Already got my EMBA couple of years ago) and hope to get all the info i need to achieve this objective...

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    I highly recommend British's universities. Some of them do provide tuition discount for students from developing countries. In this case, take a look at Harriot-Watts University's Edinburgh Business School's Doctor of Business Administration .
    Edinburgh Business School Distance Learning, MBA, Online Courses

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    BS | Troy University (2006)
    Cert | Marine Corps University (2008)

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    How can you recommend anything without knowing what his specific goals are? That's what determines which programs will be the best ones to consider.

    Pele, why do you want a DBA? For example, what do you want to do that you can't do now, but believe you could do with a DBA? What are your professional goals?
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