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Thread: Hello Everyone

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    Wink Hello Everyone

    Hi all!!! i am a recent graduate with a BA in psychology and minors in criminology and social work and had intended on going to law school.

    I have recently decided to change course and pursue and MBA instead for several reasons, especially as i am considering living outside the united states and know that is a more acceptable and adaptable degree.

    As such, I want to figure out what concentration would be best suited for me especially since my bachelors is not in something like marketing , or accounting etc.

    I was hoping i could rub minds with people in that field and just generally get advice and information. i am open to all information and opinions

    Thanks everyone!!

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    Hi Fixan - Welcome to degreeinfo. I'm sure you'll get some good feedback from our members. In the meantime you should read through our sticky thread on the best MBA degrees. Best of luck!

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