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    Southern California University of Professional Studies

    Has anybody had any experience with Southern California University of Professional Studies? How credible are their degrees?

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    Hi eb - As you're a new member you can't be expected to know that SCUPS and its degrees have been discussed with some frequency here. Your best bet is to do a search on the site (upper right corner) and do some preliminary reading. Once you're done with that if you come back with some more detailed questions you might get what your seeking. At this point I could only tell you that you'll get some mixed responses to your original question and that it might not be all that helpful to you if you're trying to make a decision. It has to do with accreditation, how you're planning to use the degree, your personal situation, and several other factors. Do the homework. It will pay off.

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    You can try their sister company "Northcentral University" which is RA. The name actually resembles "Northwestern University " !! Your diploma may look attractive!

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    SCUPS is not accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. It is approved to operate by the state of California, which is required of unaccredited universities.

    Degrees from unaccredited schools are almost never acceptable to accredited schools for transfer/admission. Earning such a degree will likely be a dead-end academically. Even Northcentral University, under the same ownership of SCUPS, will not take credits and degrees from SCUPS.

    Degrees from unaccredited schools that are state-approved have some acceptance in employment circles, although the levels of acceptance drop when employers understand accreditation vs. state-approval. This seems to indicate there will be situations where your degree will be acceptable. But there will also be situations where it is not, and it will often be difficult to discern this ahead of time. We almost never see such situations with properly accredited degrees. Nationally accredited degrees may not be acceptable in some situations, and in individual situations, degrees from almost any school might not cut it. But we seldom see situations where nationally accredited degrees are categorically excluded, and I cannot recall a sitaution where such a prohibition applies to regionally accredited schools.

    So do what you want.

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