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Thread: Howdy all

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    Howdy all

    New here, been lurking for a while, probably since last summer when I started up at UTEP with their Multidisciplinary Studies program. It was supposed to be an accelerated program but it turned out not to be, but I was already in it so I stayed. Will finish this December. I've applied just today to Western New Mexico U with their Multidisciplinary Studies with concentrations in English and writing to begin in the spring, hopefully.
    couldn't beat their price. I also looked at Perelandra College for their creative writing program and at UNC- Greensboro for their liberal arts program, the cost was outrageous for out of state tuition.
    University of Northern Kentucky-cost & program didn't appeal to me.
    Empire State-requires a residency.
    Goddard-too costly and the residencies would kill my pocket.
    UTEP-Latin American and Border Studies program, REALLY liked this one but I talked to the chair and she said it wasn't yet fully online.
    Pacifica Graduate Institute-cost & residencies.

    Thats it in a nutshell.

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    WNMU is a fantastic deal. You might also be interested - might also have been interested? - in the legendary M.A. in Humanities from California State University, Dominguez Hills, M.A. in Spanish from New Mexico State University, M.A. in English from Northwestern State University of Louisiana, M.A. in Liberal and Integrative Studies from the University of Illinois , Springfield, or M.L.S. in Liberal Studies from Fort Hays State University, all as of my last check with in-state tuition for all!, NMSU with the part-time condition you have at WNMU.

    Keep us posted! :)

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    In state tuition- so tempting. the MA at UIS is pretty cool that it lets you name your own degree title. Other attractions to that one is the ability to do independent study for specialized interests and taking undergrad senior courses with an additional 1 or 2 assignment, this can work against you I guess. Downer is that's a 42 hr MA.

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