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    AACRAO takes a stand on St. Regis University

    AACRAO, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, is widely regarded as the ultimate arbiter on the acceptability of non-US degrees in the US. They were asked by a client about the equivalency of Saint Regis , and this is their formal response.

    From AACRAO, www.aacrao.org:

    "Saint Regis University " is a virtual university claiming
    recognition by the Ministry of Education of Liberia. Recently, the
    Ministry of Education in Liberia has recognized a number of virtual
    universities, few of which have any actual physical entity in Liberia.
    Most of these virtual universities use the same address in Monrovia.
    Recognition of an institution by the appropriate educational
    authority of a country is usually strong evidence of the credibility of
    its issued academic awards as comparable to similar awards in the United
    States. However, as the standards of recognition of institutions in some
    countries may vary due to local conditions such as civil war and
    economic hardship, simple recognition by a foreign government alone
    cannot be considered an automatic guarantee of comparability to a United
    States academic award and each country's system must be judged on its
    own merits in this regard.
    Therefore, while we acknowledge previous recognition by the
    Ministry of Education of Liberia of the following universities - the
    University of Liberia, Cuttington University College, and the African
    Methodist Episcopal University - we do not accept the recognition of
    Saint Regis University by the Ministry of Education on Liberia as
    comparable with the recognition afforded the three above referenced
    universities and AACRAO considers Saint Regis University to be
    comparable to an entity in the United States that does not have regional
    academic accreditation.

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    Good news! Perhaps AACRAO should also extend approval to the technical college named for Pres. Tubman. I do not recall the exact name, and do not know if it is still functioning. It is good to see the "big 3 " vindicated and distinguished from the junk.

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    Hoyer is going to have absolute kittens over this. Watch the fur fly!


    Dr George Brown


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    I heard a fraud might get upset

    I love it when frauds get righteously indignant.

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    There goes the $50,000 accreditation fee up in smoke! Of course, SRU could have had the fee set up on a monthly payment plan. ;)

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