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    Question Second degree to complement first

    I am considering doing a Bachelor of Information Science, but I do not know if it will complement my first degree (a BCom with information systems and management majors). I want to get away from IT and business and get into archiving, libaries, etc, but still want to make use of my BCom. Any suggestions?

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    My advice to an American student in your situation would be to obtain a Master's degree in Library Science. I'm not sure about how librarians in South Africa feel about things, but here in the US the *only* degree that hiring officers in libraries look for is a Master of Library Science degree accredited by the American Library Association.

    Occasionally, job ads from academic libraries specify an undergraduate major or--more often--possession of an additional graduate degree, but this is hardly ever an issue in public or school libraries. Typically, the undergraduate degree is considered somewhat unimportant and doesn't necessarily predict the course of one's professional life as a librarian. For instance, I'm a business librarian, and my undergraduate major was French.

    Archives here in the US also seem to employ many people with MLS degrees. Many library schools offer training in this subspecialty as part of the MLS degree.

    I'm aware that in other countries, South Africa among them, a Bachelor's degree in library science is offered. I'm not sure whether having such a degree would allow you to practice the profession in your country, but you might want to look into it. UNISA has a department of information studies. Here's the Web address: http://www.unisa.ac.za/dept/infsc/index.html

    Best of luck to you.
    Michael Wilson

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