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    between the devil and the deep blue sea

    East Asian schools are the best

    American College of Sports Medicine

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    If only they could offer some distance degrees to the West... ;)

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    interesting article
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    Are East Asian K-12 schools really the best, or are East Asian students just easy to teach? In the U.S., you have many students resistant to education because that value is not instilled in them by their parents.

    "If you go to an Asian classroom you'll find teachers who expect every student to succeed. There's a lot of rigour, a lot of focus and coherence," Schleicher said.
    This is easier to do in homogeneous societies. When you break down the demographics by economic status and race/ethnicity, the U.S. is actually doing pretty well in comparison to other post-industrialized nations. I won't get too deep into labeling theory, but studies have found that a teacher 's expectations have an effect on student performance. It's easy for teachers in the U.S. to have low expectations of certain groups.

    Despite this success, there is growing discontent about the pressure this educational model puts on students and increased interest in making students not only good test takers, but creative thinkers. To combat these issues, countries such as Hong Kong are reducing class sizes and sending teachers to Western countries to observe how teachers encourage creativity.
    This part is interesting and why some people think it's important to keep the humanities in schools. There are countries that do very well in the math and sciences, but don't invent or innovate much.

    America's top 150 colleges are still among the best in the world and beat out many top 10 colleges in developed nations. I was looking at one world ranking, and the U.S. had one out of every five schools on the list.
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