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Thread: Hello, help me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaven32 View Post
    Hi, I am new here,I have done my MBA in Marketing, Now my grand pa say go forward for M-Phil and PhD. I think in management science masters degree is enough but my pa convincing me continuously and i do't want. Please tell me what to do?
    If you have an MBA in Marketing , I assume you're over 25 years old. Therefore, I am sure you are old enough to make decision for yourself. Nobody in this forum nor your relatives can force you to go for a Ph.D. The decision is in your whether you have motivation and diligence to complete a Ph.D.


    Keep in mind that a college degree requires times and money. Time is Money...so, Ph.D = Money^2
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    Do you want to be a university professor? If so, do the MPhil/PhD. If not, go use that MBA to start making some money!
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    Write a marketing plan for yourself, for what you'd like to do. Would the MPhil or PhD let you offer major benefits to your target market that you can't offer now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaven32 View Post
    Thanks to guide me.
    What country do you live in? I'm curious since you mentioned the MPhil degree.

    What business sector to you work in or aspire to work in?
    For example if you work in the energy industry you could earn a engineering technology degree which perhaps would help you understand some business issues.

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