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    California Miramar U. now on DEAC Applicants list...

    Looks like formerly ACICS-accredited Cal. Miramar, which voluntarily dropped DETC quite a while ago, has revamped its accreditation strategy. Not surprising, considering ACICS has its own well-documented troubles and the accreditation is now no longer valid, according to the Wiki on Cal. Miramar. I believe Cal. Miramar's current operation is consistent with BPPE rules as it is seeking recognized accreditation. The school is now on DEAC's "Institutions to be Considered" list here:

    Institutions To Be Considered


    P.S. Old Timers here may remember that the assets of unaccredited Pacific Western U. were bought and the re-branded. California Miramar U. was given life, with both DEAC and ACICS accreditation being granted in 2009.
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