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Thread: No gen eds

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    No gen eds

    Hi everyone- A good friend of mine has a LOT of credit hours from regionally accredited colleges, but none of the hours are general education courses. His credits are in a variety of topics ranging from oenology to drafting to industrial electricity.

    What would his quickest route be to get an associates degree? The major wouldn't make a difference. He has well over the amount of hours required for associates programs, but none of the credits would count for gen eds. He just needs to get a transcripted associates degree in something and hopes to not have to take a great deal of additional classes.

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    Answer: Get your friend to post all his courses and grades he obtained. It maybe a good idea to list the college/university as well.
    Have that placed into a spreadsheet if you want, we can provide him options. I think the best bet right now would be a BOG AAS.
    They're the cheapest/easiest/fastest way to an associates. He can then ladder that up to a bachelors later if needed.
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    Thank you! I never heard of the BOG option, but that sounds like a great idea.

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