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    Everest is Now Altierus Career College

    I just saw a commercial on TV for a school I never heard of and decided to look it up.


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    "Put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig."
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    never try to teach a pig to sing
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    "Altierus" - I thought it was just a mistake by somebody not good at Latin. I thought they'd gotten "altior" (higher) wrong. It still grates, even after I read the three paragraphs the article took to explain it. Combo of "Alternate" and "tier" with a long-winded connection attempt.

    Right, Ted and chrisjm18. Never try to teach a pig to sing, never put lipstick on one or teach the poor animal Latin. BTW - "Alt" in German is old. "Tier" is animal. It's hard to stay (or even get) positive about this name...

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