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    Sep 2012

    Hello from Tennessee

    Another newbie here coming out of lurking mode. I came across this site while searching for DL graduate programs. I'm just about to get started with a DL Master's program (accepted, begin in January) and, with the help of this forum and Google, I've even started exploring doctoral possibilities.

    I look forward to more lurking, learning, and perhaps sharing a tidbit of wisdom every now and again and I start my DL journey.

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    between the devil and the deep blue sea
    Hi Matt - We'd be happy to hear about your grad experiences.
    American College of Sports Medicine

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    Welcome, Matt!
    AAS Occupational Therapy 1990, Harcum College
    Diploma LPN 1994, Sullivan County Community College
    Starting FHSU June 2012! (bachelor general studies)

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    Hello, Matt!
    Theo the Educated Derelict
    BA, History/Political Science, Western State College of Colorado, 1984
    MBA, Entrepreneurship, City University of Seattle, 1992
    MBA, Marketing, City University of Seattle, 1993

    Politics is made from two words: "poly" meaning "many" and "ticks" meaning "blood-sucking insects."

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